George Soros just asked the whole world to declare war on China

I think everyone should read this. It's a speech George Soros just made at Davos. It's one of the most shocking things I've ever read tbh. I thought that whole Soros thing was an anti-semitic conspiracy theory but he just went to Davos and laid out a very explicit regime change plan calling on the whole world, and specific countries, to take highly specific measures to destroy China and referred to high-level US policy makers directly and said his plan was the new plan and their plans are gone. He matter-of-factly states his regime change role in countries around the world and his past failed plans for regime change in China, naming names, dates and times.

The headline does not capture what was said by any means. This may well be the most important political speech delivered in this generation. I'm genuinely shook.

Seriously read this article. It will change everything you believe about politics.

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George Soros is an evil person
He's also jewish

There is no conspiracy there

It changed nothing what I believe about politics. Soros is a well known anti-communist subversive to us.

Stop, dude.

I guess but did you really think that George Soros could get on the podium at Davos and dictate US foreign policy on the spot.

I don't think you're really ready for the insane race-war that Soros is asking for. We're going to get a new cold war where the ideological through-line is "are you anglo?"

I smell a shill

You'd be freaking out if you lived during the 1920s

I know it won't. Doesn't change the fact that Soros is already on our shitlist, and calling for rival bougies to be stamped down is not surprising. It's called "multi-polarity".

War with China was already on the menu for US the second it tried to challenge the petrodollar, before Soros ever opened his mouth.

No I am just shook. I clicked on that article expecting a few soundbites to shore up the new yellow peril narrative. Instead I found something else.

Real Talk. Soros is just a Liberal. He doesn't like it because AI means that it's possible for us to make a Stalin that is 100% incorruptible and won't get poisoned by Cornmen.

Soros specifically address Matthew Pottinger, who is on the US national security council, refers to some kind of China War plan he has and apparently everyone at Davos is privy to, says it's not good, and replaces it with his own.

jesus fuck tech nerds and neocons walking hand in hand, as if things couldnt get worse

Silicon Valley needs to be nuked.

That's just Wired BS. Not the interesting part of the article.

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Yeah, that's usually how Dictatorships of the Bourgeoisie work

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Can't just some right wing schizo epic magapede just shoot this fuck?

How appropriate, because it's the only way it could be at all.

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He's outright saying that technology has to be stopped. Like we just have to stop doing research. Stop designing. Don't make any AI. Don't use it. How tenable is that position? Are we just going to be stuck here in 2019 for the rest of human history?

ofc not and ofc AI is not going to destroy the world. But the war against technology will be miserable to suffer through. Thanks, Open Society Foundation.

That son of a fuck Popper strikes again, we were literally taught him in school as a rebuttal to Marxist sociology

Thanks Soros!

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I hope so! Everything was fine until 1999 after that nothing else needed to be made.


Literally this. fpbp, you guys need to understand that when the revolution occurs, capitalists will obviously be killed. Some will be jewish. It literally doesn't matter at fucking all.

Not at all. A system of cooperation like that is called "communism", but this little turd is stuck in "capitalism", a system of competition.

An attitude emblematic of US millennials.

did this fuck just try to claim credit for Tiananmen Square on the sly?

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Real talk. All of you need to look into the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Fabians🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 and the London School of Economics.

Clearly that's not the case here in the West, we just give out grants to anyone no matter their ideology!

Yeah you really protected the Palestinian people by not doing anything about Israel and pulling out your psyops from there, Zionist fuck.

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I agree with him ironically enough, but this news story was nowhere in the mainstream press, I only saw it on here.

That's good I guess

More US neocolonialism! How come China gets to have all the fun??

Because the tech giants you're in bed with totally don't want to dominate the internet and close down discussion to profitable and socially acceptable forms right?

Yeah sure, another toothless body in thrall to global capital that can't do anything anyway.

That's the end, it's fucking nothing. He's not dictating US policy, the warmongers won't listen to him because they don't even believe in liberalism let alone utopian liberalism.

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Woah, damn bro. I’m shook af. How could this be possible. The Jews were actually a conspiratorial cabal the whole time, praise Alex Jones.

This seems like a Zig Forumslack bait thread. Nobody here is going to be surprised that random billionaire bourgie dipshits have close ties to the state or opinions on geopolitics. Soros is an avowed anti-communist and liberal reformer. He is ideologically committed to opening markets and spreading bourgeois state control. The CCP continued to be a threat to the developed western countries and their allies because it is its own geopolitical power block, they have disagreements about how to handle it. Nothing new here.

It’s not random billionaire bougie. The contents of the speech dispute that. The random billionaires are the audience members. It turns out that apparently it matters a whole hell of a lot what George Soros says at Davos. The relationship the world had with China yesterday is radically different than today, because of this speech.

What’s surprising is that a fair amount of that stuff is meme arrows is wrong. Like for example Sri Lanka wanted the port built and approache China and other. nations for funds, and China doesn’t have control over it, despite having ownership. Japan’s navy is docking there. Anti-China attitudes of election results are now being challenged. These are big stories that the big papers rushed to splash on their front pages but the reality is a lot different and more “complex”. The social credit dystopia stuff is almost completely a western fiction.

It doesn't matter if it's true or not as long as Soros can continue to push the Big Lie of Liberalism.

Reminder again that this is nothing new and Soros has always had a policy of regime change, especially towards socialist or red-leaning countries.

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do it yourself, psycho freak

no u

No it isn't. Billionaires give dumb talks all the fucking time. Makes them feel self-important.

I agree that social credit seems interesting and it's not so simple to label it dystopian, but China has absolutely been annexing parts of Africa/Asia in stacked corrupt finance deals.

If your going to link to articles behind a paywall, outline it so everyone cans see