Why are burgers so desperate for this war

The zionist Christian wahhabist axis is desperately trying to find an excuse for war. What will they gain by this is it really necessary for their existence or is the US simply trying to mask its collapse by blaming it on an outside force like war?
Would it mean ww3 and is post apocalyptic primitivism the future of the human race?

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Fuck it's the fbi again. Can you please fuck off, you're too obvious

you're missing "capitalist"

The USA and its allies/stooges are presently waging an "unconventional" war on multiple fronts. Iran, China, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Philippines, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Yemen, Sudan, Palestine, Lebanon, DPRK, etc. etc. etc. They are really presently either in full confrontation, proxy war, or siege (economic) war against half the planet. The reason is, very simply, that:
- Western capital is maxed out in its current markets with current resources, so it needs new markets and resources.
- Western capital depends on Western power for its profits. So, all challengers to its power and complete world domination are actually a challenge to profits. Even if it takes TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS of military spending, the alternative, loss of power, or even just lack of EXPANSION of power, is seen as a bigger damage to profits.

The present "incoherent" strategies coming from Washington are likely the result of extensive AI-driven wargaming (on top of plain military and geopolitical theory). Look at how Google's AI beats pro players at Go and Starcraft. Its decisions frequently seem nonsensical, abortive, or half-baked, yet it wins in the end because it has discovered hidden long-term effects and is playing a long game. Whether or not the AIs of the US military and CIA are actually advanced enough to deliver a similar victory in a much more complex real-life battlefield, there's no doubt that they are informing current imperialist praxis. The result is like a twisted perversion of Mao's doctrine on guerilla war. The imperialists build a guerilla base with the comprador bourgeoisie in various countries and then wage war on many different fronts with the goal of simply exhausting the enemy. This is why we see the US waging massive terror campaigns against one country after another and then withdrawing to go focus on the next ones. They attack and cause maximum confusion/panic/suffering, and then run away.

So as for "this war," by which I assume you're referring to aggression specifically against Iran. The political and military leaders of Iran have been very clear that they don't believe the USA will launch an invasion. They have been very clear that their military capabilities and potential losses for the empire are too much for the imperialists to handle. Trump has been caught lying repeatedly, saying first how he stopped the airstrikes moments before they were due, and then how he just called off the plan to prepare them, etc. In all likelihood, it is a PSYOP terror campaign to prep the ground for further strategic aggression and siege war, and there was no serious plan to bomb Iran (at this moment). We will probably see the USA place "maximum pressure" on Iran and then divert resources to another front after a while, before coming back again.


I mean, for a nazi post, this isn't the worst. Israel is definitely pushing hard for this war for obvious reasons.

So how will this play out in the end? When will we see an actual war?

I don't think the U.S. wants to go to war with Iran. It wants to destabilize it so it's overthrown in a Color Revolution. The crew in the WH now in particular are also resorting to various plots to provoke Iran into lashing out, with the goal not being a war or invasion of Iran but its further isolation, especially from Europe. The U.S. doesn't have the manpower to invade Iran in any case.

The main reason for all of this anyways is because Iran has a large youth population bulge, and the Iranian population is sophisticated and educated. The Iranian population will soon grow to 100 million with the active labor force doubling in size by 2050. This is a huge reserve of cheap, skilled labor that will be absolutely crucial for global capitalism to discipline labor worldwide over the coming decades. Hence a Color Revolution and the installation of a neoliberal regime is the end goal.

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Also this

Let me just look into my crystal ball.
They have been trying to overthrow the regime for half a century, they clearly know that a war in Iran is not going to be a cakewalk, but with the decline of the empire, they may feel pressured into engaging in the war prematurely.

So is the USA more or less unstoppable then since it has incredibly powerful AI on it's side?

Mate, the reason a Starcraft AI is capable of beating pro SC players is because it can play millions of games against itself.
It cannot run millions of wars against Iran.

No, I made sure to mention that the AI/wargaming isn't infallible. While an AI can get pretty much "perfect" at Starcraft, there are just too many variables for a real war. A certain level of scientific abstraction and aggregation can assist them, but I would say overall, the present imperialist scientific & AI heuristic strategies of warfare are at best "better" and "unexpected." I also pointed out that the current strategy is an imperialist inversion of guerilla warfare. That is to say, good Marxist strategists came up with part of this approach first! And there are real Marxist strategies that are simply inaccessible to imperialists, namely, anything that depends on mass support from the working class.

It's also fair to assume that major countries such as China, Russia, and Iran are also running simulations with modern techniques. I think these countries also have a stronger stance in some senses because they are on the right side of history in the major conflict (EG, not that Russia is somehow socialist, but that they are on the right side of history assisting Syria) and as a result can garner more organic mass support. Another result of their stance is that they have better official theory. If you compare public statements and analyses from the political leaders of the global resistance to those of the imperialists, the resistance leaders say things that are much more sensible, logical, and truthful. In comparison, the imperialist powers have to keep the truth hidden from their own masses and only allow their cadres (CIA, military, etc) to learn what's really going on in a compartmentalized and fragmented way.

They can certainly train AIs and simulations on data from past wars, and then set up simulated Iran wars for the AI to train in.

I don't think they can.

It's the only thing they do well. And even then they struggle against illiterate peasants with decades old military gear and one meal a day.

Absolutely not. Aside from that not-even-near-future scifi tinfoil angle is pretty on point though.

I suggest you take this opportunity to read more about AI. It's very interesting but the more you understand how all the large gains are being made these days, the more you'll understand how limited current implementations are, and how utterly infeasible anything like "geopolitical simulation" is, even for state actors.

I'm sure all the great powers and even megacorps use AI in more limited contexts to inform bigger decisions though. If the problem space can be reduced to something computationally feasible the data can be generated from running multiple simulations. One possible example comes to mind. The problem is: how to storm a specific urban area with a given number of ground troops. Topology can be gathered from satellites, projected into 3D, and simulated AI actors coordinate trying to secure the area. Fitness is measured in lowest number of casualties and lowest mission completion time. Such limited scenarios might even resemble something like a Starcaft match and therefore could be better solved by ML than people.

I really suggest you look more into what's going on with war simulators and really come to comprehend how limited they are.

I'm really not sure what you think I'm alleging. What I am saying is that they can and do build abstracted models/spaces of international conflicts and then use them to try to figure out what to do next. And with modern tech, yes, they are absolutely going to use AI heuristics to help make plans and predictions. It's even possible for them to get some use from old-style algorithmic AI, there's no doubt that they have uses for souped up versions of the enemy algos in Total War.

I am not saying that they have a big brain machine that they feed data to and it just tells them exactly what to do next.

glorified statistics are a meme

Yes. You may not have realized but our whole thing is thriving on the domination of others. It's what we're founded on. And we'll probably keep that up at any cost. Don't ask me why, I don't call the shots around here.

What else is there to do in The United States of Retards? Discussing abortion, flat earth, cleaning your room, gender = sex

legalising "sex work", teaching young girls in school that "sex work" is a viable career path, pushing for regime change in venezuela because "madura bad guy!" and "authoritarianism", pushing for elizabeth warren because gurl power and early endorser of queen hillary, lgbtq+ capitalist rights supersede workers' rights, green military with rainbow flags, equalising pay inequity between female and male members of corporate boards of directors, etc. are the most pressing topics for murican leftists

America is a war economy. It needs to keep wars going constantly.