Only Cuba can save Venezuela. What and how can it do it?

At this point only /ourguy/ can save Venezuela! What do you think he will do? What can he do?

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I doubt they can do much beside stand in solidarity with them. This isn’t the Cold War where Cuba can dispatch soldiers and provide massive assistance like they did with Angola and Grenada

Just fucking spark a world war and invade Florida.

While Cuba is based and great, Castro is probably the best revolutionary of the 20th century after Lenin, they are barely able to hold on their own and can't really reach out to help in the crucial parts maybe offer assistance but nothing substantial like they did in Angola.

So, THIS is the power or dogmatic communism!

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Only China and Russia can save Venezuela actually. It's time they started fighting for counter-hegemony.

I believe China has secured their interests regardless of resolution. And let's be honest here. Maduro should have done better, and Chavez should have left better comrades in charge (and invested money in infrastructure and industries rather than commodities)

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Also, can't Russia or China do anything? I understand they are more opportunistic in this situation than Cuba is but they can still be useful.

Nothing happened yet except proclamations, so maybe they did or will do

since the end of cold war, Russia is american colony. Russia won't do shit. China is materialistic to dare ruin relationships with US.

I'm hoping Russia (and maybe China too, though I doubt it coming from them) will at least consider handing over some nukes to Maduro. There's really no doubt now that the only way to properly defend your national self-determination is by having nuclear weapons.

Yes. Dialectically materialistic.

Well, that's super far-fetched. Even America itself won't do that or open up nuke silos in new countries.

I know :( I suppose the only thing that matters now is if a coup does take place none (or at least a very tiny percent) of the army support it.

Personally, I'd like to see the new Vietnam in some of those places America invades, but unfortunately they just run away after that time.

What do you mean? That it would be possible for venezuelans to replicate what happened in Vietnam? I guess that would be possible, but tbh I don't think Trump plans on doing a full invasion of Venezuela, doubt he'd send even a small amount of his troops there.

Not him, but I think this is what would happen if bolsonaro tried to invade venezuela. Brazil's army is a disorganized shitshow, and although no invasion would be the best case scenario, it would be quite satisfying to see that pinochet knockoff get humiliated by middle-aged farmers with hunting rifles.

They'd lose big time, but for a brief moment it would be hilarious to see the reds invading resort areas like Orlando and taking over places like Disney World.

Ramirez!Defend the Didneywhorl!

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China and Russia and the military backing Maduro.

/ourguy/ wins!!


Mamense un guevo comunista aqui va a venir america a darnos libertad de la buena ni rusia ni china va a hacer un cebo por un narcogobierno como este

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La libertad te va a chorrear en tu pechito gusano asqueroso.

Erdogan will singlehandedly save Maduro by flooding the market with his watermelons in order to buy nukes

These faggot keep trying to make it look like these mercenaries work for Russia. They work for some other private party

PMC involved in the Syria bombing was apparently ChVK Wagner (ЧBК Baгнep)

This might not actually be who the mercs were fighting for at the time they died though. Maybe they came over with Wagner and then attached to another outfit who paid them more. Or they could have just announced Wagner's affiliation because they're a meme the media can run with while ignoring the others.

Some info on the owner of Wagner:

He previously worked for this group:

They are held by Neova Holdings Ltd in the British Virgin Islands. That company has some ties to weapons trafficking that leaked into the media.

They work with the American Marsh & McLennan (insurance company) who do "business risk analysis of the geopolitical environment." They owned Kroll at one point and really love employing veterans. I'm sure that's only because they make great desk pukes :^)

lmao, read your own citations
It is possible their paychecks come from some klepto-oligarch, and not from the Russian government, but they are certainly an arm of Russian foreign policy, so it is myopic to say they don't work for Russia.

The first person to join that group was a Neo-Nazi named Vladislav Krasnolutsky, his brother Artem Krasnolutsky, joined Wagner PMC in 2018, after he was sentenced for 11 years in prison for kidnapping.

Being a Nazi is illegal in Russia under article 282

Cuando Maduro obligue a los gusanos como tu huir de Venezuela hazle un favor al dios que te dio vida y ahogate en el Caribe, estiercol de insecto

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Russia is already giving military assistance to Maduro and they are using mercenaries to protect him from unpatriotic elements in the military.