Dead Landlords

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Holy fuck do they not see the irony in this? They're forcing people into the streets while hoarding empty housing and they have the gall to go beg people for money? If they think they're in bad enough a situation to warrant begging how do they percieve the people they put into the streets?

Someone post the landlord classicide mao pic


100% support.

Fuck landlords.

One down, many more to go

based and redpilled


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Now THIS is how an American MLM Should act

These people think they are so naturally and inherently superior to everyone else that it's somehow morally different when they do it.

and nothing of value was lost

Lmfao get fukt

Great, so he spawned 4 hideous progeny. Hopefully they will learn something from this but probably not.

What's wrong with the capitalist brain?

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why not just say redpilled? it's our color anyway

Lol "real estate agent" nice ideology

Get fucked I hope the rest of his demonspawn die in a car crash that destroys more property.

Deserved, fuck landlords.

I don't like Maoism at all, but I don't even count his massacres of landlords as part of his death count. Its one of the most based things a historical figure has ever done.

>David Stokoe, a dad of four, had gone to the Salt Lake City home Thursday after letting his renters know they needed to be out by 6 p.m., according to the Salt Lake Tribune. His body was found the next day.
>One of the tenants, Manuel Velasquez, told police he got into a fight with Stokoe on Thursday evening because the landlord kicked the door and put him into a “very serious” chokehold, court documents obtained by the paper say.
>“This situation is tragic beyond words, but we are remembering Dave the way he deserves to be remembered, as a hero and champion.”

Kids, remember what jury nullification is.

Real estate agents should really just get a real job and stop forcing other people to support their luxorious lifestyle. Like, in my country a real estate agents demand three rents as a fee for his "work", what is his work? Usually it includes opening the apartment with a key for the client and nothing more. A high schooler could do that job.

Manuel might as well plead guilty and hope for light sentence, or make bail and try to flee the country.

Now this is a real feel good story.

do they not have due notice laws in the US?
pretty sure even burgers should realize how retarded kicking ppl out with less than 1 day notice is

Real estate agents are the real lumpen scum of society.
I've never met one that wasn't some kind of empty vessel.

I just got a new apartment recently. Well, 'new,' but really I just moved to a different side of my apartment complex.
Application fee: $100 (per tenant)
Processing fee: $100 (per tenant)
(Non-refundable, if you fail the application then fuck you.)
Security deposit: $200 (not refunded until end of inhabitance)
One month's prorated rent: $948
Gas deposit: $50
Electrical deposit: $200
Incidentals: $2-300
All before I even step through the fucking door. I'm just lucky a friend had a truck and I had a bunch of guys I could call to help me move or else I'd have had to rent one and pay movers, too.

Kill every last landlord.

As much as I despise the rent system, this man most likely didn't own the households and was a worker earning a hourly wage.


I don't get what the Zig Forums position is here. How is a landlord or a real estate agent any different from any other job or role in the system under capitalism?

Some even using the "get a job you bum!" line?

So honor in the exploitative capitalist system is dependent on how much you yourself are exploited? Aren't most of you like college students and bougie law professionals or some shit? For the sake of argument if you worked for a landlord let's say doing gardening or handywork, this would be considered more honorable? Would you not be complicit in helping the landlord do what you think is unethical? Even further, how are the renters not complicit? If they refused to rent property wouldn't the rental market not exist?

Yall need to figure out what you stand for instead of blanket dumb edgy teen shit.

Sure, there are due notice laws. I don't know how they are in this instance, but in my state legally the landlord can't evict shit without the sheriff there to serve the eviction.

But laws are only useful if you have the money to enforce them, and if you're getting evicted, chances are you probably ain't got enough.

Damn that's cheap

Yes, I agree the labour fetishism here can be exhausting - but if you have ownership of private property which accomidates someone's home and you are concerned with profit rather than providing a service then you have a blackened, sickening soul, and in a reasonable world we would see this type of attitude as criminal and anti-social. You will come under criminal investigation if you send your kid out on the street for not paying rent or however, but a private landlord just considers this cruelty 'business', and so does the law.

And don't confuse this as naive moralism, I am asserting the idea that restricting someone from necessary resources for selfish reasons is a form of violence. (And our society has fucked up our sense of humanity so much that some people would argue that a home is not "necessary". Look at the message on my picture, imagine being in such a low place in your life and some person telling you that, I've experienced it.) This is coming from someone who has been kicked out of homes and the trauma of homelessness is a material consideration. Poverty and rejection promotes mental illness, not the other way round. It is no coincidence that homeless people are fucked up.

Personally, I believe that all property should be collectively owned, so my punishment would be to just revoke all of the landlord's bourgeois priviliges rather than murder, like his tenants had decided.

As a member of the bourgeoisie, you have the responsibility to provide jobs and services to the proletariat, and if you don't do that, shit happens.

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Are you even a Marxist? How can you see rent as anything but pure exploitation? What the fuck. Hating landlords doesn't imply labour fetishism, it implies hating the purest form of capitalist exploitation. Nice strawman argument retard.

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

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Here's a tragic unrelated death of a bourg functionary. All bankers go to heaven.

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Maybe relative to where you are

A tragic death of an heroic bourgeois functionary from Palm Beach, FL. All bankers go to heaven.

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How would this not apply to property or money of any value though?

I was just about to bring up the homeless. Let's take the example of someone who has 10 dollars to his name. Let's say a homeless person asks for five so they can get a meal. Is he morally obligated to give it so they can both eat that day?

So if you have any amount of value accumulated through labor you're obligated to turn it into a charity? How many of you do that?

You're making it sound like landlords create the system we live in. How is it any more exploitative than any other job in a system based on money for services?

At least this is consistent.

What if they got that money which they bought the property by working renting and servicing shit?

The abolition of private property goes hand in hand with getting rid of land lords. it's pretty simple
It's pretty simple.

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The abolition of private property goes hand in hand with getting rid of land lords.
it's pretty simple

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if you try tell people about jury nullification outside the courthouse they arrest you, true story. and if you're a lawyer and tell the jury about it the case is a mistrial. how fucked up is that?

dont forget this eton mess

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All these people deserve immediate death

Just confirming what we've always known.
Bears are comrades.

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As much as I disagree with that poster they definitely shouldnt have been banned and that is a valid question, to which your response is inadequate. Do retail workers produce or repair? What about telemarketers? Are these people not exploited laborers? In the case of landlords they are petit-bourgeosie because their labor is entirely secondary to their ownership of private property, capital, which they use to extract profit from other people. Theyre not non-workers just because what they do isnt useful to society, most work in the first world is completely redundant.

Should've just made him read this, tbh.

We should instead create a GoFundMe to get Velasquez out of jail.

I think there is a sense of necessary value when it comes to certain things. I think homes are one of them, I'm not sure many people would disagree. We can't paint all objects of value with the same subjective brush. Yes, the subjective theory of value makes good points about how different factors of society interact in creating value. Like how, depending on your personal situation you would pay £5 for a bottle of water and in others, you wouldn't even bother and how everyone has different experiences so different markets appeal to different consumers. I do personally worry though that as markets become solely oriented around profit, that the state will have to come in and bargain with capitalists to provide services to the public, like they already have in Britain with council homes, of which I live in. The state is in syndication with energy and water companies in this economic chattling. So, as we further privilige the motions of the market to depend our life on, the state becomes complicit in taking advantage of it in the illusion of welfare. A marxist might call this an example of a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie; a privatised state; a state concerned with profit. I think it is in the interest of the lower classes to then self-determine these resources for the sake of avoiding further chattling. I can't quantify necessity except in plain deterministic terms. A person in poverty will suffer mental and physical problems more than someone without that stress. Also, landlords didn't physically build any of their homes, so they are profiting from someone else's work, which is described as material exploitation by marxists.

I am not a moralist, but I am personally charitable to homeless people since I have empathy for them, and I also believe in the brilliant marxist deconstruction of wealth accumulation: the more you have, the less you are, which concurs with popular mystic philosophies, so it is a rather universal idea. Money is not worth anything more than your happiness. I'm fine 'enough'.

Also, private charities are scams.

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Sure, let me just whip up a couple hundred thousand euros and by myself an apartment real quick. You fucking idiot. You absolute fucking idiot.

People rent from these assholes because if they didn't they would live in the streets. Because they don't have another alternative. Because participating in capitalism is not optional. This is why we hate landlords. The fact that this would even need to be stated to you truly implies what an absolute drooling retard you are.

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What do they need a fucking go fund me for. Being a landlord is litterally getting money with absolutely zero labour.

Just like GoFundMe, they only know how to take other people's money for nothing and their chicks for free.

this just made my day tbh

People keep claiming he's a liar and that he wasn't attacked, but the fact he admitted to carrying a gun in his fanny pack is what sells it for me. No one I know who's not white would willingly admit to wearing a fanny pack unless under extreme circumstances.

I hope, if there does exist an afterlife, he is not permitted access to it. :)

checkmate, bourgeoisie.

I'm the guy you are responding to, landlords are different than capitalists because capitalists at least accumulate capital. Landlords do fuck all. They are literally a remnant from feudalism and if you read Marx you'll figure out that he makes a sharp distinction between land ownership and ownership of MoP.

Do you know what real estate corporations are?

i'm not him but i agree with the general point and you're all fucking retards if you think there is any mechanical difference between a capitalist and a land owner.

whether you're buying a vegetable or paying for rent, you're still being exploited in the exact same way - you produce what you consume for yourself, plus an extra surplus which goes to the master. this exploitation is only possible because the amount of resources it takes to sustain your existence in a given time period is less than what you can produce in that same period of time. this is why slavery and serfdom are worthwhile. IF you want to measure the severity of your exploitation, the ONE AND ONLY THING that should be of interest is size of the gap between what you consume to survive and what you produce in total. it's a simple calculation of X minus Y to determine how luxurious of a serf you are, not some stupid facade like how much of your salary goes into rent. the irony here is that your objection to his post originates precisely from some naive appeal to capitalist mechanics which is precisely the ideology used to mask this.

I guess Marx was a retard then.

Landlord exploitation is precisely not a capitalist mechanic because there is a difference between material surplus and surplus value that only arises in capitalism. What you described was the mode of exploitation under feudalism, not capitalism. I mean Marx goes through lengths to explain how the LTV doesn't apply to rent, this still seen today by the fact that oil, coal and gemstones have a higher price than what the LTV would suggest if applied. If we are talking about the modern form of rent, of apartments and houses, you aren't producing anything, you don't create a surplus, the landlord doesn't accumulate capital either, he just charges you, for what? Existing? If you compare the exploitation of feudalism with the exploitation of capitalism, capitalist exploitation is more "progressive" than having some landlord who can sleep with you bride before the wedding or whatever. You are some real cuck if you think landlords are "just like any other capitalist" - I mean these assholes charge me two third of my paycheck (!) which is more than the surplus value extraction of my employer.

I guess another thing that proves that landlords are a fucking feudal remnant is that you can imagine capitalism without any landlord. If all apartments where owned publicly capitalism would still exist - whereas you couldn't imagine capitalism without industrial capital or finance capital, it would immediately collapse.

yes, marx was a retard and so are you, for falling for the meme and thinking capitalism isn't feudalism. you again appeal to irrelevant mechanics to justify being a stupid bootlicking serf.

the only thing that you care about, and deep down in the depths of your soul you know this, is how much of your labor is yours. i'm not making stupid distinctions between someone stealing my wallet at gunpoint or elaborate capitalist mechanics designed to trick you into thinking the aesthetics of exploitation matter. i can prove this with a thought experiment. suppose all goods came like mana from heaven, produced by an evil devil, BUT in order to access them you had buy them with "labor points" as currency. you obtain labor points by logging into a virtual reality and working there, emulating the life of a modern worker, producing goods to be enjoyed by virtual people. inside the virtual reality is a complex simulation that perfectly models all markets, the lives of virtual people, supply and demand and so on. the amount of labor points you get at the end of each month is determined by how much virtual money you would have made in the virtual world, if the virtual world was real and you really lived there. after you're done working every day you log out and pray to the devil to buy whatever you need, you sacrifice your labor points and he manifests whatever you ask for, again with respect to virtual market values. in this case, we've equalized the landlord and the capitalist with respect to production - both of them produce nothing, and you get your goods from that devil BUT both are still exploiting you, and this exploitation directly affects your quality of life. your labor is still being stolen. the virtual profit is still being enjoyed by virtual capitalists and landowner, who then go on to log off and obtain endless labor points. from this we can see that the link between what you produce and what you consume is circumstantial, it's not material to the issue.

It really isn't.
I don't.
Landlords don't accumulate capital. The surplus value extractiin of capitalism was literally the source for primitive accumulation, e.g. the creation of capitalism. Of course it both - personally, for me - it equally sucks but it is a different mechanic of exploitation. This is especially true as capitalism "masks" the exploitation by paying the worker according to his labour power, making it seem like it isn't a zero sum game, whereas the exploitation by landlords is pretty open. This is why even left-leaning libs can, under specific circumstances, get on board with expropriating landlords.

wait, what?

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the mechanics of exploitation, and by this i mean what exploitation IS, in its essence, have never changed since the dawn of time. the only reason the landlord is able to steal your labor is because THERE IS LABOR LEFT OVER AFTER YOU'RE DONE SUSTAINING YOUR EXISTENCE why do i even bother with you apes

My guess is when they analyze the bullet wounds they will discover they are intermediate range wounds. That nigga is going to prison.

Absolutley lumpen-bourgeoisie. Children are accountable for their own sins, otherwise we end up with this "blame the millennials and zoomers" ideology for all of the world's problems.

Can't we just agree the landlords got to go?

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I think the biggest difference is the wage relation but even if you want to say it's a functional analogue to food-barter economy then we should agree class society and domination are the enemy. After all, don't forget that "retard" Marx wasn't just for smashing capitalism but for liberating all humanity.