Y'all are majority dogmatic marxist bootlickers.. Its cool minus the transphobia and lack of.femme voices…. But im curious as to how many of you fuck with Nihilist theory? Whats stopping you.. Even lenin needed the nihilists. Maybe if your so convinced about dialectics, we need the nihilists too

Also OC meme

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Of fucking course the nihilists imagine themselves as cute anime girls skilled at fighting who help the revolutionary cause other than the depressing no skill faggots who set a bleak aura of hopelessness over everyone and everything.

Marxist, yes. Dogmatic bootlickers though?
What transphobia?

Also fixed your meme.

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Tfw ive been arrested more times doing rev. Shit then most of you armchairs

Opportunists out.

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Thanks it worked

Probably more so then screaming about idpol on obscure internet sites dawg

You're right. You weren't just participating in some dumb exercise in futility, you were #doingsomething. Good job!

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Also i enjoy how none of you have yet to comment about the point I made about the Russian Revolution needing the Nihilist movement, and lenin in particular. Do you think he would of gotten to where he got without having the brother that he did. Do y'all just gloss over this shit to LARP internet U.S.S.R simulator.

Nihilists always get chekmated with the pedo's. You basically have to admit in public that might makes right and that pedo's do indeed have the power to rape children and powerful pedo's are doubly justified and you can't get mad about it. Since no nihilist will ever publicly admit that they support pedo rape they and their philosophy will never be taken seriously.

I don't think you'd like the type of nihilists we have now, user.

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No you have to admit in public that morality is completely individualistic and if you are like myself, against pedophilia then by your "individual might" you must fight against the pedophiles. Like one would fight the nazis or any other ideological force that one is opposed to.

Perhaps you are unfamililar with the difference between passive and active nihilism?

I was down at the begining untill they got kinda fashy.

Pretty sure i'm not gonna want anyone around me raping kids mate, nihilist or not. If 'muh morality' is the only reason you're against fucking kids then maybe you need to look at yourself?

nihilism can lead to uncomfortable places, user. kill the humanist.

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why would a nihilist even care about "fighting pedophiles" there are no moral categories and child fucking would be just something else that happens, if the King/Boss/president your work under is a pedo the only criteria of worth for the nihilist is weather he is somewhat effective at performing his tasks and not weather or not he fucks children.

Because i don't want my kids or my peoples kids to be physically abused fucked up damaged people, you absolute mong. seriously. how is this even hard?


Why do you care about what happens to other people's kids?

pedophilia will be one thing where a social and moral order will have to be established. IF you care about other people's kids logically it extends to crime, education etc etc until down the line it goes and you live in a society and might makes right is fucking retarded

Other people who? The people around me? because they're my friends kids, i play with them, i have relationships with them.

Are you asking if i care about some randoms kids? That would be very christian of me, wouldn't it? You do remember the subject, yes?

Besides the person quoting ITS communiques… Y'all shits Weak AF and yall still cant admit that nihilists helped the Russian Rev. Which y'all love so much.. And instead argue some weak ass pedo arguement clearly demonstrating that you know nothing about Nihilist Theory aside from a passive philosophical conotation suggesting "everything means nothing"…

While im all for killing the humanist within me, i do not support pedophilia al of a sudden because im now somehow more "Feral" or apart of "Wild Nature".. In fact i feel it more my feralness that awakens when i think of this, because the act of pedophilia makes me think of my motherly instincts to nurture and protect

Nihilists helped the rus rev. Cool. We (or I at least) don't care. Nihilist or no, if you're a commie we cool.

so you're ok with pedo rape so long as it doesn't affect you personally?

Okay? Probably not. Am i honest with myself enough that my stance on it makes literally no difference to those children? Yes. The world is vicious. I accept that. Whatever morality you want to sugar coat that with is 100% on you. I could not give a fuck.

why aren't you ok with it tho? Might makes right and morals don't exist in this scenario. Sounds like you're not really a nihilist but a christkek in denial.

You might enjoy this

Just like make your own morals lmao

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Because i have empathy? because the thought of myself and by extension others being literally molested is disgusting to me.

Why are we having this conversation? am i missing something because i feel like i'm talking to a literal child rn.

Thx. I've read some of the stuff in here, it seems but i'm real interested in reading the stuff i haven't. Seems like some primmy-esque 'back to nature' stuff in there at a glance, sadly outside of North America this is a joke idea in the west. It actually super interests me the dichotomy(?) between the green anti-civ anarchism in the north american context and the black anarchy purely nihilistic expression in europe (and now in S/C America with regards to ITS's latest stage.)

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To have empathy you need to be able to distinguish good actions form bad actions and a moral framework to operate from. Nihilists shouldn't place value on good or bad actions as both actions have no moral value and are the same. You're not doing nihilism properly.

You have literally no idea what you're talking about, do you?

Why is this so hard ? You need to know what is considered good vs bad in order to feel empathy for someone when something bad happens to them.

He's right.

Nihilists have no morals or empathy. They'd rape corpses if they could get away with it.

Empathy is determined by my experiences and whatnot, not by fucking morality. how hard is this?

kek. I honestly wish there was a place we could have these conversations without them being tarded up.

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The difference between active and passive nihilism.. Because theres a big one which y'all are ignoring to argue yer own pedo thoughts and imorality

In its active form, nihilism is likened to a hammer — used not only to chisel away all artificial meaning, but to smash them. Active nihilism paves the way for the creation of new values, the overcoming of the self by taking a new relation to oneself as an autonomous creator. In effect, this is the transformation of living as the “one-self,” into “my-self.” Thus, the end result of nihilism in its active form is nothing short of paving the way for the grounds to becoming my own self.

Passive nihilism, on the other hand, is epitomized by resignation; the prognosis that life is an “unprofitable episode,” (in Schopenhauer’s words). Nietzsche equated passive nihilism with Schopenhauer’s repudiation of life via the denial of the Will as a great threat. Nihilism in its passive form, while adopting the same prognosis of existence as active nihilism, thus nevertheless takes the opposite stance of active nihilism as to how we should respond to the problem of a meaningless, value-less, and chaotic existence.

yeah retard empathy is developed in children by adults. You can have children raised to have no empathy at all the first thing you need for empathy to work is a concept of good vs bad

Do you hold the same concepts of good and bad as you did when you were a child? that sounds very sad, user… i cried a little inside. almost.

If you even consider shit like ethics and placing any moral value into things like "good" and "bad" and not viewing the two as exactly the same then your just an edgelord and not a nihilist.

Fuck off and actually read the above about active and passive nihilism before trying to argue yer 1st year western philosophy bullshit.

read a book m8. this is embarrassing.

just admit that you're an edgy boi and you haven't thought this through

Sorry i better get back to my reading over of the NEP and my heavily censored soviet era Marx lit. All after kissing the statue of Stalin i have on my desk on the boot and singing the internationale in french and then in russian

Radlibs get the bullet too. Only though class struggle and vicious repression of anti-communist/anti-revolutionary forces can the working class be freed and the change from working class issues to how many Trannies are having their voice artificially inflated at party meetings is bourgeoisie moralizing and shows the sad matter of Western Marxists. ' This left Communist infertile disorder which is set on only virtue signalling and dividing the anger of the working class amongst themselves is anti-revolutionary in practice and reeks of CIA intervention. You people would be calling for the United States to invade the USSR because big bad Stalin had to shoot some fascists,reactionaries and defend from immediate inward and outward forces.

'yikes bro'

I don't even disagree, but Christ, lurk more. The eternal "I joined last week from pol and use the tank flag cus it looks cool" user strikes once more.

OP is talking about nihilism, not some left communism or whatever the fuck you are talking about you absolute tard.

If I hear "dogmatic bootlicker" first thing I think about is leftypol, sure. I mean who could be more dogmatic than the NAZBOL board(tm)

Nihilism doesn't have to be pessimistic

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Yes. No shit. But op is clearly referring to nihilism understood and theorized within the anarchist/anti-authoritarian/autonomous space.

hey op. i fuck with nihilist theory! and queer insurrectionary nihilist anarchy too!

the thing is, I don't know why this post was made… it sounds like u just want to start shit?
i mean, this is an awful board and deserves to be antagonized. but what did u come here to say?

anyway, what have u been reading? lately ive been into nyx (esp gender accelerationism), agamben, baedan. would love to talk about this type of theory..