Why do people see global warming in an alarmist cult like acceptance of their fate?

Yea global warming is bad, but I highly doubt it’s the end of anything. I foresee tons of social unrest and capitalism will finally have its stark example of the destructive and self depreciating powers it wields. Global warming could be the communists best friend and a motivation for change. It could force absolutely millions of people who complain of climate change to put their money where their mouth is and eradicate capitalists as their newfound culprit.

Why are Americans obsessed with the end of the world, it just ain’t happening. But self fulfilling prophecies do, so keep freaking out, and at the end of the day we shall see where the majority stand.

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This quote but in a positive way

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mainly to get liberals to through money at NGOs

I thought it was an increasingly accepted narrative that if we're not heading towards a new world war, we're heading for ecological catastrophe without equal in human history. Making a last-ditch effort to prevent the coming disasters of climate change is in my opinion THE prime reason for being an anti-capitalist today, but I don't think the disasters in themselves will bring about socialism.
I picture the future as a slow descent into some authoritarian corporatist dystopia of climate-induced resource scarcity. Peoples' lives will be worse off, but not radically enough to provoke action. At the same time, the state's abilities will have grown greatly when it comes to repressing or suppressing dissent.

We should try to prevent this future, not welcome it as if it's automatically going to benefit us. Just ask all your lib friends how they can reconcile the struggle to contain climate change with capitalism's ridiculous and relentless over-production (redpill them on planned obsolesence, for example). I've yet to receive a good answer from any lib on this, and I think it's a good way to increase anti-capitalist sentiment.

So far the environmentalists have just been fearmongers
remember when al gore said it wouldn't snow after 2012

Nope, would never happen ever. You should probably be researching the subject from better sources like scientific journals or even textbooks instead of believing what actors on a stage have to say.

No this was after he failed and when the environmentalist route

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He was still a politician, you don't just stop being a politician after you lose an election to be president.

Reactionaries who don't believe in scientific fact get the gulag too

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Because agriculture requires a given climate also water systems are already being depleted as we consume faster then nature replenishes it. Thus global warming materially can break the global economy at the production end.

You know dude youre right I'm going to stop worrying about it now and join the D.SA! Everything will be just fine;)

It’s easier to picture the end of the world than to picture the end of capitalism.

Global Warming shows how destructive profit seeking is. At the very least it’ll force significant nationalization of private property.

it's going to be a big enough impact that techno-industrial society for the most part won't survive and in the long run lead to massive reduction of human life due to lack of food and water, probably back down to 1 or 2 billion max
I'm personally betting that a combination of resource shortages and imperial decline will lead to a nuclear war sometime in the late 2020s or 2030s

And you don’t think people can adapt? I am by no means minimalizing the scope and scale of the problem, but with quite literally every single young person screaming about environment, as well as the rise of general education, and having access to the internet and vast databanks were not completely helpless. We are in the beginning stages of global communication I think people need time to adapt to our circumstances and that will give us a better handle on what we can do. The world 10 years ahead hasn’t collapsed and a lot of what people will talk about and understand will surely change, and if climate stays on the radar of young people and they don’t just fully accept their debt to work lives things really might be good for us. I do not believe we are helpless by any stretch.


I don’t see the comparison explain.

We are different from dinosaurs, though. I don't really believe we can fix most apocalyptic situations(meteor strike and worst case scenario climate change), but we definitely have a bigger chance than some big lizards.

americans crave death because deep down they know their lifestyle is shitty and undignified but they'll never admit it

realistically the time to act on it was half a century ago, all we can do now is hope we survive to live with the consequences

They will, by moving from the most affected areas.

There are parts of Australia that are having power issues due to the massive heatwave, Climate Change is not just summers getting really hot, it will affect infrastructure and people's ability to communicate.

Remember when Al Gore wasn't a scientist and the greenhouse effect was hypothesized over a century before he was even born and global warming as a theory overcame over a century of scientific debate?

Also, literally don't remember Al Gore ever saying that, but I didn't see An Inconvenient Truth.

waiting for 'climate change' (lmao thought it was global warming) is pretty dumb tbh, the main greenhouse gas that's required for rapid irreversible global warming chain reaction is water vapor, not CO2. Not sure if i've seen anything to suggest CO2 rising is more of a man-made problem or a natural release by the Earth. You all do realize the Earth goes through cycles, and like, changes?

ok go to the nearest city that's predicted to be underwater in the next 50 years and live there forever

I’m interested in how people see different climate change scenarios, it seems mighty difficult to pinpoint the exact one that will play out, and I don’t know if scientists looking at climate data are truly qualified to predict the sociocultural and economic ramifications of their work. If the scenario is in fact so dire, as events without comparison, then normal social and cultural pattern predictions may not reflect the reality people find themselves in. They may look for something drastic to funnel their desire for change not just for their situation but the issue as a whole.

How would you predict people would react to a change such as this? Are you including satellites and auto systems?

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Don't worry, we've got enough 80 % of the earth's surface is water. The atmosphere is saturated with water vapor. Lack of it is not the reason for no "irreversible global warming chain reaction"


will the majority of people alive today even be around after food production drastically decreases?

A literal Waterworld apocalyspe is obviously not going to happen, but by the time the consequences become publicly evident, it will very likely be too late to reverse the effects, and contrary to liberal naivete, technology will probably not save the day. Society will not collapse from AGW itself as much as it will slowly dissolve when ecological collapse causes mass famine and constant violence over resources.

Bourgs don't care because they will just build self-sufficient shelters for themselves and let everyone else eat shit. Many of the most powerful people in the world are also old and will be dead anyway, so the end of their current ifestyles is not their problem.

Nice talking point. While water vapor is the predominant contributor to the greenhouse effect it's increase in the atmosphere is regulated by temperature. The hotter it is the more water vapor you have. The non-condensable gases we've been pumping into the atmosphere, like CO2, cause the temperature to increase which gives us even more water vapor. Which just compounds the problem.
Read a book.
Sure. Sometimes it's "naturally" occuring or sometimes it's caused by the activity of organic life. The greatest extinction event in Earth's history was caused by bacteria releasing oxygen into the environment in massive quantities.

Food production won’t decrease. There’s GMOs and desalization.

But that’s where your wrong kiddo.

Incredibly energy instensive and produces highly toxic waste.
Great idea. Let's just kick the can down the road by masking the effects of industrial production by pumping more shit into the atmosphere with little understanding of the long term effects. Just completely ignore the fact that dimming won't stop the oceans from acidifying or that plants will receive less overall sunlight impacting growth rates or that aerosols have a major impact on the water cycle leading to increased monsoon activity in some areas and drought in others. The techno cultists are going to get all us all killed.


A waste product of desalination is toxic brine. The brine is toxic on its own but is also made worse by being contaminated with the chemicals used in the refining process. The process itself is pretty inefficient itself. For every litre of fresh water that's extracted you produce a litre and a half of brine.

Normally brine is a precursor to table salt

Denying climate science makes porky very happy, he's allowed to go ham in his factories. And even if it's not cause by humans, it should still be taken seriously as it will hit third world nations the worst.

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Sounds like a flaw we can engineer around in the future. The energy cost issue is much more relevant.

lol all people will do is have border walls and free fire zones where smugglers bring a select few in

people also shit every day, doesn't mean having diarrhea 24/7 is fine


The seawater goes through a pretreatment process where it's exposed to various antifoulant chemicals to make the process more efficient. These antifoulants contaminate the brine with heavy metals and chlorine.

Nuclear and renewable enrgy.

Can be filtered

The dimming will be only a few percentiles of sunlight, which plants are fine without.

What is land restoration. Besids land can be less idea for plants than it used to be because of GMOs.

Nuclear and renewable energy exist.

It isn’t hard to filter out chlorine and heavy metals from water.

The “techno cultists” are the only ones with solutions to the problems at hand. Critique us all you want, but unless you have an alternative solution, it’s our way on extinction.

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We can fix this with SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY

Having said that, we should totally make sure our science and society is geared toward mutually beneficial coexistence with the natural world.
We should make a distinction between us and nature but not remove ourselves from it.

Brutalist solarpunk would be sick

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I want eco terrorism and primitivism to be a good thing so bad but i'm afraid it's probably some golden age "good ol days" bullshit taken to the extreme, prove me wrong, i want to be proven wrong.

Tbh, it really is.
Primitivism is reactionary. Unfettered capitalist industrialism is reactionary.

The answer lies in advancement, not reaction. A mutually beneficial relationship with nature while preserving our advancement is the future.

I bet you're a flat earther too, dumb fuck. It's not so easy to have a scientific conspiracy as a political one when all politics is all basically opinion, science is testable and provable.

Sounds Reactionary

Sounds Spooky. Also sidenote, how does not adapting to a submissive society cause extinction. Wouldn’t it be the opposite. Submission cause extinction, not emancipation.

Socialism comes from the Enlightenment, Modernity, and it’s concepts of universalism and human progress. This should never be forgotten.

Ignore all the coal miners, oil rig operators, power station technicians and various manufacturing jobs to support the above.

No all those industries are run by evil capitalists and evil capitalists alone.

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nice workerism, the point is to elimate labour not glorify it.

Literal Joe Biden take

the primmos were wrong. Ted was wrong. eco terrorists do not believe in going back to the good ol days. they believe that we have fucked it. that there is nothing left.

Who are the people making such grand sociocultural and economic claims as to what humanity does in the coming years like they can accurately predict our global reactions. Scientists aren’t in agreement as to what will happen in the future, especially with how people will approach it; they only know data and make educated guesses about our future. Maybe people accept their fate, maybe people rise up, maybe it’s going to be a little of both and how humans deal with climate change will be up to each individual and how that individual sees their situation.

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Sounds like niche hyper-individualism to me.

Well yes, EE as a tendency very clearly come out of the anarchist individualist space.

I would even go further and accelerate climate change and especially global warming. The ruined harvests would lead to a quick worsening in an extremly important field of production that could spiral into other crisis in the economy as a whole.The refugees from flooded or deserted territories would strain the ability to keep a labour aristocracy even further and ressource wars would pit one imperialist power against the next

call it eco-accelerationism or whatever ut in the end it would benefit us

see pic

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Most Americans are part of some quasi-Gnostic death cult, in some form or another. Most see the destruction of the material world as a good thing.

Most people love anything related to the Apocalypse.
Most people are more prone to believe in the end of times rather than the end of capitalism.

If only life were so easy user. Stop consuming so much burger media.


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It's hysteria like the 1960s protein shortage hysteria.

Trannyism is not progress.

you brought them up first

Well, you see. Some areas will be uninhabitable and others (Siberia) will become good to live in. But this will see the migrations of billions of humans. And that shit destroys civilizations. Like the migrations of the Germanic tribes, Slavic tribes, Hungarians, Bulgarians. It fucked shit up a lot.

But a bigger problem is of course that we're nearing a scarcity of a lot of resources we need to grow food, build chips etc. Phosphorus is non-renewable and it's going to go soon. And without it we cannot make food for billions of people - mass extinction of humans etc. It's not just about getting warmer.

Mates, global warming is literally not real.

The entire point of the climate change movement is to bring together the necessary investment for the transition to renewable energy.

There is not enough profit in conventional energy and most of it is already automated.

There is also the fact that you can use carbon caps to keep underdeveloped countries without energy while the most advanced countries have a monopoly over the only legal energy production methods which they will horde with IP laws and then make exorbitant money from. It's a new colonialism.

See M-Kopa in South Africa for the model of global green energy;


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Also I agree with most ppl here. We ALREADY HAVE the science to save ourselves, heck, we could even begin building a base on the moon or maybe even a Dyson Swarm around the sun, if only people would care.
Even if you think the tech isn't sufficient, we would be probably living in fully automated solarpunk if it wasn't for the fact that many great minds right now are starving. Imagine how many talents we have lost. Cause, you know, you can't think about rocket science when you don't know what your next meal will be.

Just saying.

Also also also, a pretty huge number of sciencists are actually pushing to dismantle capitalism before it destroys us :)

ok philosemite

The loss of potential is nothing new in human society it will always exist, even after the loss of adversity I think.

If humans had an easy way to fix ecological disaster they would do it. It’s a problem of perspective, and the perspective of defeatism by no means helps. The potential capacity of any technology remains locked in our heads, it does not exist, until the application of it is realized, and the whole “oh we got it, but “they” don’t want to do anything about it” idea is lazy thinking and severely fails to address the real problem. It’s the irony of gaining our own powers that we recognize our destruction. In that sense, the world becomes a whirlwind of potentials in ourselves, and potentials of destruction. With a focus on ourselves, and not our destruction,(which I see many environmentally friendly individuals preferring the alarmist “get off the couch” role”) we would move past ideas of the other and how it must be the other and not ourself to be the cause of our ailments.

People said this with nukes, that humanity needs to mature, or else destruction is assured, and with our abilities in technology by spreading ideas and communicating with each other we very well can do something about our future. This potential does not yet exist though, and talking about potentials in humans does nothing but elicit a poor conversation.

You are annoying and will contributed absolutely nothing here

It’s interesting that there’s a practical religion around high-cost solar and wind energy when the scalable alternative to fossil fuels—nuclear energy is here right now.

Shud back global cooling. People like warmth. Cold kills crops and people know this instinctively.

Much easier to sell.

Didn't know Trump frequented here.