Death Penalty

Is it possible to have the death penalty with a 0% wrongful conviction rate?

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>Is it possible to have the death penalty with a 0% wrongful conviction rate?

Yes, it's possible if you only have a death penalty for the bourgeoisie.

There is nothing wrong with the death penalty

So because they have more money than you, they deserve to die?(Yes.)


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OH shit dude how did u guess what I was thinking woah dude you're in my fucking head man oh Jesus crisht I've been owned by my own logic fuck everything I believed is a lie

Yeah, if you live in a society of no more than a 100 people maybe. Otherwise the answer is a resounding no. There's nothing wrong with killing in principle, there's quite a few people I'd personally like to see dead. But there's no way to get rid of them all without resorting to the most inefficient tool man has ever created: state violence.

In some countries, the killing of thousands or tens of thousands (30-40k is pushing it) annually can be an effective way to secure our hold in power in the first few years of socialism. Any more, or any longer than that, and the revolution is fucked.

Capitalists/bourgeoisie aren't "rich people." They're people who get their income from owning property. Business owners, landlords, stockholders, etc. You can be a rich proletarian or a poor bourgeoisie. It's not about your personal wealth. It's about your relationship to the production process.

Oh look another illiterate pseudo-Marxist who's probably unaware that Marx used the term "middle-class" more than once. You are seriously braindead if you think millionaires are in the same social strata as miners. A class is a class because it's members act as one in society, dumbass.

yes, conventional death penalty is for the most part used only for murder crimes and it requires that there is solid evidence that the person did it with full will and with cold blood and that the person has no serious mental issues.
this narrows it down to paid killers and people like pic related.
however in a revolution other than obvious porkys like bezos it is hard to know who manipulated his way into rich and who got rich the rightful way and stayed on it.
not like all of them will kill themselves once they get collectivized lol

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lol how did Brevik not have serious mental issues.

The death penalty has no place in a just society. Revolutions aren't just so do whatever you have to then, but it shouldn't be in place permanently.

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It doesn't matter whether private-property owners "deserve" to die. What only matters is the practicality of the situation, and in which case giving them a humane death is the quickest way to get through a period of likely intense suffering.



It could be possible if you live in a nation where almost no one gets convicted and only super specific crimes get the death penalty. But for example in the case of something like the Great Purge, where ~680,000 people were executed it's impossible.

Yes, that could easily be accomplished by only executing people who were caught red handed where there isn't a shadow of a doubt about guilt. Someone who was caught and arrested while preforming a mass shooting for example.

Where do you think you are?

Good answer


his attack was a motivator to the nz mosque attack and it was done for political reason and not because of his issues.
also publicly executing in an iconic way (pic related) him will scare off all those who dare to do what he did

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I've had a genuine chuckle reading this, thanks.