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t. Lenin


Doesn't this sound familiar? I will laugh when China emerges from its extended NEP and constructs socialism rapidly

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You're deluded

It's been 40 years.

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Press F to pay respects to Rosa and Karl.

Hello, Zig Forums

And look at China now

why does everyone keep calling me Polish ever since I moved to Russia?

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Yeah and the NEP worked out so great.

Comparing China's situation to NEP is plain retarded. NEP permitted foreign investment and market competition between worker-owned enterprises, but private employment was strictly limited and industry wasn't privatized. Meaning that a real bourgeoisie class did not form and when they started rolling it back, the only opposition could come from rural kulaks and small store owners. Meanwhile China has literal billionaires. Even if the CPC decided to construct socialism tomorrow, they'd have to do it through bloody class war (and I doubt there is political will for it). China fucked up, there's no other way about it. It's been 40 years.

Lol, no, there were a bunch of millionaires who accumulated capital during NEP.

Due to the Great Depression. Lenin did not plan to roll it back anytime soon.

China is England of Socialism. They may very well deepen Socialist elements via political process.

Labour activism is very powerful, and landmark legislations were proworker: i.e. tax exemption for the poor, as opposed to Trump tax cuts.


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Bumping this, and copying/pasting it any time this is mentioned

A hybrid system that lead the transformation towards the new formation eventually, as opposed to radical attempts like France.

I bet no one on this board has read Deng

Yes, but they had a disaster in late 60s early 70s when all economy came to a halt. While Mao was ideologically correct, he couldn't get the economy to superstart and superexpand. And that is why Dengists were able to capture power. However, it is a problem that they are capitalist swines and another "cultural" revolution will be needed to wash away Degnism - while not hurting the economic power of the country. If the economic power fades, the whole system will be on brink of collapse and of course they will get their asses handed to them by the western capitalist world.


i do, and they say it's going to be another 40 years?
fuck off

I've read Xi and it's literally dogma, its ridiculous to call the criticisms dogmatic when he says shit like "all problems from the reform and opening up can only be solved by further opening up." Also use the china general plz

How exactly does CPC describe how the transition to communism will happen?

You guys heard about that Stalin fella? I mean, he looks pretty based but I doubt someone other than Trotsky can lead the Party when comrade Lenin dies.

I'm sure those two will work out their disagreements

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I think this Bukharin guy has some nice ideas like extending NEP and making the USSR a peaceful nation. This definitely will not cause a slide back into capitalism


You guys hear about the new Communist party in China? I don't think it's a good idea, China is still semi colonial and semi feudal, they should have just stayed within the Kuomintang

Next revolution will be in the US nigga, their economy is a big bubble and the Union movement is gigantic.