Jesus Christ, she literally has the EXACT SAME cackle as Hillary


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Well she's hired the same people as Clinton: so Bernie Bernie here we fucking Gonie.

She ain't even that popular. It's gonna Joe Biden boys.

Now Democrats can say you are also racist for not voting for her.

She won’t win, as soon as they all starts campaigning it will be clear sanders resonates more


Forget what I said, she's Marco Rubio 2.0.

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We're on 3.0
1.0 was 2008
2.0 was 2016

That shit's perfectly in line with HRC though. Come to think of it's she's like Hillary with Rubio's charisma.

It was clear he resonated more than Hillary too.


>I am happy that Kamala Harris, the latest Black neoliberal criminal being pushed by the rulers, is running for president and look forward to the sharpening of the internal class struggle in the Black community.

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I don't have a waifu but if I did it would be him.

The Sanders vote will be split by Warren who will stay in until Bernie drops out.

i love this guy, green party ftw

Now liberals can whine and call him SEEEECKKKCISSSST

Pack it up, black men are cancelled

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Feminism has really been taking its mask off lately, it is an explicitly anti-colored-male ideology.
Exhibit A:
"Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People"

Game recognize game


How many levels of "woke"ness do you have to be to intuit the meaning of that sentence without rereading it several times?

Well black men are the poorest, most brutalized of men (they fail all of Maury's lie detector tests). So what good are they to modern feminists? Media routinely portrays only white men as father figures and good husbands. Even when they also get demonized on the other hand as inherant bigots.

really good discussion about this stuff:



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Boy oh boy I can't wait for the sexism dialectic to play itself out with black black people. Every single way that men have it worse than women on something, it's even more tilted with black people (not so much with the ways women have it worse).

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Can we get a compilation of all the anti-working class shit this bitch does

How is it possible for one man to fall so far?

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He was so handsome back then…no homo

What happened?

i know she's supposed to be appealing and lots of people find her charismatic, but i really don't see it. she just seems so fake