Trump is calling to reopen government

Just a few workers not showing up to their jobs is all it took to shut down LaGuardia airport in NYC. Entire economies of towns and cities suffered huge losses due to workers not getting paid and not spending their money.

2019 has seen a huge resurgence of class struggle. The Yellow Vest Strikes in France, the 200 Million General strike in India, the 70K Maquiladora strikes in US-Mexico Border, the 30K Teachers strike in Los Angeles and now upcoming strikes in Denver. The age for pessimsim is over. Its time for workers to break the shackles of their unions and the bourgeois parties and launch real class struggle. Thus it is imperative for you guys to get off your asses and go into the real world and agitate workers and provide them with a clear internationalist perspective for defeating capitalism.

Workers WILL revolt more and more. But simply revolting will fail, now it is the time to build a workers vanguard to guide these movements towards INTERNATIONAL REVOLUTION

Join the SEP and build a workers vanguard wherever you reside!

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I live in México, Nuevo Leon, Monterrey where do i strike niggas

Are you a worker? If so you can agitate for a strike within your company by handing out flyers about the Maquiladora strike. If not then you should contact the SEP and talk about how you want to help out and they will guide you.

Unpopular opinion: the doomsday clock isn't a clock telling us how far away we are to annihilation, it's how far away we are to international revolution

The balance shifts in favor of the workers. I can't wait to see what happens next

Now 700K teachers are on indefinite strike in India over their pay and pensions. The class struggle is boiling over, now is the time for action.

How is this an unpopular opinion on Zig Forums?

There's actually a faction of leftism called posadism that primarily believes that the communist revolution won't come until global nuclear war destroys the current society. It's mostly a meme these days, since it also involves stuff about aliens visiting humanity, but the idea that the only way to rebuild a better world is to destroy the existing one isn't new.

Only through the establishment of socialism can humanity go through capitalism and end up in Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism.

Where does the fully automated luxury space communism thing come from?

These trotskyites have their fingers on the pulse

I think it is a british media guy called aaron bastani, who has an upcoming book called fully automated luxury space communism.

we live in strange times

Now that the USSR is no more, people are putting aside their differences I guess.

WSWS are good trots. Trots, anarchists, and even socdems that are consistent anti-imperialists are comrades.

After 1991 there’s no difference between trots and ☭TANKIE☭s with the exception of ascetic.

Everything is pointing at this being a very good year. Here in Belgium we're also seeing some good popular action. We've got massive numbers of secondary school students skipping school every week to protest for action against climate change, and on February 13th there will be a national strike against stagnating wages. It's still quite moderate, but people are showing a willingness to get onto the streets. That makes me very hopeful. The masses aren't simply going to take it.

Trots, ☭TANKIE☭s, anarchists, socdems… These are all categorizations of the previous century. We should learn what we can from the past, so we can together return to the basic socialist hypothesis and reinvent it.

Theres no need to "reinvent" anything. As with the bolshevik revolution, what we need is clear. A disciplined vanguard party ready to guide the working class to revolution. The strategy of course will need to be much different with an emphasis on maintaining party security and a break from the trade unions replaced with rank-and-file committees of workers being aligned with the vanguard party

What we need is a broad united front of all pro-prolitarian organizations. Infighting strengthens capital.


"Popular frontism" leads to disaster. Had the Bolsheviks sided with the Mensheviks, WWI would not have been cut early and there would be no revolution. Without a clear perspective that fights opportunism, revolution is certain to fail.

These strikes also destroy all the anti-marxist and psuedo-left views that the working class is not a revolutionary force.

Untill 1919 Their were Mensheviks and SRs in the Bolshevik Government.

*shoots lenin*

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"Thousands of autoworkers began a one-week strike Thursday at a factory of the German automaker Audi in Györ, western Hungary. The workers are demanding a sizeable wage increase. The previous Friday, 4,000 workers took part in a limited two-hour strike."

Autoworkers in Hungary are starting to rise up now as well. GO WORKERS!

There is hope in this dark, dark world.