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i like how Churchill's face is detailed and Stalin's is not

in the first seconds of the people
nah chief i'm good

i meant video not people fuck

This stuff fries your brain, it's not even worth engaging with. Unironically find a better way to spend your time. Read that lefty lit you've been slacking on.

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So much wrong in 1 minute and 20 seconds
Conveniently ignores that Germany facilitated the passage for all the parties in Russia, including socdems, mensheviks, liberals and anarchists, and not just Lenin.
An internal crisis had already been created by the provisional government, the war and the economic disaster it brought
This video can no longer qualify as history, this is plain disinformation. Had to close that shit.

Youtube actively promoting misinformation??? Since when??

is this one of those alt-right/light channels or what?

No, just a regular blue-pilled normie channel.

this video fucking hurts too watch christ

It gets worse

literally your average normie as fuck history channel

really tho? Ho Chi Minh also Bad? So Ho Chi Minh more bad than Japanese Empire, French Empire and Diem?

Anti-communists analyze these things in a vacuum. Important leaders of national liberation who get their country on track of steady development bring their excesses and are not able to perform any extraordinary feats. Purges happen, poverty isn't abolished.
But shit, they sure pull their country out of the mud of stagnation and occupation. Vietnam is doing better than its neighbouring countries, I could care less how many people uncle Ho got killed.

he literally said that ho chi minh was a "brutal dictator" i'm not even joking

also his sense of humour is meh at best

He was, to the primmies. :^)


bourgeois history not even once kidos

*muffled screaming*

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sanity has come forth

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even wikipedia is more objective

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Honestly to quote mister plinketts star wars review the best things about this video are the things that werent shit on by this normie cunt

Who gives a fuck

Why do people even try to engage with the retards of the comment section of youtube? How do you reach a level of awareness where you realize the majority of crap spewed through such videos is just that, crap, while simultaneously being dull enough to think you can confront the people who lap these videos up in the comment section of the video they just watched and totally accepted at surface level?

That must be one very shitty history class

Most western history classes have the same if not more western propaganda i guess they think this is better because its "quirky and funny"

This but we have to at least try user some may actually take the advice and change their autistic mindset

Assuming he was american, then yeah. I lived in the USA for three years (from 10 to 13) and I remember how godawful the classes were. Obviously I didn't think that back then, I wasn't interested in politics but when I first got into socialdemocracy when I was 14 I remember thinking how great those classes were and how evil muh commies were the same as fascists.

Also the video is sponsored if anyone noticed

eh, you're not wrong in the sense that possibly one person would bite and actually learn something. However, I think its comparable to a "rational ignorance" situation, though instead of being about your own education its about the others - at some point youre just exhausting energy from yourself that could either be used to (a) talk to someone in a better medium (a fucking debate subreddit would be a better place than the godforsaken youtube comment section) or (b) educate yourself more, or (c) which is to do fuckall of either and (try to) enjoy your short miserable life

Reminds me of how goddam lucky I was as an american kid to begin learning about the left. In middle school I got a research/writing project on nativism around the turn of the 20th century. I started reading about the anarchists and socialists coming from Europe, then got into some labor struggle history, and even got to the point of reading about shootouts between the IWW and the National Guard. It really opened my eyes in a way I came to recognize my classmates never experienced themselves

This is what propaganda liberals push to the masses to "educate" them.

i understand where your coming from user at some points its just better to do literally anything else

I wish I had gotten into politics sooner, I probably would've been a socdem too at first but I would've stopped being an anticommunist and spooked about capitalism much earlier in my life.

tbf its potentially dangerous to have such a topsy-turvy transition at that stage in life, I sank into reading Nietzsche and becoming a passive nihilist quick. I should add that I was in the Boy Scouts at the time of learning about labor history/whatnot, and had a breakdown of sorts before I earned the rank of Eagle scout, which is the highest rank within the Boy Scouts yadda yadda

I never had a transitional phase. I went from nationalism to anarchism, then marxism (idk or care what to call myself) in the span of less than a year. I'm still personally fucked, at the very least its not all attributable to the fucking Boy Scouts

I had the same with atheism and other edgy behaviours(i would have probably become some anti-sjw), i'm pretty surprised there's grown adults having the same attitude in life i went through when i was 12-15. I still don't believe in god tho

ugh I should add that I organized the construction of a veterans memorial in a park near my home. At the time I was beginning to realize that the military forces of the US ultimately had a negative effect on the world/humanity, but I still carried it out as a sort of dedication to the men who died fighting for something that, if at the time they only knew better, they wouldn't believe in. Fuck this still stresses me out, they drill into you "Once an Eagle always an Eagle" its fucking mindbending

I was exactly the same. I feel that it was my antitheist views that bridged the gap from being a sucdem to ML.

They unironically quoted Solzhenitsyn on gulags before, their entire channel is liberal revisionism, why would this be any different?

TBH these guys are like a subtler version of PragerU.

Also, since that ass Churchill is mentioned:

Was it at least to World War 2 veterans?

They didn't end up on trending before.

is nationstates even worth playing still, or have people moved onto power

Does Power even exist anymore?

Also does Post, which is far superior?

Imagine unironically watching oversimplified

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This, I would rather piss at TIK again rather than watch this shit.

Same, because at least when he makes historical videos (Rather than political videos) on the USSR, he is quite good.

the veterans memorial was dedicated to all of the military service members from my small town throughout american history. I was able to print off a list of names, ranging from people who fought in modern conflicts (and yes, WWII), to all the way back to the War of Independence. iirc there may even be some names from the 7 years war/french-indian war

Le epic funny simple x channel

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After watching all of his videos kill me this is pretty much what it boils down to

Now THIS is reactionary

Cringe and bluepilled.

that same exact argument could be used for hitler you dumb fuck

Not really since wages and per capita calorie consumption was worse in nazi germany than weimar germany even before the war, if you still believe the meme that weimar germany was literal hell and pre-war nazi germany improved things you are a useful idiot at best and nazi sympathizer at worst.

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if what you said is true than i stand corrected, should read more about pre-nazi germany

that's because they were in the middle of the great depression compared to pre-depression weimar

german industrialists were making a killing off the supression of wages, an actual socialist would've prevented it

an actual socialist would have overthrown the industrialists since capitalism was collapsing, which is what they tried to do
but hitler wasn't an actual socialist at all just a reactionary

Naturally these assholes ignore the high quality of life that was achieved in socialist states and large support for anti colonial revolutions that were supported by Soviet Union and friends. All in all…meh, typical.

So much for human nature.

we need to make humans prey again it's the only way to establish communism

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Is that why China is pursuing AI development?

The way it's set up in the video makes it sound like the Communists were to blame. When in fact it was the White Army that caused the famines during the Civil war.

But of course this is not even talked about.

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Also the fact that porkies started WW1 which killed more than twice as many Russians as the civil war.

no shit

the eternal b*lt strikes again

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Baltic nationalism not even once

oversimplified is shit but have you seen 10 minute history

He is Estonian?

HIs user account location is set to US.

saw this, couldn't help but to click off half way through

Why do people watch this?

They're often recommended for basic history over-view by teachers in middle-schools (in burgerstan anyway). Mostly by younger teachers who are 'new and hip'.

it started with John Green tbh.

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True, but John Green is at least somewhat competent in certain subjects. and he's at least interesting to listen to.

doesn't he cover content with a liberal perspective though? he doesn't seem to understand the irony of his laptop sticker.

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don't know about that one

Why are Rakosi and Stalin pointing nukes at each other?
I thought they were best Warsaw Pact bro's

kek it was supposed to be 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧churchill🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 that alone raises eyebrows but his attempt at drawing was so shit it looks like rakosi

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explain why he murder his first wife and let his son to die in german hands also bonus when his son tried to commit suicide stalin told him "he cant even shoot straight"
name 1 party that was not communist in eastern bloc iam waiting
ooh that explain why west was doing better that east europe
you have iphone X so dont complain


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Stalin was based even in his humor.

My sides

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no, i don't. i couldn't even afford one if i wanted to (which i don't). also wow never heard the iphone argument before please tell me again about how you cant critique capitalism unless you live a hunter gatherer lifestyle in the woods.

The fuck? Stalin's first wife died from typhus, fucking retard

This can't be stressed enough. 11 out of 10 anti-left critiques rely on ahistoricism and decontextualization.

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Where the fuck is that bullshit conspiracy even from.
Because the only option to get him out was to trade him, an ordinary soldier for German Feild-Marshall. Stalin stated that it would not be fair to the mothers of other POWs to trade a mere soldier for a Field General. His son died trying to escape.
It's called being a harsh parent.

pic 1-3 are an example of Western life in places outside the inner city from the 80s to the 2010s

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I have a samsung galaxy S2 from 2010. Ethical Consumption under capitalism does not exist (pic 1 and 2). Moreover technically speaking, Capitalism did not, in fact, make the iPhone, Labor did. The ‘-ism’ merely determines who gets paid. Also, most of the technology present in the iPhone actually originated in the State sector, not the so-called ‘free market.’
the only capitalist part of the iphone, its marketing. Its actual design, components etc. etc. are government funded and researched thus making the phone itself a product of the state. Making it a publicly sold item doesn't make it a capitalist creation, it is a capitalist use of a non-capitalist creation.
As Mariana Mazzucato writes in an article for New Scientist, “In [Apple’s] early stages the company received government cash support via a $500,000 small business investment company grant. And every technology that makes the iPhone a smartphone owes its vision and funding to the state: the internet, GPS, touchscreen displays and even the voice-activated smartphone assistant Siri all received state cash. The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) bankrolled the internet, and the CIA and the military funded GPS. So, although the US is sold to us as the model example of progress through private enterprise, innovation there has benefited from a very interventionist state.” It is not the case even in theory that capitalism or ‘the free market,’ made the iPhone. At least, not the sort of capitalism people who make this argument usually advocate for. I would also like to mention that slave labor is used to mine cobalt in the Congo, which eventually makes its way into iPhone batteries. So you can claim (falsely) credit to capitalism for the iphones tech and take the L for its use of slave labor OR admit that it has nothing to do with capitalism
Did you have a miniature stroke while writing that sentence?

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LOL it's like those shows just ripped each other off.

Communism bad!

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I think it's intentional

While(SocialismIsProposed == True) {

System.Out.PrintIn("Socialism bad!");
System.Out.PrintIn("Socialism leads to starvation!");
System.Out.PrintIn("Muh Venezuela/Soviet Russia/DPRK!");
System.Out.PrintIn("Nazis were Socialist!");
System.Out.PrintIn("You don't even know BASIC ECONOMICS!");
BodilyPropagandaRatio++ ;
NumCapitalistTears++ ;
If (BodilyPropagandaRatio > 90){

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honestly comrade that's the playbook of a few people i've talked to recently

Remember: it works because it's upbeat, the channel presents itself as unbiased, and it's deliberately introductory.

Our equivalent of that, where StalinKawaii makes a dry "debunking western propaganda of the cold war" video with a lot of forced use of Marxist lingo that comes off as cultish to normal people, would have 2000 views. And if people trying to learn about the Cold War stumbled upon it, they'll roll right past it.

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fitting it's written in Java, the language of porkies

S = {"Socialism bad!", "Socialism leads to starvation!", "Muh Venezuela/Soviet Russia/DPRK!", "Nazis were Socialist!", "You don't even know BASIC ECONOMICS!"}
MaxRatio = {x ∈ R | x > 90}

where function q is defined as:
∀strings ∈ S, Print(strings)
BodilyPropagandaRatio ∈ Z, BodilyPropagandaRatio = BodilyPropagandaRatio + 1
NumCapitalistTears ∈ Z, NumCapitalistTears = NumCapitalistTears + 1
if BodilyPropagandaRatio ∈ MaxRatio
∀strings ∈ BPR, Print(strings)

P(socialism∧¬(BodilyPropagandaRatio ∈ MaxRatio)) → q