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Amateur accountant here. I was wondering how I would function in a fully communist country. Obviously I'd work exclusively in the private sector but what about the GAAP guidelines on formatting income statements and balance sheets on a basic level. Common stock or anything that has to do with securities is obviously gone, maybe we can replace it with central grants? What then what happens to dividends?

Accounts are based on a single management and while they vary changing on sole proprietors partnerships communism kinda goes to the extreme. So we can assume its under all a single account right? Like the collective assets are under a single factory where everyone has equal share. To just clear things up let's start at the basics and show me what a food production ledger would like with a balance column format before we get to complicated. How did the soviets manage accounts? Nothing in socialist literature touches on this so I'm just curious.

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*edit I'd work in the PUBLIC sector my bad on that flub.

Speculation about something that doesn't exist is utopian

literally what do you do that couldn't be automated?




there are plenty of works on accounting in the USSR

Not really. The concept of private property in that sense is fin, over, no more.

If we dont need people to make balance sheets for the profits (since money wont exist anymore) you could pick up a trade that actually produces value for society.

In a very simple sense I analyze record and present financial data. AI-less automation helps me do this but you still need someone to feed data (analyze) make sure the data is appropriately sorted (record) and then presented in a format where someone in a manger position can easily see what needs adjustments based on where losses or profit is occurring (presenting) That last bit, presenting data, is the bulk of where my talents shine through beyond data entry. Having to explain in an efficient professional manner who is owed what in how much time and where stopgaps are in revenue. Offering solutions to potential fiscal disasters is a huge part of the job which requires a cognitive brain that understands language.

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Woof. Sure money doesn't exist but assets do. The purpose within the party will simply shift from revenue to production capital provided a lot of interesting information on how loans existed in the soviet union and how accounting and documentation was a part of everyday life. D accounts are very interesting.

Anyways efficiency is important to the collective labor right? Even if people don't mean to be leaches or lazy people are still imperfect so capital is mismanaged in ways they don't intend, and its impossible to know if its being mismanaged if there is no account of resources to production.

With that being said I'm starting to get a better idea of how to handle transactions post revolution. One thing I've realized that labor itself needs to be categorized to meet means. How would we numerically record labor to balance expenses? I'd categorize is as an asset but I guess it would belong to the stakeholder and not the factory itself. Agh the soviets made this so easy by just racking up liabilities and printing money, this is tough to wrap my head around.

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I haven't put input in a thread for a long time, but I felt obligated to comment on how eloquently you phrase your posts. Even if the content is dry economics, it's worded and written so well as to be a joy to read. This thread is also a very useful one as it presents, (and provides answers to), a very genuine question as to HOW some work fits in socialist economies. I salute you, your writing, your question and your oppai pictures!

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Honestly think you can answer this question better than anyone else here and would just like to hear what you yourself think you would be doing.
Do you know about Cockshot?

None of that would exist under communism.

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You would get a real job rather than counting money you'll never see. Do you even know what Socialism is? You'll be able to be what ever you want but if you fail you can always be a construction worker.

There were accountants in the USSR. Even in an automated economy, you'd need people to maintain economic records.

You wouldn't. Bourgeois accounting only exists in capitalism.

Maybe you should read Cockshott

Considering that there can be no positive vision of communism as such, I would only put forward the negative notion that, considering the abolition of the firm, as well as value, there would be, to put it mildly, no possibility of accounting in communism.

There's a book about accounting in ParEcon: "Anarchist Accounting". Dumbest shit I've ever read. So I basically agree with: