Hillary yeets on Berniebros

Prediction: in 1 year Sanders supporters will be more hated than Trump supporters.

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Clinton supporters / Kamala Harris + Warren shills are already hated universally by basically everyone

Feminism is just female nationalism at this point.

Bourgeois housewives will succeed from the United Stated, and shall build neo-Strasserist, anti men communes

she's gonna fucking try run in 2020 i guarantee it

No way, Harris will be coronated

That's good. At least with Trump there's something to hate. Hating on Sanders supporters is outright hypocrisy.

It's better praxis to just call them poor feminists.

The only good feminist is an egalitarian, ie not a feminist

This, Clinton was so deep in the machinery that there was no way she couldn't be: Harris is actually not that well known. To boot, there will be those that file behind Booker, and if Biden runs: god save the lot of you.

Public vivisections are in order

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Reminder that a higher % of Clinton voters in 2008 defected to McCain than Sanders voters defected to Trump

oh Mommy

how the fuck is this gamergate shit still a thing

Shitty alt-right meme. Proper feminism has always been about the equality and liberation of both sexes.


why don't they just call themselves egalitarians

It's bourgeoisie/liberal feminism, radical/socialist feminism, and probably some others. Just don't let the liberals claim the radfems to themselves.

You could at least have the decency to admit that saying shit like "patriarchy hurts men too" is new and that feminism has evolved. There were MRAs were an outgrowth of feminism back in the 2nd wave and they got kicked out.

Arguing about what is and isn't "real" feminism is retarded. It isn't good feminism.

Because the movement historically arose out of the need to empower women.

No shit. There used to be more urgent issues to address. As feminism progresses priorities shift. We've seen no shift in focus though.
Kicked out of what? Feminism?

>We've seen no shift in focus though.
"core ideological commitment" is better.

Why are you so hung up on labels? Feminism doesn't imply female supremacy any more than "Black Panthers" implies black supremacy. The history of feminism is overwhelmingly about liberating men and women from oppressive gender roles.

I don't really mind, personally, i understand the label exists to drive special attention to women issues. It's just a tiny thing that bugs certain people.

>Because the movement historically arose out of the need to empower employ women.

What interview is this from?

The same movement that claims women will be deterred from being firefighters if they were still called firemen sees no problem with naming the force of all good (feminism) after women and the force of all evil (patriarchy) after men? No thanks, I'd rather they call themselves egalitarians.

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This is what /v/irgins actually believe

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Reminder feminism is a goal, marxism is a method.

There's nothing worth saving from feminism, because feminism always needed Marxism. Marxism never needed feminism.

It's never acted like it.

how can anyone listen to this shriveled piece of shit

Reminder this has literally nothing to do with idpol despite what they feed the public.

It doesn't even matter what the candidate's position is, if they're not blackmailed by the CIA they get Mockingbirded. Look up the recently unveiled Integrity Initiative, a state sanctioned psychological warfare program used against Jeremy Corbyn in the UK which also infiltrated Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign in an attempt to sabotage him. They fear him because all that PRISM can dig up on Bernie is boring shit like wikipedia trails about trade unions.

If you are gaslit by terms like "Conspiracy Theorist" or ignore historical documented disclosures like those of Sy Hersh you're sticking your head in the sand. qBoomers blindly believing in a LARP/neocon PsyOp is not truth-seeking. Bong-rippers talking about chemtrails and CGI glitches equals lizard people is low intelligence not truth-seeking.

You have a short memory if you think the 'Shadow Government' is a concept that grew out of the alt-right. The west is run by organized crime groups who use mechanisms of domestic intelligence and mass surveillance to blackmail a network of puppets. It's time to stop having short memories, stop being fucking hipsters and dismissing the very real existence of elite pedophile rings for the purpose of blackmail. Because a Conspiracy Theory had a funny food word in it does not discount fact and because Republican voters extolled it does mean this is not a documented phenomenon. A Washington D.C. ring was exposed in 1987 for real (pic related) and it has nothing to do with partisan politics.

Videos on the UK MI5 camerasnare blackmail mechanism:

Three major tools which the Shadow Government or Cryptocracy use to make you incurious:

1. "Conspiracy Theorist" "Tinfoil Hat" etc using terms like this labeling anyone who questions official narratives as mentally ill so you want to distance yourself from anything that doesn't signal good taste

2. "Anti-Semitism" - constantly associating Conspiracy Theories to do with intelligence agencies and criminal networks controlling figurehead governments with hatred of Jews. The media will tell you the Deep State or Shadow Government is ALWAYS a dogwhistle for "It's The Kikes!". Because it lowers social capital if you associate with something the media says is anti-semitic right? They literally use Jews as a human shield to keep people incurious and scoffing.

3. Fear of ridicule - If you think the entertainment industry isn't dirty and corrupt you've been in a long, long coma. Op. Mockingbird is confirmed to be ongoing with the recent Integrity Initiative revelation. In the UK the BBC was full of comedians on 'panel shows' who knew all about Jimmy Savile and other abusers, comedians who have a record of poo-pooing allegations of sexual abuse that were proven later to be true and they've never had to answer for their gaslighting. Don't assume because a US talk show host has an audience laugh on cue that they don't have a serious agenda and this contrived comedy isn't used as a political propaganda tool.

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why tho

If the CIA could blackmail Bernie or any leader into doing the CIA's bidding, why have Hillary come out and make attacks on him? It's pure idpol.

I would suggest people watch the docudrama 'Wormwood' on Netflix if you want a primer on how insidious and evil intelligence agencies are. Fuck the term 'conspiracy theory', use Disclosure instead.

There is a huge unmined vein of sober investigative journalism, whistleblowing and disclosure that has been ignored or even misunderstood to be a myth, like MKULTRA/NAOMI/SEARCH/OFTEN. Barely anybody knows the real motivation behind those operations and have this vague and wrong idea that it was wacky one-time experiments with LSD to create a manchurian candidate supersoldier, or they hear about how the CIA worked with fortune-tellers/remote-viewers/magicians/mystics and think it was some dumb old guys way back when who were superstitious. These were not some oddball failed proposals that fizzled 50-60 years ago and they have never stopped. The LSD and incapacitation agent program was largely related to inducing psychosis to discredit whistleblowers (The CIA tried and failed to drug Daniel Ellsberg to discredit him before a Pentagon Papers speech) and to make child victims of MK ULTRA catatonic and unable to provide testimony.

It's not idpol, idpol is you scoffing at me criticizing the CIA because you immediately associate with maga hats and qBoomers. I said that the reason why they are attacking him is because they do not have material to blackmail and control him or leak and end his career so they have to take the smear route.

Good vid on the Integrity Initiative:


I am not scoffing at you criticizing the CIA (if that was what you were doing), I am scoffing at you because your line of reasoning is just as illogical as the reasoning employed by magapede/qtards that you are so desperately trying to differentiate yourself from.
Trump is attacked 24/7. Obama was attacked every day by Fox News and other conservative outlets and pundits. Bush ate shit for his illegal wars. Clinton was literally forced out of office. When was the last president that was blackmailed by the CIA then?

Whats with that oversized collar?

Where did I say that the CIA had complete control over the media? There are intelligence assets in the media who push for military action when the permanent government wants it. Both the democrat and republican media were in lockstep praise when Trump fired off tomahawks at Syria. What are you even trying to say? They can punish, yet not completely ruin individuals if they step out of line or they can torpedo them with a career-ender if they think its time for them to go. MI5 was filming politicians raping kids to blackmail them which is a fact, if they would do that in those instances where it was revealed they would do it anywhere. The british conservative party (or rather MI5, Special Branch and the party whip system) was caught blackmailing a political youth group, the YBC, over sexual dirt for the purpose of controlling them. These were young people who were aspiring to become members of parliament. There are varying degrees of dirt that intelligence agencies hold on them.

You're implying if a president is blackmailed by the CIA it somehow follows that that there is no criticism in the press of them whatsoever? The purpose of the pedo blackmail (this does exist, if you're just going to ignore facts because it doesn't taste-signal that you're a cool hipster then you're pretty hopeless) is to ensure that a politician does not reveal the crimes of the intelligence agencies that hold leverage over them. These serious crimes aren't related to partisan politics, they're related to the intelligence agencies that aren't elected.

I don't know if Trump is blackmailed by the CIA because he is an unusual case. But to believe that heads of state have any real agency when election after election they drop all their party pledges and kowtow to the intelligence community and the military-industrial complex is like getting emotionally invested in WWE and not knowing it's fake. I doubt that it's only the CIA that engages in blackmail - the FBI tried blackmailing MLK - but intelligence agencies operating in a 'domestic intelligence' capacity have a massive focus on blackmailing to control policy and opinion. People don't even question what the fuck they're there for, don't seem to notice that they're not accountable to the public and have a history of engaging in illegal, evil shit that was not in the interests of 'national security' but whoever they're acting on behalf of.

That’s not what I said. I directly quoted you:
I also find it naive of you to believe that American capitalists won’t give concessions to the American public. Bezos raised wages to 15 as a cost of doing business in an increasingly restless America and he is ahead of the curve.

Are you sleep-deprived or high?

Oh I see, you don't seem to know what I mean by dirt. The CIA/MICC (you said George Bush like he had agency lol) invading Iraq is not dirt, it's public and is not held over an individuals head. Policy attributed to the figurehead that red channel says bad or blue channel says bad is not dirt/leverage/blackmail.

I don't know why you're shilling for that slave-driver tho.

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Russiagate is a logic failure.

1. Am I expected to believe that Trump was blackmailed years in advance and forced to run for president as a Russian agent and that he didn't confide in a single person in his inner circle about this fictional predicament? That he would go ahead and run because of some hookers peeing on a bed (maybe peepee in mouth?) like he had a squeaky clean public image to protect in the first place… give me a break.

2. Bannon was a SWO on a US Navy destroyer, later managed the US Navy deployments at the Pentagon and got a masters in national security. Any confidant with half a brain that he would tell this made up peetape scenario to would explain to him that if he won he would be gravely risking nuclear war. A mole who can stall operating the nuclear football & sending out the second strike order while Russia fries the Minuteman silos, B-52 bases and probably the Trident Ohio subs whose positions would be relayed by this hypothetical mole Trump. It would be considered a nuclear attack regardless of a scenario where Russia is just blackmailing him to affect policy.

3. If this bullshit was true, you wouldn't be talking about impeachment. You'd be talking about a tragic sudden heart attack and the media ascribing it to his McDonalds addiction. Most likely the US would start a conventional war with Russia for even attempting such an insane act.

Presidents can be blackmailed by domestic agencies, domestic or foreign private individuals and even China - China doesn't have a hair trigger doomsday nuclear deployment because 2,000 US nukes several of which would be duds or shot down (subsonic cruise missiles) wouldn't make a dent on the Chinese population. Russia puts most of their defense spending into ungodly expensive S-400s and nukes, nukes, nukes. Forget all the RUSSIA STRONK RT propaganda. They know that if they had no nukes, the United States/NATO would streamroll Russia in a non-nuclear war in a very short amount of time.

Are they saying Bernie is a Russian plant or just a Russian sympathizer traitor blah blah blah? Seeing a lot of MUH RUSSIA attacks on Bernie on twitter at the moment.

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The DS,A crowd and the like are far more sinster than the clintonites fr.

If you are associated with Russia that's a sign of integrity of this point, considering all the blue checks on Twitter who pander to this Russiagate bullshit are lying their asses off, I mean, seriously, how can anyone believe this shit?

on the bright side of russiagate
apporx. 1/2 of the american ruling class will be liquidated

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They're not socialists tho. Like not even democratic socialists. There's a bunch of boypredator anarchists in there who just push idpol because they think it will Legalize It. I don't know about AOC though because she's a Top Memer and troll who has anti-neoliberal policies that upset the establishment and those boypredator goblins can't meme. It seems she pushes idpol just to troll and not in a hysterical pathological fashion. Is AOC a breakaway faction in the Democrat Cops of America? Did she subjugate all the vapescreechers? Some1 get me in the loop.

Democratic Socialists of America


wordfilter test

is there a temperamental wordfilter on Democrat Cops of America or is it the 3 xanax bars i just took (dont do drugs)

oh yea wordfilter confirmed

wheres this meme come from

im a newfag that came here because i got converted to corbynista i didnt finish das kapital and cant remember the manifesto

AOC plays up idpol to annoy conservatives, but she is a true believer in it. I don't trust her long term, she seems like the kind of person who will have a huge unrecoverable fall one day.

AOC is a conservative of the Metternich/Bismarkcian type.
Not even close to a social democrat, or even liberal

My historical knowledge starts at 1945 stemming from video games and searching about them on wikipedia.

Can you give a 20th century analogue?

The later 20th century isn't a good example as that was when the reforms passed within the 19th and early 20th were all into place, which were implemented to mostly silence people.
During recent memory, conservatives have only begon to reverse this trend, as profit became stagnant within the developed world, and now Socialists and Liberals are fighting to preserve the very laws meant to silence them.
to see what I mean, just google "reform act of 1867"

*If this bullshit WERE
learn to write you dumbass

hey I'm tired and sedated and people tell me I write good, my mum always told me to be good with grammar and spelling its just im getting microsleeps so bore off

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Is this literally because he said something about not starting another disaster war in Venezuela

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I mean, yes, feminism is "for both sexes" insofar as it seeks gender equality. However, feminism is a movement for female liberation, as women are the sex class that is systemically oppressed. Emphasizing how feminism is "for men too" just defangs the movement.

"Communism is for both classes. The bourgeois suffer under capitalism."

Ummm… Yes. Communism isn't about glorfying labour and workers, it's about abolishing it as a whole. There is no system of analysis that allows men to analyze and critique their gendered experiences beyond feminism. Therefore, feminism most certainly, is also for men and it allows them to emacipate themselves from gender just as it would for women.

Many moons ago there was a national Democrat Cops of America convention where they elected a guy who worked for a police union. To their credit that fact wasn't well-known and once it was revealed most of the org freaked out and made him step down.


This video is from 2017, just so people know. I really doubt she will run again. Besides, Kamala just hired most of Hillary's former campaign staff (lol).

Why would she want to do that? They're a bunch of incompetents.

No, you see, stuff like pic related is really going to fire up the independents and non-voters.

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greasing the DNC wheels since they're the only thing that matters for dem primaries

There's this feeling that I get when liberal Dems attack shitty succdems for not being shitty enough. I don't know how to describe it.

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It's the call of the United front user.

No, come on that cannot be real

Reality is stranger than fiction.


Trump is a clown and there is possibility that Sanders and common sense could win this election.There would be also chance for Trump 2.0 because of muh communism even if hes a succ dem.


The pee tape isn't generally considered reliable anyway afaik. What's usually floated is that his relation to Russia was via the Russian mob and over business interests, which is more likely. "Forcing" him to run for president would be unnecessary - Trump isn't that hard to manipulate from what I can tell.

The meeting with Don, Jr., unlike the "pee tape" was actually confirmed and at least looks pretty bad for the campaign.

This is just ridiculous.
Trump's actual followers are passionate nuts. A shady assassination would be difficult to pull off without people suspecting it. It would look like an assassination. And a 'conventional war' with Russia is impossible, precisely because nukes are Russia's only defense against conventional warfare. It would be insta-MAD. The US only conducts proxy war with Russia.

To this day, I don't see any serious suggestion of it. Do Clintonite retards Tweet about it? I wouldn't be surprised, but Twitter is for retarded bullshit mostly so it doesn't matter if anyone outside the cult actually takes accusations against Bernie/Stein/whoever else seriously.

The only thing that has made me even consider the possibility of the pee-tape being real is how in his memos Comey depicted Trump repeatedly asking about it and making sure Melania was completely convinced that there wasn't even a 1% chance of it being true. Seemed suspect to me

What's the "SOON" about? Is he waiting for President Eagle to get elected?

Wakanda is the worst kind of escapism.

wait until you hear about my communist isolationist Antarctic state discovered in an alternate timeline where the continent was colonized.

This is actually true though. The bourgeoisie consists largely of psychopaths with a twisted sense of what's good for themselves. And that's for a reason. To be a successful capitalist, you have to put your personal interests aside and commit yourself to the accumulation of capital.
If the bourgeoisie were focused on their own well-being they wouldn't be bourgeois.

Even the name doesn't imply that, literally just stop calling it feminism, it's inherently exclusionary.

It's like a stinky old blanket from childhood, it might have lots of warm memories and tough times it got you through but it's just holding you back now, throw it away.