Reminder that this is what the right believes, found it in paranormal /x/...

Reminder that this is what the right believes, found it in paranormal /x/, this is the worst thing i have seen in my entire life and it makes me want to kill myself.

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what the FUCK

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How you you astral project without drugs?

Fuck up your brain enough by going on /x/ for 53 hours straight til you start hallucinating

Nigga I don't want to become braindead after my journey though

Literally insane /x/-phile here. Zig Forums does not represent us. It's unfortunate that you conflate enlightenment with reaction.

Lay still for hours on end. Will yourself to leave your body. That's literally all there is to it. When you lie still, your mind enters the astral realm, which also explains sleep paralysis. The monsters people see in sleep paralysis are the same demons described by astral projectors.

Explain how you got where you are thanks to enlightenment blacko

I didn't. I'm insane due to unrelated reasons.

Never seen monsters in my sleep, scariest situations are teeth and skin falling off.

Honestly this gives Gnosticism a bad name. If anything it was far more radically egilatarian than Christianity since it effectively didn’t need a hierarchy of priests and shit.

its always amazed me how much fascism relies on esoterics.

this reeks of autism

Yo man the elves told me to tell yall to chill about this, being jackasses about the connection with the fairyworld ain't right. Sure paranormal exists, but that doesn't mean you should be a fucking Nazi.

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I used to go on /x/ all the time. We'd just talk about spooky shit, shitpost about tulpas, and sometimes some dude with an owl would stream movies. It was comfy as fuck. What the hell happened?

The movie streamers were replaced by cucks who were afraid of breaking 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧intl. Intellectual property rights🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

what a waste of life that was

I started laughing line all hell. Like, sure the universe is made of consciousness, you have a soul, we all can astral project and read each other's thoughts, nothing is singular and everything is melded… EXCEPT FOR THE RACES, those follow outdated 1800s notion of racism and its true because we say there are 4 of them and that matched up to the 4 humors.

Like bitch, you mentally commune with an asian and black person, the spirit realm don't stop at bloodlines or the Mediterranean sea.

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I hate paranormal pushers that are all like "ooooohhh it's explainable by science it's outside of science woaaahh"
If we can study it is isn't outside of science. Study this magical bullshit and create technology from it. Fuck your "spirits" and "traditions" and souls and shit. Holy whatever can suck my ass.

We're fucking humans and what do we do best? Explain shit using FACTS and LOGIC and then turn what was once unexplained and alien to our advantage.
I want Atomika and SCP level shit. Technology and mystical stuff blended together, created by humans to exploit "nature".

If magic is real then TECHNOMAGIC is the future.

t. angry

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seriously. a lot of what Zig Forums insists about race comes from weird, cartesian proto-reductionism (phrenology etc). they are exactly the degenerate npc wojaks they just cried about here. i guess spirituality is just when you own the libs now

this. the right likes to insist on 'le ben shapiro facts and lolgic xDD' only on the face of it when it makes them look smart but then suddenly turn into hand-waving wiccans when they have to excuse any of the psuedoscientific bullshit they actually believe. i hate it too. not to mention that it completely sucks all the creative fun out of paranormal shit (which is all there really was to it to begin with)

Feels > Reals

Like, I get where the weird race stuff comes from, you learn about the beliefs of your ancestors and you want to commune with the Elves in the woods just like your ancestors did, you want to re-kindle that heritage. But that heritage isn't truly yours it belongs to everyone, that tribes connections have long surpassed Europe and spread everywhere, and even to those who aren't related to that history, its still kind of neat that it can spread to them, Japanese people love Elves. We can connect those severed connections, the spirits of the first people can meet up with everyone else, like long lost relatives. Why the hell would you let some skull shapes get in the way of that connections.

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their ancestors didn't commune with the elves in the woods though. they prayed to trees so their crops would grow and accidentally ingested ergot sometimes. all that elf shit is just retroactive anime excuses to be a reactionary retard. they talk about ~seeking truth~ and ~struggle and division~ but fail to create literally any new ideas and instead cling to the non-existent fantasies of the past. it's pathetic

also telling that their examples for "le struggling truth seekers" were all aristocrats who only innovated at all because of their lack of material struggles. i wonder what they could possibly be trying to excuse there hmmm


God damn it. I was interested about metaphysics and spirituality, yet somehow these retards wanna turn it into some Ethnocentric reactionary bullshit. Is /x/ being ruined by Zig Forums?

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if this is where this ~spiritual path~ leads, then yes, no actual communist should want anything to do with it

Zig Forums wishes /x/ was on its' side. Problem is, the only thing they agree on are conspiracy theories.

Metaphysics is undialectical anyway.

I'm still mad.
Someone tell my why (if this metaphysical whatever is real) are we not studying it and making super cool tech?
Like holy fuck imagine if the soviets has Arcane Mi-24s with Psychic Powers and fucking lightning cannons.

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Idealists and rightwing were always made for each other. Let them be.

We're not studying it because we're the only true left on the internet and it's our job to convince people to our side.
You could create a /leftyx/ though. If that is sufficiently inhabited (regular /x/ is dead though) i'd help with your research.

What? Git gud.

I don't even want to imagine the amount of division you would create with a board for the most esoteric leftists, we already have enough problems with new age bullshit being associated with the left thanks to liberals.


Also pic related

By we I mean humanity as a whole.
Spiritualism should stop being so mysterious and start being a science because spiritualism is for fags

We must accept spiritual bullshit as a possibility and try to exploit the fuck out of it

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Are you one of those guys who pretend to understand and like Hegel just because Marx got inspired by him?

let's find the biggest demographic in zodiac signs and say that one is destined to become a communist.

Fucking based.

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This is legitimately a good idea, though i imagine rightists would catch on and try it too.

There is no such thing as the paranormal. Except for demons I guess.

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This is fucking Marxism 101 guys, Metaphysics is antithetical to dialectical materialism.

That's funny, the elves told me you're a nigger and not to associate with you or anyone like you. I see they were correct.

Why does rightist propaganda always make us look cooler in comparison?

That's just the effect you get when trying to portray anything as evil but not inferior, black people get the dumb portrayals but jews genuinely look like cool black wizards in some nazi propaganda.

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I know right.

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Symbolism is one thing, like drawing Lenin as a warlock vaporizing the bourgeoisie, but introducing metaphysics into a materialist science (which Marxism is) is not possible without seriously harming it. Be careful with that kind of stuff, as fun as it might seem.


Have you guys heard this one: Marx and Lenin and Stalin were all freemasons, because they posed like this for a picture.

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Metaphysics spans multiple philosophical fields concerning the questions of meaning, being, nature of reality, nature of knowledge and knowing.

Magic is just science that we don't understand yet or something.
Also it's cool.

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Psychic powers don't exist.

Shut the fuck up christcom.

But if they did it'd be cool.

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Maybe Stalin and Marx but Lenin is clearly reaching for something inside his trenchcoat.


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I need to stop reading from right-to-left for comics. Fucking manga

It's simple, we counter it with

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This is so fucking cool

t. Christcom

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How about christian Stalinism instead?

The original pagans were converted. There was no genocide. The church only killed heretics (i.e. other christians) and that was way after the pagans were gone. Today's "pagans" aren't even real pagans.
Demons are real.

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Spooky magical bullshit is spooky magical bullshit.
Christianity is no different. Come, shitpost with us.

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t. Christian uprisings in Rome

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I used to think these were interesting but then i remembered coincidences have to happen a couple of times in history, John Lennon and the number 9 come to mind.

As someone going into psychology, I fucking hate jung so much.

t. Stirnerist ghost hunting and exorcist gang

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The cross broke the fasces once and it will do it again.

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The fall of the roman empire was the greatest liberalization of an economy in ancient history. Good fucking job christians.

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But Rome literally had private corporations that actually were putting lead into the water. Feudalism was an improvement.

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I'm a different user, but please enlighten me as to how the Roman Empire was not exploitative as fuck? Additionally, would orthodox Marxism not claim that an empire such as Rome and it's economic structures were bound to deteriorate and eventually be superseded?

I am convinced that christianity does people the most good as small, varied and decentralized churches with 0 state support.
-t. exchristian

Reactionaries aren't people.

Romans may or may not have been exploitative, that doesn't make the advancements of their society and the centralization of their economy any less important when compared to that of feudal society.

I don't know about that. Protestants here in the US run little peit bourg "ministries" that spread extremely reactionary bullshit (even by non-denominational christian standards) and are very politically active in the worst ways possible.

Romans were cool to a point but shit got lame. At the end of the day slave societies will always be inferior to feudalism because feudal kingdoms can at least function without constant warfare. Also being a peasant > being a slave/artisan.

I'm going to sleep. Good night christcuck. Have a rare meme for standing up for your beliefs.

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I feel that many of those petit bourg "ministries" largely exist because of the capitalist state giving them tax brakes, and the weird conjunction of American exceptionalism, freemarket worship and shilling of capitalism as proper christian behavior. And then of course opportunist rats get in and weasel their way to the top of church hierarchies. I think it's worse in America than it is in most other places, I live in Canada btw, america jr.

I'm a bit different to most exchristians I know of, in that I'm not really bitter and I do see positive aspects to the religion. And I pop in to church every now and again to convince my folks that I won't end up burning in hell.
A finnish conspiracy blogger explains the beginning of Communism. Prepair to get schooled. I'll translate most of it below.

Communism that aroused fear in the western country was an Illuminati-made system. In the 1830's, around 60 years after Illuminati was established, a new brotherhood split from Illuminati was born, named League of the Just. The head of the establishment was Karl Schapper, a good friend of the leader of Illuminati, Giuseppe Mazzini. In the year 1847 that organization changed it's name into Communist League.Then the gentlemen Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels entered the picture.
Karl Marx was a talented writer as a philosopher and journalist, who the Communist League ordered a communist manifasto from
. The mainstream opinion is that communist manifestos was cowritten by Marx and Engels, but in reality Engels' role was just to fund Marx.

Its bretty ironic that this document about "freeing the working class from its shackles" was funded by Engels, who was one of the England's richest businessman. If we look at the result that communism has caused, we can see that the leaders of communist movement was never promoting "the matters of a regular worker" - everything but..

Political "right versus left" -situation was, is, and will always be just a puppet show, where both strings are beng pulled by the same "Elite" Eagle has two heads, but one body

The communist ideology idolizes the jacobinist way of thinking.and the Revolution of France. Of course, because the french revolution was an Illuminati operation. Jacobins were Illuminati.

In the year 1920 - three years after soviet revolution - an atonist agent Winston Churchill wrote on a magazine:
"From the days of "Spartacus" Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States)… this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire."

Right from the horse's mouth.

The flag of Soviet Union has sickle, hammer and a pentagram.Hammer represents the Free Masons, Sickle represents druidism and pentagram represents quintessence. Hammer is masculine and sickle is feminine. They are put on top of each other to represent dualism. Red is because the "Elite" has liked the color red ever since ancient Egypt.

The coat of arms of Soviet Union has a lot of references to the Tarot cards. It has the earth, a pentagram(quintessence), and the shead of crops that represent femininity put in the form of vesica piscis Also included are atonistic sun rays.

In The Earth - Tarot card the name "Earth" is reference to the planet Earth, the goddess Sofia represents quintessence(4 elements around and 5th element in the center. In older cards Sofia is inside vesica piscis.

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if you ever needed a flowchart for how idealist philosophy leads to being a fucking insane reactionary, look no further than this thread.

Wew lad that's hilarious


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The USSR had some of the best psychics so uh communism = magic.

Also Rasputin

Wait was he communist? I thought that was american propaganda.

He died before the USSR but if orgies, fuckin bitches, more orgies, and not dying from multiple gunshots is communist then yes. The power chad

Honestly why would Rasputin being communist be good propaganda against the USSR?, guy did nothing wrong, unless America was saying the way he messed with the monarchy was a bad thing.

You all niggers should watch First Squad. It's move about nazi invasion of soviet union. Nazis use some kind of magick to summon ghost of some ancient german rusophobic knight to get advantage in the battle of Stalingrad(?). Soviets use the proper scientific marxist approach - create a machine which will help them counter it. I especially love how it cuts sometimes to old person saying that it's all truth, nothing was made up.

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Lol, sounds fun, I'll try it.

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It was a horrible movie.

So should i watch it or not? my favorite film is Children of Men, my favorite anime is Evangelion and i fucking hate 99% of anime thanks to the tropes, how does it play out?

It's a mess of a movie, everything happens too quickly and the end isn't exactly satisfying.

watch it. It's not Oscar winning movie, but it's fun.

My brain is fucking melting

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welcome to ennui

I thought all this llumanati shit was a meme. No way thee’s people who think some occult group from 1600s England secretly controls the whole world.

You are retarded if you think any of this bullshit is real. You have no soul. You have no connection to an unconcious. You will die.

Metaphysics isn't anti-materialist. As a PhD candidate in cognitive neuroscience with an additional MA in philosophy let me try to explain it. tl, dr: According to dialectic materialism, emergence is a transcendental phenomenon which is most famous for the revolutionary shift from quantity in quality.

Human consciousness can modulate its own energy. Activity of neural networks in human brains creates an electrical field. Frequencies of those brain waves can be synchronized eliciting superpositions. Remember that humans have a free will because mental states supervene neural states (rational superveniece theory which accords to emergence by Engels & Marx, read ). This leads to creativity and makes space for something new. If a superposition is strong enough, it evokes a matrix on an energetic, informational level. Matrix is latin for uterus. Actually, the interconnected meta-neural-level is an uterus for conjured entities which can gain momentun. This is how memes work. Marx called this the intellectual self-doubling of consciousness which alienated. By the way, mechanical devices can be interconnected, too and thereby cany can constitute a collective consciousness as well. Keep the financial algorithms in mind which already have an heavy impact on the material world. Back to humans. Basically, Nietzsche was fairly right saying humans created god and killed them. But not everybody did. Nowadays, there are still some people empower long ago conjured entities. The more abstract such an entity is, the less practical it can be. This is why mighty regimes manipulated folks into an abstract, abrahamitic religion worshipping the same god. Till today, the power elite pass on the archetype of necrophilia called moloch which is 3000-4000 years old.

As Schelling infamously argued nature is unconscious (material) mind and mind is conscious (ideal) nature. But Schelling stays contradictional as Engels refutes him in "Anti-Schelling" ( ) by saying that mind and mater are not an identity, as human self-consciousness (existence condition for free will and independence) is an abstract identity. But humans are practical entities, as they have a natural-material origin to change nature itself and therefore changing themselves. On an identity level, Engels and Marx examine a practical identity by equality, a collective consciousness that every human has the same ability to self-consciousness, but different ambitions and claims to nature, which brings the need for a collective identity, not as humanity, but as potential nature itself. Most people who tried psychedelics such as DMT or long-term meditated report that they encountered entities. This is one of my research areas as my hypothesis is that they are material phenomena after all, maybe something like intersubjective hallucinations. Nevertheless, we have to abolish this molochian (synonymous for necrophile) eon which can only be achieved by aboloshing capitalism. As Marx said, communism solves the contradiction between reification and self-affirmation, individuality and species. Nothing else but a contradictional fixated reificated self-affirmated species ideology is such construct as human races. Marx said that as long as the material world was far away from realization of humanity's potential, religious institutions are needed but segregate to uphold the idea of human as an end in itself. However, his criticism targeted the implementation of religion in the real world. In communism you don't need such things as religious institutions because the mode of being in the practice of society already let creativity emerge.

Everyone who denies the transcendental implications of dialectic materialism can be SocDem somewhere else.
Quod summum malum hominibus ignorare deum.

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Nigga how do you not hate babby's first super robot harem?