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It isn't my view that capitalist prefer fascism over liberalism. It's just that fascism is a resort for capitalism in time of crisis.

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What does 'Extremism' mean?

They're going to take On Mass and Jason Unruhe off patreon

Steven Crowder if we go by the article.

OP post is nearly indecipherable but it is apparently some kind of attack on the left.
All of these creatures and corps mentioned in the headline are firmly on the right tho. big think

It's smarter to just co-opt any actual dissent against capitalism by promoting 'woke' progressivism instead of openly supporting fascist like some comic book villain. Sate the liberals by promoting social justice and voicing your opposition to the far-right while exploiting your workers relentlessly and promoting free-market ideology. They could also just be genuine libs for all I know.
Should a working-class socialist revolution ever threaten their economic assets however, you can be sure they'll turn to their fascists cucks for protection if that's what it takes.

What did you think American Neocons and Zionists were?

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"Online Extremism" isn't actual extremism. It's extremism in the context of mainstream politics.

"Extreme right" is "Shoot up synagogues" not "systematically disenfranchise minorities through racist policy."

"Extreme left" is "unionize Uber" not "Abolish all hierarchies."

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The spectacle is to strong at the moment and it's just smarter and more conniving than outright suppressing it. It's easier for capitalism to co-opt a movement than outright crushing it, that's what fascists are for.

Who said that capitalists were backing fascists at large? From where did you get this scorching take? Capitalists may be backing reactionaries if not liberals, but fascism is still quite some way off. You do know that fascism refers to a particular mode of power consolidation as far as Marxists give a shit?

They probably define Online Extremism as anti-Zionism.

Also, the Koch brothers are right-wing libertarians, so experience and conventional wisdom tells us that they're probably already halfway to full-blown nazism by now.

Didn't the Koch brothers supported shit like PragerU? (I know PragerU is just zionist neocon bullshit but it would probably be considered "extremist" by Soros, Google and big tech capital)

it's to fight left-wing extremism you dip

Do you really think these guys are going after the pro-market, pro-capitalist "throw leftists out of helicopters" people?

Tbh although historically fascism has been a tool of the bourgeoisie, and it will almost certainly be used the same way in the future, I think it’s fairly clear that this only happens under specific circumstances, mainly in response to a genuine communist or working class threat to their power. At the current juncture, when even socdems are scrambling to get their shit together, porky’s use for fascists is limited. Remember that fascists are apes, and ideologically committed ones at that. They often have a bull in china shop approach, and also believe themselves to be opposed to certain elements of the neoliberal world order such as free trade and supranational institutions (EU, world bank, IMF, etc) and if unleashed prematurely, can be a bigger headache than a benefit. Case in point, look at all the handwringing from corporate elites over Trump’s tariffs and trade spat with China. Therefore I would argue that actual fascists of the unironic Nazi and white nationalist variety (as opposed to the fash lite types like the Proud Boys, MAGA Chuds, etc) are at the current juncture, more of a liability than an asset to the establishment. That being said, I have no doubt that “anti-extremism” efforts will target the left with more zeal than the right, but to suggest that there aren’t at least elements within the establishment that see the far right as a threat to some of their interests is just false, at this juncture anyway.

Fascist Pigeon Screech got purged. Sargon thinks it's (somewhat) commies fault.