Video Games Thread Reborn

Okay okay I might have just made this thread to shill my latest video, but still there wasn't one in the catalog.

Discuss videogames shit and how to convert the current Bethesda hate into class consciousness.

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lol you wrote this post on a computer, talk about hypocrisy you champagne socialist.

Add Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. Maybe New Vegas for dialectics and the Followers of the Apocalypse tho I guess thats a stretch.

It's like 2 years old at this point so it does need an update.

Also I considered NV but ultimately decided nah since the Followers are barely in it and the NCR are clearly the good guys.


Yeah its only a lefty game as far as its a good game and we want lefties to have good taste lol. Maybe EU4 for bourgeois revolutions and anti-colonial potential? Another stretch but seems a little more justified.

vicky II is on there but since EU4 is pre-socialism, eh.

look at this picture of Marx and Engels being consumerists. shameful ahistorical portrayal!

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has any played this? on one hand it looks promising but on the other it looks like propaganda

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look at the reviews dude

Video games are software by necessity. They are the most communist medium inherently. The original video games were shareware by computer nerds doing it for fun.

Night in the Woods? i just remember most people i kind of shared opinions with shitting all over the game, never played it.

LMAO it's hysterical anti-soviet propaganda and it also sucks as a game. I might do a video on it sometime though, it's really funny. You'll notice it's the worst rated game on my whole list.

The music in it is good though.

I find most socialists seemed to like it, I didn't really see anyone who didn't other than contrarians who thought it was too social justicey or whatever, but I haven't got round to playing it yet myself.

Well their main problem with the game was the humor, they praised the art and thought the mechanics weren't interesting. Apparently the game uses the phrase "i am such trash" very oftenly, which they hated.

Night in the woods is great, it's a story driven platform that gets pretty deep after a while. I don't know what it has to do with communist tho. it does take place in the rust belt and it's implied that the reason the town has gone to shit is because of economics, but it's not the main focuses of the game.

Point out video games turn to shit because of financiarization.

Of course, but how to actually get that message across and tackle the crying of 'well if there was socialism there wouldn't be any videogames anyway!'.

Enjoying Atom. Glorious post nuclear communism.


So go share my videos so a socialist gaming channel gets more popular then :^)

All you have to do to use Bethesda hate to explain communism is explain the modding community and how that works vs Bethesda.

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Everyone will continue to use Steam as long as the Epic Games Store continues to be spyware apparently.

Thanks, i already own it, only the windows 10 edition tho. There was a very good offer.

postal 2 is more critical of the united states by comparison. didn't like it and really don't like scott benson at all. surprised i sat through the whole thing

fuck you, where's mother 3 and fire emblem 9/10?


I was planning to make another list for liberal/anti monarchy/anti fascist/etc games but never got round to it.

So are we making a minecraft server or what

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Anyone got a rip of Hidden Agenda? Learnt of it today, might play it. Agenda.html

I recommend it, enjoy

Is there some software I need to run this?

DOSBOX, it takes some fiddling with to understand but not too hard.

(it's a DOS command line emulator)

I shared it. It's nice to see you're still around.

Thanks! Yeah I've just been kinda ill for a few months so not wanted to make a proper video sounding all stuffy. But in the group thing it's not so noticeable/bad.


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There's some left-leaning dude redpilling the supreme commander forged alliance forever discord on marxist concepts like the tendacy of the rate of profit to fall, it's kind of hilarious because the server is overwhelmingly right/extreme right leaning.


someone make this but for rightists

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Tbh I see no problem with being willing to put one's own competency to serve the state/commonwealth/public interest rather than my own private economic interests.

Lol yeah I don't mind that Redpanels comic so much. I wouldn't mind doing something like that, but then again, I wouldn't mind factory work making solar panels or something, so long as it was for the common good.

I just found the title of the game funny in context.

But I know what you mean, I like Wargame and the chat in that game is basically just Zig Forums as an instant message service.

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Odds are socialist central planning will be done by neural networks anyway.
Strategy games tend to draw autists and 4chan mentality of historical fetishization of great men/bad history basically turns them into wehrmaboos or worse.

Victoria 3 never ever. :^)

I honestly hope paradox never make it: they'll just fuck it up like HoIV.

Paradox sucks now anyways. The game we really wanted was East vs West and they cancelled it, who cares.

Crusader Kings and EU IV were and are cool.

HOI and Stellaris were and are shit.

Victoria is a masterpiece, but they sort of lost continuity of it: i.e. the team that worked on it disappeared somehow.

Communist uprising at the studio was put down.

Copying my post from Zig Forums
Upcoming /ourgames/ in 2019:

There's also Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic which is kind of city building game with resource management set in a fictious (I think) soviet republic.

Victoria had a lot of flaws. The politics system never made much sense and the economy was a mess. At least it showed that free market is crap.
CK2 is a masterpiece, you can really do anything in that game. EUIV is ok.
Wish I could like Stellaris, every update there's some new disappointment.

Class conscious games:


Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

EU4 is my favourite, but I wouldn't say HOI4 is shit outright. It's super flawed, but im hoping Man the Guns fixes some of these problems.
obviously that raises another issue with DLC policy but that's a Paradox problem not exclusively a HOI4 problem


Grand-strategy is not even close to appealing to normies, so like any proper hobby, it relies on milking a hardcore fan audience.

Pretty much, but they got too greedy with EUIV by hiding quality of life improvements and useful general features behind DLC.
In CK2 if you wanted to play with muslims or pagans, you bought the right DLC and you were set for life. In EU4 if you are interested in colonization you have to buy like 4 or 5 DLC to get the full experience.

Tacoma is great, and I just put in a trade for Spaceport the other week. Trading Steam Keys is actually existing communism.

What do you guys think, should I trade The Long Dark and Hurtworld for BATTLETECH? I love mechs but it seems to be getting mixed reviews

Why would you want to buy such an expensive game? Either pirate or wait a couple years for a good sale.

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It's not buying if you already bought the other games and are just moving keys around though

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Trading, buying, whatever. It's still a horribly overpriced game and no doubt that the standard edition will lack many essential features that the season pass and dlc fills in.


I suppose you have a point there but on the other hand, the last game I traded for, Kingdom Come Deliverance, was a fantastic title that rivalled any Bethesda game, but that had overpriced and poorly reviewed DLC too, I just didn't play it.

Next communist uprising at the studio is already brewing.


Someone should make a /leftygsg/ thread

I want to be able to share my playthroughs/mods with people who aren't literal retards and Nazis

Uphold DDRJake thought.

you can do that in this thread tho.

Here I'll share my 'got bored halfway through but left it running' HOI game.

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i guess you have to open these bottom first, thanks algorithm

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behold my unholy abomination

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nvm then
would rather deal with cuckchan gsg than literal children

Yeah the deluge of hoi4 screenshots is poor taste. I don't think anyone actually checked them out, I know I didn't and I'm a paradox games player.

I doubt the NCR are considered the good guys. All they do is to recreate a corrupt pre-american state and in such the conditions for the next nuclear war. What's why I like NV and dislike per example 4, because the goodies are just too obvious

I mean the NCR are the least-worst: they are at-least spreading infrastructure, civilisation, and welfare throughout the wasteland without genociding the tribes. Sure they are expansionist, but compared to the Legion they are decent, and they aren't insular technoautists like the Enclave, Brotherhood, or Institute who would let mankind die of anything and everything and do nothing towards rebuilding civilisation.

Was it cultural appropriation, a nice nod or cultural margsism?

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You probably haven't played it in years, but Call of Duty 4 is actually a brilliant satire of anglo-US imperialism

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concursatio? non puto.

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this is why nobody likes GSG players, literally just scroll over the pictures if you dont care.

the guy that did the economics system left Paradox and no one understood how it worked.
rumor is that he returned though.

I like to imagine that conversation went something like; "Sorry, I know our last game made millions but there's no room in the budget this year for bonuses, frankly we have people queuing up to work here." And he was like "Well, since it's my job let me teach you something about economics then", and left without telling anyone how the system worked, before being hurriedly rehired at 2x the salary.

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It's my thread fuckboy, eat my entire dick.

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Open up a blog with that mentality, maybe you'll have comments there.

HOI4 players will be sent to Siberia along with the rest of the fascists and opportunists

It's basically just King of the Hill for rust-belt millennials.

Don't forget the best mod for Hoi4, Kaiserreich, which has a TON of Syndicalist uprisings and factions. They're really outnumbered, so it feels amazing when you spread the revolution one country at a time.



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Darkest hour Kaiserreich and HOI4 Kaiserreich are two different games with some serious lore differences if i remember correctly

bruh you literally join a Castro-esque guerrilla movement and lead an insurgency against a tyrannical monarchy in the third world

Add that 1.13 mod and it's a much better way of playing make-believe than those Paradox games

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New Neopets looks great

Blade Runner (1997)

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Correct! Well done
And? Neither DHKR's lore nor goy4 KR's lore is remotely believable so why do you even care?

Neither is most sci-fi lore but that doesn't people from getting pissy over 40k and Halo and whatever

I need a idea for a game.

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