Notes from jail, Erich Honecker

I believe that this document is not avaliable in English. It's an first account of the dissolution of the German Democratic Republic and the socialist camp written by Erich Honecker, former chief of state of East Germany, while imprisoned in West Germany. You should read it, I'm posting a translation of the spanish translation. If anyone has the german original is welcomed to post it.

It's very interesting, it shows Honecker as someone who despite his mistakes in his political career and East Germany, was truly a commited communist and not a career-seeker as most of the other brehznevites. His predictions about future post-Berlin Wall world are also spot on for the most part. Was he /our guy/ after all?

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Once you translate it properly make sure to mail it to the english section staff.

There is no doubt that the world lost its balance of power. In this period full of serious consequences for the human race, the domination of the USA, which is now clear and open, could not have taken place without the changes that had taken place on the European political map. The same happens with the brutal participation of the American military apparatus in the attainment of political objectives.

The dissolution of the Warsaw Pact effectively took away from the Americans a great deal of weight in Europe. They could get into the adventure of the Gulf. With their victory, they want to consecrate their dominant position in the world. This situation is fraught with danger for the people, particularly in the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. The victory speeches held after the barbaric bombings against the civilian population of Iraq and the massacres of women and children overflow familiar expressions: "the greatness of the USA", now able to handle the destinies of the world alone. There is no doubt about these intentions. Its action seeks to obtain world domination by military means. It is a new greater danger for humanity. It is also the objective result of the "new economic policy" and the "new thinking".

Global thinking led the USSR, a great socialist power, to a global catastrophe. The tragic nature of the events appeared totally clear when the power of the Soviets was destroyed. These were developed according to a rhythm that did not even allow time to repeal the treaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance concluded between the Soviet Union and the GDR, which continued in force until the Treaty 2 + 4 was signed [8] .

Kohl stated that the unification took place in a short, luminous moment of world history and could not have taken place before or after it. That moment was not a product of chance. The conditions were created very consciously.

Refusing to characterize the facts that develop today as they are, would have serious consequences. It is about the class struggle worldwide. This is the necessary starting point to analyze the causes of the defeat of the community of socialist states. Without that, one can only end up with theories constructed according to their own ends, such as those that speak of the collapse of a socialist model.

Those who reject this view are simply unwilling or unable to judge events in terms of class. It is true that the 1989 demonstrations were very important and expressed real discontent. This does not prevent me from repeating, with the seriousness that fits the subject, what I said in 1991. It was and still is a mistake to believe that the changes of 1989 took place immediately. Everyone who had this conviction should leave without hesitation. The changes of 1989 resulted from a radical transformation of world politics. This is what can be understood today even more clearly than at the time. This transformation resulted in turn from the new orientations adopted by Gorbachev and the Soviet leadership.

Gorby's proclamations dissipated. Millions of people, particularly the inhabitants of the former Soviet Union, will suffer for a long time the consequences of this policy. In the society of wild competition, which touches us today in luck, there will be no place for a stable social opening. The facts show it now. Capitalism, where man is a wolf for man, in the image and likeness of the current situation in the FRG, does not represent the alternative to a socially just world. That is why I do not feel comforted by the events of 1989/90, more than in the fact that they show that the socialist idea is not dead at all. Many call this a thought away from reality. They show only their incomprehension of historical processes or their incorrigible positioning in anti-socialism or anti-Marxism.

Ok, I'll try translating this and this week.

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God speed, comrade. I propose some GDR music bumps in the meantime.

Thank you user!

I found the german version, its an epub so remove the .pdf

Really prophetic stuff. It's hard to believe this was written in the 90s.

Looking forward to the translation fam

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>It's the same floors and corridors. I still can hear the shouting from back then: "G 3 to interrogation!" Later, I sat opposite to inquisitor of the "People's Court" Hans-Joachim Rehse. He sentenced to death over two hundred antifascists. For that, in the late 60s the Berlin district court sentenced him for complicity in murder, but the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe nullified the sentence with the reasoning perversion of justice could not be proven. "One crow doesn't pick out another crow's eyeball" [German equivalent of there is honor among thieves], we said back then when the decision from Karlsruhe reached us in the GDR. The murderer Rehse died right after his acquittal. Not one Nazi judge was finally convicted in West Germany. Not one.

Reminder that there are socialists who believe in anti-communist propaganda about the DDR being a totalitarian dictatorship but the BRD being more free and democratic with no skeletons in the closet.

If you don't defend the socialist states, you are not a socialist tbh

Shit like that happened in Japan and Italy too. Only the DDR liquidated fascists collaborators.

What is this from? I can't find it in OP's link.

That was a pretty early bit from the ebook, of course
ctrl+f Nach 57 Jahren

I'm OP. I tried translating the text into English but my efforts have not been very productive, since I'm not a native english speaker my translation is more or less on par with the automatic one, and after a while I thought that retranslating into English a Spanish translation of a French translation of the German original doesn't make much sense anyway. Who knows what might get lost between three translations.

The automatic translation made is not perfect but it's very readable. Anyway, if any german comrade could translate the original in here I think that it would be better.

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I disagree with some of Hoencker's policies, but he was truly a hard-core communist and comrade. Most of the GDR leadership were, they were communist already in Weimar Republic and faced repression. Erich Mielke killed a cop with a punk haircut back then. See the absolute Chad in the upper right corner

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How do you open this shit

Install this

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Addressing his wife:
He wrote that there is still a foundation of anti-communism to what the German state does.
>Your achievements in illegal activity [born into a family of communist workers, her father Gotthard Feist was imprisoned in KZ for years and did illegal resistance work with her], while others were brown [political color of German fascism] and loved their "leader" who oppressed the Jews, gassing them - whether child or old man - all that is forgotten and doesn't count any more. Your achievements as pioneer for more than a decade [youth group for 6 to 14 which she helped founding, somewhat similar to boy scouts], the antifascist education of the youth after 1945, as minister for education [1963 to 1989]: nobody's interest. Instead they crow about forced adoptions and other things, that you are guilty of allegedly. [Both German and English Wikipedia mention allegations of Margot Honecker being involved with forced adoption of the children of regime critics, the sources for that claim are conservative newspapers Zeit and Welt saying the crimes had happened too long ago for her to be persecuted for that. Somehow, not a single alleged victim is mentioned by name there.]

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Do you think you're clever?

Is it true that when he got out of jail after the war, he married his guard? Wtf lol.

Honecker got informed in prison hospital he had a liver tumor. Before imprisonment, he had been in Moscow getting just that diagnosis, but it was later changed. Getting the same diagnosis again on German soil made him draw the conclusion he had been lied to and that the change in diagnosis had been due to political intervention to extradite him.

>Meanwhile, letters and telegrams from Berlin and all of Germany are arriving. I'm getting letters from France, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, from the Netherlands, England, Spain, even USA. This shows that the GDR has not been forgotten. The showing of solidarity is huge. But the most joy I have is because of the letter from Israel which Dr. Wolff gave me. Written by Sarah Fodorvá, whom according to Stern [weekly celeb/politics mag, infamous for getting trolled into publishing fakes of Hitler diaries, still somewhat respected because Germans are insane] I ostensibly snitched on for the Gestapo in 1935. He got the letter from a Berliner who had been on a visit to Israel. There he met Sarah Fodorvá, who lives in Tel Aviv under the name "Wiener" and who had read in the press about my fate. Also about the accusation that I sent her to doom supposedly back in the day in Moabit. I doubt that those newspapers who pilloried me and called me "traitor" will publish her letter.

That's the femdom tag right there.

Footnote 24 expands on that:
>On November 22 1990 the weekly print mag Stern reported about Honecker's ostensible "life-lie" [Lebenslüge, has no corresponding English word and means a big lie you built your life around and without that lie you couldn't live, go figure why Germans need such a word]. The Historian Monika Kaiser claimed to have deduced from Gestapo documents from 1935 that he heavily incriminated his comrades at the trial. "Honecker's behavior in the examinations turned out to be especially ominous for the Jewess Sarah Fodorová." Even though the messenger from Prague, who had been observed meeting with Honecker on December 3, 1935 and who got arrested as well, got acquitted at the trial – which contradicted the thesis of Stern –, the former GDR state attorney Peter Przybylski took the same line: "The acquittal for the Jewess Sarah Fodorová hardly could have rescued her from The Gestapo." Now the person declared dead came forward from Israel: "I was arrested December 1935 and brought to the Nazi's People's Court, together with Bruno Baum, Erich Honecker and others. I was acquitted for lack of evidence. That happened thanks to the statements and behavior of Honecker, who, as far as I'm concerned, did not incriminate or betray me, but the opposite: He confirmed my statements. I've seen Mr Honecker four times in my life, two times in the street, once in the coffee house, the fourth time at the trial. Outside the court house our meetings were short. After the acquittal I went back to Czechoslovakia, then I lived in the USA, again in Czechoslovakia, and for about 24 years I've been living in Israel - so no protective custody after the trial, no concentration camp, no death by gas." In June 1992 a reporter of Bild am Sonntag [big weekly newspaper, conservative with lots of celeb trash] traveled to Israel to talk with Sarah Fodorová/Wiener. She explained to him: "I owe my life to Honecker. I have no doubt about that whatsoever. Even though I was not in accord with some of the political developments in his country, his courageous and brave appearance at the Nazi trial I'll never forget and will always be thankful for that. Some of what's now happening in Germany after unification I can't judge properly from afar. But I can't imagine that an old man who for his political convictions sat for, I believe, ten years in Nazi prison, gets imprisoned again. No, I can't believe that. I also can't understand how irresponsible your newspapers' writing is." Then, this clarification were not published in Bild am Sonntag nor Stern nor anywhere at all.

From wikipedia
Erich Honecker, ladies man.

Those fuckers at Marxist .org have no translated it and have hidden it away. Can someone mess them up?

Some more quotes from Honecker, in German with translation right below:

Honestly seeing this is very telling about how socialist leaders and their countries got utterly smeared, and a lot of self-identified socialists believe it.

checked trips.
LOL it's an internet archive we have no idea where half the members even post from.

So fucking gay.

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Was Egon Krenz based or not in your opinion?

It is obvious that Honecker mismanaged political institutions in Germany

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Egon seems like a good man, and to this day is still a committed communist and sees the collapse of the DDR as a bad thing.

No. East Germany was revisionist:

honestly that's a low blow even for anti-revisionist MLs, this sounds like left anti-communist shit that ultras, trotskyists or anarcho-autismos would write

No its just facts, there were MLs actively resisting the revisionist regime that got imprisoned.

I have doubts

"Anti-revisionists" who supported the Afghan Mujahideen and whose own party (the KPD/ML) merged with West German Trotskyists a few years into the 1980s.

why'd you sage that Ismail?

Am German but can't read PdF, it says error while loading PdF???

Nice to see you posting here Ismail! Huge respect to you!

He is in the Social democratic party now and seemed to take a right turn on Marxism-Leninism
He visited China many times and wrote a book about the country from his perspective, its pretty good

I also met him in Berlin at the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg Conference. I was very honored haha

any details?

about what?

with social democratic I mean the party DIELINKE not neolib SPD

Upboat to the question. It's an interesting experience for sure. He also visited Russia - and pretty recently.

About meeting him; what was he like what did he say etc.

he was very friendly and I spoke about my respect for him and his work, for his book etc and he was thankful, he even signed my copy. He also was always going around with a gang of 5 people so it was cool that I could talk to him

Cool. though that gang of 5 sounds almost like a mafia boss, LOL.

There was the literal gang of four in communist china

yeah idk maybe party friends??

Mao himself called the post-Stalin USSR "a dictatorship of the German fascist type, a dictatorship of the Hitler type."
Maoists and Hoxhaists are basically the leftcoms of MLism.

I'm critical of khrushev and his successors but that's really pushing it. That's literally anarkiddie "muh red fascists" tier accusations.