Trump reopens government without wall

right wing on suicide watch

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Sort of a shame. The last food-stamps were just handed out and fourty-something million people at the verge of being without bread would most likely have caused interesting movement.

Americans are too cucked to do anything. They would've just sat on their asses & suffered.

Hm, true. I'm just an a hopeless optimist.
They'd probably just escalate their internal shouting and bitter finger-pointing while licking boots for crumbs of bread. It wouldn't have been hunger and suffering deep and wide enough to encourage protests and looting.

Honestly this. They don't care about Flint, a huge swathe of the country just worked over a month without pay or complaint, there is effectively zero revolutionary potential in the USA, such a fucking disappointment.

i dunno taking away our burgers might be the thing to break us.

Do you think anyone saw any revolutionary potential in Russia in 1916? Don't be such a downer.

cheka'd. Burgers are why we have Bologna in Brasil destroying the rainforests for muh mcdonalds. And actually yea, I bet people did see the potential considering WW1. Americans have no potential to take mass action for enlightened ideals but they will for sports or something closer to their everyday lives (like burgers or gasoline)

I don't think this is a failure on the part of Trump. It will take months for the federal workers to work through the backlog created by the shutdown.
Work tends to compound like interest, so a month of back work could take 3 months just to undo all the chaos and start on the actual backlog if not more.
All this start and studdering will continue to erode the welfare state and worker leverage. Except it will do it in a "slowly boil the frog way" where the effects will be so slow that the public will forget that their decline in quality of life is related to the government welfare state being dicked with, and the right wing will swoop in and convince them it is the fault of the ethnic minority of the week. They've been doing this since the start of the "Southern Strategy" and white burgers fall for it everytime.

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Trumpcucks btfo

Institutionally nothing has changed. 4d chess is a meme.

Drumpf btfo lol

orange man not only bad but also a bitch ass pussy


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Do conservatives really have no idea how retarded they sound

Goddamn Trump is a bitch.

Goddamn Obama had more balls than him. Where's the goddamn executive orders?

Methinks Trump was starting to sweat about the airports shutting down with ATCs walking off the job.

The GOP is a fucking joke.

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I mean that is essentially what Obama did. America will slowly devolve into a classical empire with an "elected" god emperor at the helm supported by a congress that is filled with american aristocrats.

yeah but I meant to say that how the fuck is it even an emergency if you just said that you are going to delay declaring it an emergency for another month. It's like if an earthquake happens and they put off dealing with it for a few weeks.

And so continues the growth of American executive power

Which is why it'll get destroyed in the courts, if Pelosi doesn't nix it first.

The Senate GOP has to know this "Emergency Order" shit will be a goddamn waste of taxpayer dollars.

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I feel the main problem is a complete lack of organization. There needs to be more self-interested local organizing going on before things start to change.


"Every society is three meals away from revolution"

Really gets my noggin joggin

To be fair, the flight attendants union (which has 50,000 members) was about to organize a national wildcat strike, which is really the straw that broke the camel's back. Not something I would have ever expected in 2019 America. I know some teachers associations did a wildcat strike in Kentucky not too long ago, but they have considerably fewer members than 50,000.

nothing wrong with starving americans

Not nearly educated enough for any sort of revolution or movement either. Capitalism contains endless contradictions in the face of self gain.

It really sucks being a burger. The media or whatever did a good job pacifying people here, everyone just sucks cop dick now.

first worlders get fucked

If I see this one more time I'm gonna strangle one of you morons. That you think this is somehow a uniquely American phenomenon is, ironically, just a product of your US-centric worldview. People all over the world have slaved over meager subsistence wages for decades and we have, nonetheless, only seen more inaction and subservience from all of them. Read a book, educate yourself on the world outside of NA and Europe.

Note that I actually think trying to calculate countries by their revolutionary potential is largely a waste a time. Once a country gets to the point where "socialism" becomes a well-known word, at least in the major cities, it's anyone's guess where it could go in a time of crisis. I don't think any reasonable socialist in 1914, if we were to ask them what major power they thought would be the world's lone socialist nation in a few years, would answer Russia.

Yeah, didn't Marx doubt Russia's revolutionary potential at one time?

THere's a letter in the 1880s where he says Russia has the basis for socialism but not for proletarian revolution.
Tbf the rapid industrialisation of the 1880s onwards was pretty unprecedented in Europe up until that point.

You should actually come to America and look around

Yeah, just about every city has people living on the streets.

Its now official. Trump presidency was a flop. He's basically re-enacting Obama yet conservatives swear up and down the aisle that he's "carrying out God's Plan" and Obama is still the Antichrist. "Make America Great Again" is now the bane of Reagan.

Q-user will reassure us, Q-user will save us.

Every president since Reagan has been the same shit in a different package. The GOP is divided by opportunists backing him for personal benefit and neocons that don't like how he's too retarded to be easily manipulated.

don't get in between americans and food

Accelerationists btfo

this is a bit of an anachronism in the age of credit cards and widespread consumer debt

Pelosi opened the government so that we could invade Venezeula. Once thats done it will close again

I sure wouldn't wanna a right winger right now

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they keep saying trump wasn't serious and he was just joking about the wall and locking up hillary, they cant admit they were conned

With average yearly burger salary of 44,624 $, would week-long strike costed government just a little less than 43 milions $ or ~37 milions €. That's insignificant sum for 50-times smaller economies.


He passed a huge tax cut and packed and institutionalized braindead conservatives into supreme court and federal judgeships for decades to come. All in all thats a win for republicans tbh

That's honestly a huge win for the actual left. The less legitimacy the courts have the better.

To be fair, the right don't want the wall either. It would literally kill off the steady stream of cheap labor the republican businesses enjoy, as well as the democratic businesses.
The reason our medical industry is in trouble is because illegals create cost shifting. They go to the ER, get treated with about $10,000 of medical care, then disappear when the bill comes to get paid. the cost is then shifted to the paying customers, which is why an ER bill is $10,000 in the first place. Then the insurance companies knock down the bill to half that or less, and pocket the difference.

Don't most immigrants come here legally?

Holy shit this is the most retarded hot take I've ever seen yet. Yeah, like a hospital is just going to let an illegal leave without paying or without checking to see if they have insurance first lmfao.

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This shit is boomer-tier nonsense. Citizens probably owe more money to ERs than non-citizens. Anyways it doesn't really matter since healthcare should be free for all who need it. This is kind of like how Zig Forums often blames immigrants for housing costs. It's less of an argument and more like a desire, or need. Like they need for someone other than the bosses/landlords (i.e. their parents) to be at fault.

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When has that ever happened?

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Ta…take that back…