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The Matamoros Strike is the biggest strike in North America in twenty years, it deserves a General Thread.
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Matamoros strike set to expand as ruling class boosts unions

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Good work comrade. We need to compile as many news stories on this as possible. Its also important to point out that this strike got so big because the workers revolted against their union and launched rank and file committees to coordinate their struggles.

Well Trump cucked out of border wall nonsense for a few weeks, so they'll get their paycheck and stop bitching for a while.
It's kind of pathetic that the proletarians are so easily bribed, but I guess it makes sense due to the fact that everyone is so poor right now. I can't say I'll be disappointed or blame them for wanting to feed their families and bellies. I'm just expecting this to blow over.

Can any faggot send this to the IWW (Strong in the Midwest were most factories are, and appeals to Burgers via folk), via Twitter, or Zucc's platform?
I'm not a complete faggot so i don't have those two, and if you create an account that exists to only to post political shit, you'll get banned


The media blackout on this story is suppressing the strike from spreading.. In order to break the media blackout we need Jimmy Dore to cover it. How do we get that to happen?

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I’ve been trying to contact Dore multiple times but he seems to be ignoring the news

Have you contacted him publicly through twiittter or the like?

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Yes, do you know of any other way? If we are able to radicalize dore into being anti union from the example of the matamaros workers, then that would be an immense development
hrrm maybe connect it to this, burgerfats have a weird thing against commenting on nonburgerfat issues

Good news, i finally saw a news channel talking about the strike. My family didn't give a shit.

Why? This situation is huge, it could lead o a Contanet-Wide General Strike.

Well they don't give a shit about anything in general, they thought AMLO could turn México into Venezuela but unless it's something they well know it's going to affect them directly they don't really care. They take everything lightly, not ignorants, just don't give a shit.

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WoosWoos seems to be doing pretty well these days, considering I'd never heard of them before 2016.

Good morning comrades! When is PEMEX getting seized for the good of the proletariat?

I actually managed to reach out to the Jimmy Dore program. Told them about the matamoros strike in their live feed. They said they'd look into it but its been over a week and no coverage. Makes me think the Jimmy Dore show is compromised tbh.

Did he name drop it though?

Doesn't Sam Seder/Micheal Brooks take live calls? We could try to get it on the news from there.

The US psuedo left's conspiracy of silence on the Matamoros worker's rebellion by Alex Gonzalez

"It has been three weeks since the start of the courageous strike by 70,000 “maquiladora” workers in Matamoros, Mexico, and self-described “socialist” news outlets in the US have still not written a single article about the walkout.

The World Socialist Web Site alone has extensively reported on the strike and fought to rally support for the Mexican workers from workers in the US, Canada and around the world.

Jacobin magazine, which is closely aligned with the Democrat Cops of America(DSA), Socialist Worker, the publication of the International Socialist Organization (ISO), and Socialist Alternative are engaged in a conspiracy of silence as tens of thousands of highly exploited Mexican workers wage an historic fight against US and Canadian corporations reaping billions in profits."

"The Matamoros strike began as a wildcat action organized in opposition to the Mexican unions. Workers held a mass protest outside of the headquarters of the Union of Laborers and Industrial Workers of the Maquiladora Industry (SJOIIM) on January 12. Outraged that they would not be receiving a wage increase and yearly bonus, the workers confronted union leader Juan Villafuerte, shouting, “We no longer want our union,” and “You only steal from us.”

The maquiladora unions, like their counterparts worldwide, are hated by workers for pocketing four percent of workers’ wages each week in dues while acting as nothing more than industrial labor police. By organizing their actions outside of the control of the trade unions, largely through social media, the maquiladora workers recognized that only through their own independent and unified strength could they achieve their demands. One of the most popular banners of the strike reads: “The union and the companies kill the working class.”

The workers quickly formed independent factory committees and went from plant to plant, informing their coworkers of what had taken place. One day after the initial demonstration, 70,000 workers from 45 plants were on strike.

The pseudo-left organizations are opposed to the Matamoros workers because they support the trade unions and increasingly occupy prominent positions in the unions’ corrupt apparatus. They demand that workers accept the authority of these right-wing, nationalist and pro-capitalist organizations, which have devoted their efforts over the past four decades to suppressing the class struggle and helping to impose plant closures, layoffs, wage cuts and other concessions, leading to a record transfer of wealth from the bottom 90 percent to the top 10 percent."

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