Hey, I'm new to this whole "leftism" thing, but won't have time to read a lot of books for the forseeable future...

Hey, I'm new to this whole "leftism" thing, but won't have time to read a lot of books for the forseeable future. What are the quintessential lefty channels on YT?

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Heres some basic shit.

read the sticky

Here, I'm feeling friendly


Papa Mark got done wrong by Disney.

That is the last I will speak of anything SW related on this site. I'm done with the franchise.*

Richard Wolff
Finnish Bolshevik

But seriously though, read books more than watch Youtube

Jimmy Dore does a good job of representing the American left, he isn't a marxist but you don't have to be to support socialism.

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Jimmy “who gives a fuck if Gabbard loves Hindu fascism” Dore

I really don't think Dore is good for learning about leftism. Dores purpose is much more getting people in than educating those that are already there imo.

Brooks is probably better for this purpose, but its mostly a news channel so not the greatest for actually learning theory

true, but he affirms anti-zionism, anti-partisanship and pro-worker mentalities. It is useful for a liberal convert in cultivating revolutionary attitudes.



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Just read Marx's philosophical works and skip Capital.

I'm guessing that you've already seen the big lefties on YT (hbomberguy, three arrows, contrapoints, et cetera). As for more on the socialist angle, Badmouse productions is a good place to start, and I'm personally partial to Xexizy.
Seriously, though, do try to get into books. They are far more useful.

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Badmouse makes me cringe so fucking hard. He really loves to show his hairy chest.

It gets Mexie all hot and bothered so he shows it whenever he can.

NonCompete is good, Thought Slime's also nice but soon to be comrade, please

Towards a new socialism is a pretty good place to start if you want a introduction to socialist economics, you can skip some of the chapters that go into more details of how to plan an economy. More importantly the PDF version is free
Paul Cockshotts youtube channel is especially good if your British and wanting to find out more about the possible future for British socialism

Nobody ever posts him anymore, but Kapitalism101 has a good series of videos.


It is the best intro to Marxist econ I have seen on youtube.

You should just read articles and shorter books if you don't have a lot of time OP. Youtube is pretty bad for learning about leftism

You literally couldn't have picked worse youtubers lmao is this a meme?

Shut up, I like them

90% of left-wing youtubers are mentally ill (literally) idiots who don't read and say a bunch of dumb idpol stuff

I have never seen Brooks ever deviating from the mainstream Democrats line.

fuck it, I need a good laugh right now. any interesting ones?

libertarian socialist rants. tries to come off as revolutionary while lacking the self awareness to realise he's a radlib at best.

this. just read all the pamphlets

PhilosophyTube is nice

Zero Books, Cuck philosophy

Whatever you do, avoid "breadtube".

Michael "Karl Marx would vote Democrat" Brooks
Michael "Watch TV news and read no books" Brooks
Michael "elect better crooks" Brooks
Michael "catch democrat voters on socialist hooks" Brooks
Michael "redistribute some wealth but not how it was took" Brooks

Philosophy tube is part of bread tube and sacrifices philosophical rigor for political correctness. He disregards the entire concept of epistemology in his video on trans people because right wingers invoke it to argue about whether people "really" are how they identify, and apparently Olly is too big of a retard to come up with an argument better than "epistemology is uhh bullshit. Don't be like yer dad."

read the fucking pamphlets you idiot, they were made for absolute brainlets like you, that's their literal purpose.
just in case there's other brainlets:

in this order

- Wage Labour and Capital - Marx
- The Principles of Communism - Engels
- The Communist Manifesto - Marx and Engels
- Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory - Ernest Mandel
- Value Price and Profit (sometimes "Wages, Price and Profit") - Marx
- Socialism: Utopian and Scientific - Engels

do not go looking for youtube channels, they're all retarded and biased, go to the actual sources and read, stop being scum.


and do not skip the prologues, prefaces and postfaces, they were put there for a reason, they're all important and answer important questions you WILL have.

Brooks is primarily anti-imperialist I think. A very pervasive, alt-media leftist kind of ideology. He is a self-identified socialist, but much like The Intercept or Max Blumenthal or Democracy Now! a huge part of his concern with current events is tied up in American imperialism. You can see him recently perk up or get heated any time Venezuela is mentioned. I saw some of their coverage of the SOTU, and he was all jokes and irreverence until Trump mentioned vuvuzela and Brooks shushed people so he could listen.

I haven’t been watching him that long but he seems consistently anti-imperialist, anti-neoliberal, talks about a “democratization of the economy” and has segments on Marxist figures (recently talked all about Amilcar Cabral), etc. He’s a lot better than Dore

People don't post him anymore because he turned into a literal Hillary supporting liberal

Also fuck you @ everybody recommending no book Muke

Is that cause he’s a brain dead Marxist-Humanist, or am I thinking of someone else?

Yeah he's calling himself a "Marxist Humanist" now and supports the Democratic Party.

I give him another year before he does a full Eastern Marxist style turn.

Is that true? His blog has no posts about the election or Trump. Either way I think his videos are fine for introducing somebody to Marx's analysis of Capitalism. With the caveat that the person should read Capital, but if the OP doesn't want to read then it's fine enough.

Brooks is way better than Dore unironically. Brooks is genuinely well read, I have no idea where you got that from, and Dore has literally only read the manifesto so idk why you'd even bring theory up.
Dore is a useful idiot at best. A likable useful idiot, but a useful idiot all the same.

Because "what if trans people are lying/ not really what they think they are" is a nothing argument not worth a response. It's a claim that's impossible to prove or disprove.
>muh idpol ::DDDDD

No matter how read he is, his opinions still belong in a dumpster fire. Pointing out why libs are stupid doesn't make you a good socialist. Republicans can do that much. But the Republicans at least don't shit on libs and then tell you that you're morally obligated to vote for them. Dore OTOH is much more likely to talk about politics in materialist terms and explain the power and resource relationship going on.

You're proving my point how easy it is to explain why the right wing are wrong about that without saying epistemology is all bullshit. In fact, this is an argument from epistemology:

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Literal lie.

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Daily reminder that humanism is a liberal ideology and Marxists must become anti-humanists.

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He still peddles the lesser evil bullshit and condemns people who don't. So even for all his anti-imperialism and being Lenin-curious (he even had a civil discussion about Mao with a caller without sperging out) he still is pretty lukewarm when it comes to taking a stance.

Dore is sometimes uninformed but he goes to places Brooks doesn't dare to go, like possible conspiracies about false flags, etc.

Agreed, fuck human rights right in the ass

'human rights,' aka.1 bourgeois life = 1 proletarian life (in theory)

in practice: 1 bourgeois life = 10.000 proles

Great legal and political praxis.

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Only these 2 are real

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But the conspiracy element is actually another gripe i have with Dore. There are plenty of times where it's alright to think that there's something fishy going on, with the Syrian chemical attack for example, but Dore is WAY too quick to jump to conspiracy theories where they aren't necessary.
It isn't even a Parenti "conspiracies happen" kind of take, its a "everything is a conspiracy" take.

This is actually a result of a lack of theory Imo, if you understand how capital works and the aims of the bourgeois you don't need to jump to a conspiratorial outlook.

Reminder that the use of "conspiracy theory" to discredit people is a confirmed CIA psyop designed to defang public dissent. Please point out what unreasonable conclusions Dore has jumped to.

I have no clue what it's about, but I'm liking the first one based on the video titles alone.

lmao what is this garbage