Everyone should act in their own self interest

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That's the entire point, dumbass

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Obviously. Are you new here?

Yes. Stirner already wrote about this.


Obviously, that was the intention of Stirner. However, in modern day debates, the autistic right will go on about "muh self interest," eg. Austrian school retards. Lefties should hit back at them with comments about how it's in our self interest to socialise the means of production.

Taken from "The Right to be Greedy"

Daily reminder that strners philosophy doesn't actually refute Leninism and anarkiddies who act like it in itself does are retards

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Reading Stirner is like talking to an incredibly edgy 14 year old. It's actually incredible he managed to communicate his ideas through all of his dorky smugness.

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hmu when there's a Stirnerite plan to overthrow capitalism or literally solve any problem in the world today, thanks

the self interest for the majority of people is killing the rich (and many other stuff) but they won't do that because of complex ethical structure made of religion, state, morality, guilt, "sympathy", etc (i.e the spooks). imo the only problem with this is that a lot of people will mistake egoism for just being a selfish asshole and a lot of people misinterpret him and spreading his ideas to people is a lot harder than spreading marxist ideas.
also he definitely wouldn't have been a catboy twink if he lived today you fucking anime watching trash. realistically i think he would have been a squatter that attends and organizes riots daily

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Why would you believe he would be a squatting rioter now when he didn't do either of those things while he was alive???🤔

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The 'German Ideology' was an absolute closure to this faggots. There's literally no way you can defend milkman Stirner after having read Marx's criticism!

truth is, most """egoists""" have never actually read Stirner either

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Meanwhile, in reality, we can chose b/w bourg. or prole. dictatorship.


[arguments from Marx against Stirner]
[counter arguments from Stirner]

Every plan to overthrow capitalism is, by definition, egoist :^)

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nobody needs to read Stirner or agree with Stirner in order to overthrow capitalism. it's superfluous theory contributing nothing to nothing.

would it not be more in my self-interest to become a capitalist?

of course.

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you are either born into it or you are very lucky. and if you are born into it that means you are one of the few and the interests of the majority win. they kill you or you become poor

Political activism still seems like a worse investment of my time, as any benefit that may be gained will be shared with many others including plenty that did not enage, instead climbing the ladder, even if only minimally has a higher return on investment for my personal social standing. It also makes sense for me to not join a union, as the capitlists grant the concessions to nonn-union members as well to discourage people from joining.

* for me to join a union

shitposting on a khmer roleplay website is definitely a bad investment of time but the more you work the more porky profits the more that is taken from you. and if your start point is 0 its literally impossible to become rich.
best thing you can do is create the least amount of profit possible for porky by avoiding buying from corps, doing your job badly without porky noticing (steal from your job, do your work slowly, make mistakes), be a neet, use adblock, never buy software, spread awareness, etc.

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But you are assuming that porky is more important to the egoist than than his own. You could probably still get a slightly better position at walmart or so b being a good slave.
Tbh I am already doing a lot of what you are suggesting there which actually does seem egoistic to the core. Corps do not care that much about you using adblock if you dont have money, look up the what google pays to put their spyware on your phone based on pixelcount which is used as a proxy for wealth and ads do not really increase profitability overall anyway, it is just intra-capital cannibalism so you should actually encourage it.

Can't find anything off a quick google open source nonprofit search engines, source?



The principles of Egoist-Communism or A Union of Egoists in Stirner’s own words
“I am not unselfish so long as the end remains my own, and I, instead of giving myself up to be the blind means of its fulfillment, leave it always an open question.”

“Freedom of thought exists when I can have all possible thoughts; but the thoughts become property only by not being able to become masters.”

“Not against love, but against sacred love, not against thought, but against sacred thought, not against socialists, but against sacred socialists, etc.”

“Free competition is not “free,” because I lack the THINGS for competition.”

“Let it be our affair, then, and let us not let the means that we have to realize value from ourselves be pilfered from us by the rich.”

“You will make an outcry over violence if we reach out our hands and help consume them, and you are right. Without violence we do not get them, as you no less have them by doing violence to us.”

“If men reach the point of losing respect for property, every one will have property, as all slaves become free men as soon as they no longer respect the master as master. Unions will then, in this matter too, multiply the individual’s means and secure his assailed property.”

“What every one requires, every one should also take a hand in procuring and producing.”

“If a society is more than you, then it is more to you than yourself; a union is only your instrument, or the sword with which you sharpen and increase your natural force; the union exists for you and through you, the society conversely lays claim to you for itself and exists even without you, in short, the society is sacred, the union your own; consumes you, you consume the union.”

lol "fulfilling my wife sexually is not "fulfilling" because I lack the THINGS for sexual fulfillment"

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You probably have false consciousness if you do, tbh.

I suggest everyone read this book at some point as a companion piece to the ego and it's own.

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Of course, that's what I would do too

Isn't that what libertarians say as well?