A communist future? Of course it is inevitable...

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Based and Xi-pilled.

Are China accelerationist or reactionary?

Based and Deng piled
Universal Healthcare by 2020
Tuition Free education by 2025
Communism by 2050

Achieving any of this is probably going to require a new wave of cultural revolution and bombing the headquarters, you aren't achieving communism by arming Israel, Modi, or Duterte. Least of all by being in the WTO.

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I would agree on Israel and Duterte (but if China would not sell these countries weapons, USA probably would) but why hate for India?

t. ultraleftist deviant

Modi is a Hindu fascist bent on grinding down the large Muslim minority in India as well as killing the remaining Naxalites. Just look at the attacks BJP have done on halal butchers. Even looking on BJP twitter they Express solidarity for Israel constantly.

pseudo-fascist leader over an ultraclasscucked reactionary population and a state that is ””””secular””””” in name only with unregulated pollution and rape capital of the world

Mao may have been wrong for trying to turn the relations in production around in the 50's but the party has completely overcorrected by going the opposite way. The idea that a China advanced enough that has it's own internet and high speed trains still isn't ready for a planned, cooperative, 100% state owned economy isn't ready to change production relations is fucking absurd.


Damn, years weren't kind to India.

Damn, years weren't kind to India.

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Because breaking up Marxist student groups, cancelling the iron rice bowl, selling weapons to Isreal, Duterte, and Modi, and flooding America's market with cheap goods is socialist.

Cheap goods and knockoffs is unironically communist. I hope one day China will become more vicious and just copy everything American and export it everywhere thus destroying American industry completely.

is pretty bad, thought

China has a bigger Industrial output than America and has so for a while now. They’ve built up the productive forces enough for socialism.

If Mao, Lenin, Marx, and Stalin were all reincarnated the CCP would call them all ultraleftists.

Stalin did it in 1928. Mao did it in 1949, and despite what Dengoids will say, Mao did it pretty successfully.

Doesn’t this means that America wins in the end because everything they are was exported thought the entire world via china.
Not gonna happen, all the Industry that could be outsourced is already outsourced. The stuff that remains in America is either, highly automated, not viable for shipping (eg energy), stuff China imports, or protected by tariff walls.

Xi is truly the 8-D weiqi master

Those cheap goods prop up the American economy though, not undermine it. China's reforms saved capitalism when stagflation was going to grind it down. Without those cheap goods the neoliberal reforms to raise the rate of profit would have created a crisis capitalism wouldn't have been able to recover from.


Kinda, deindustrialization made life hell for American workers, but at the same time it created a boom for Wall Street. It definitely helped out Porky.

I’m a trot because permeant revolution is unironicaly good idea, not because I hate Stalin. (I don’t)

well talk about this when they start doing
any kind of socialist shit instead of talking how great il will be in 100 years

Who doesn't know that the American constitution includes references to Marx and Lenin and subscribes to the principle "from each according to his ability, to each according to his work".

dengists must be hanged

too bad they dont respect it, or have any institutions where citizens can try to enforce it

They still have unequal development of city and countryside, a GDP per capita lower than Iraq, and are not self-sufficient in terms of food and energy.
They don't seem to call Cuba and the DPRK ultraleftists.
Mao was reliant on a private sector as well. Stalin could only do that because Russia has enough resources to be autarkic. Plus Russia wasn't industrialised, where as China today already is industrialised. Centralised planned economies are useful to increase raw industrial output but have shown to have flaws at higher stages of development.

I know, and even the CPC admits that legal recourse within the jurisdiction of public and administrative law is flawed and lacking. This is why they are currently trying to expand that sector within the legal system. Also remember that a better administrative jurisdiction will also mean that capitalists will more safely get their compensation everytime their property rights are infringed upon. It cuts both ways.

dude just make private property illegal lmao

A) they could import food and oil after going full central planing (the soviets did it) after all China has a monopoly on rare earth minerals that it could export to countries willing to trade with it after going socialist.

If Kim Jong Un was a Chinese citizen they’d call him ultraleft.

If a single Anglo could figure out how to do a planed economy in a highly developed nation. The entirety of China can figure it out to.

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