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You know someone worked out that Jeremy Hunt speaks fluent Japanese, and thus can sing all the words to Cruel Angel's thesis. Also he lived in Japan during the 1990s anime boom. Legit he might be a lowkey weeb imagine that. Just something to put in the back of your mind.

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fuug, can a mod add "edition" to the threat title? thanks.

A weeb Iran invader is exactly what the left needs

Labour MPs asked by party if they will stand at next general election

But is he weeb enough?

Does that mean the members will start clearing the second echelon of blairites soon? I'm not Brit but I wish there were 100 more people like Dennis Skinner in parliament, he's the best lad and looks and sounds based af.

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Is he a Godzilla fan? Or a wannabe Samurai?


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I'd say Boris has a shitty comb-over, if I thought he knew what a comb even is.


Get in son

am i really finding myself hoping for PM hunt?
since finding out he speaks japanese, it's like he's finding one trait about him that i can abide necessary to back him in a contest where i hate both candidates.
i'm not even a weeb. i think it's worse than being a weeb, i think it's just that he's had a vaguely comprehensible life experience of being an ESL teacher before becoming the cunt we know and loathe.

frightening times.

What makes you prefer Hunt?

What if he wants to become PM to make his dream of weeb Blighty a reality?
His wiki page says that after he came back he tried to export marmalade to Japan but it folded.
Imagine the smell.

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gotta prefer someone.
the irrational social reason is like i said: he's suddenly become relatable in the tiniest way possible. johnson has nothing. even if on a rational level i probably hate hunt more as health secretary than johnson in his previous roles.

the rationalised political reasons would be that he'll probably do less damage to the country and, as a less noteworthy figure, is less likely to win a general election. but until very recently, i couldn't bring myself to actually state that as a preference - instead preferring to just state the inevitability of a johnson win, or at best to equivocate and say i hoped johnson lost for laughs without saying or accepting the implication of the statement.

if nothing else i suppose it's an educational experience as to how irrational political choice making can be.

This man is ready to lead us

You're going to hate them both anyway. I want Johnson to win so he can continue to destroy the Tories and maybe even get us out of this eternal Brexit purgatory. Hunt will just be May 2.0.
Pretty sure Boris is going to win regardless as he's got the member support and he's pretty much engineered Hunt to be his opposition because he's "low energy". Ken Clarke plans to immediately collapse Johnson's premiership though which would be an entertaining spectacle.

Tbh imagine being a Monster-Raving-Loony-Party member. They must be utter lads.

Every time I see this image I think it's some sort of SNL or MadTV skit with someone in an intentionally bad wig and impression.

I just chose it because "Back Boris" is so positively thick of it. Feels like you should be ale to form a rude word if you cover up letters well enough.

can't stop thinking of #HuntPunt as being the ironic pro-Hunt campaign and i'm not sure if it's clever or not

is anyone doing polling amongst tory members to figure out what the odds are?

There is polling with tory members, but the last one was taken before the whole wifebeating thing.
But Hunt's whole thing right now is to basically stand in a suit and not look like a fucking idiot for a month and let Boris piss himself publicly. Problem is that the tory membership like it when Boris pisses himself publicly.

Oh shit this is people placing bets on Hunt isn't it? Tbh I might honestly, purely because the odds are decent.

Anyone else find it entertaining that the LibDem melts are saying they won't get into a coalition with the Tories, for the low price of removing Corbyn?
Labour could just let parliament hang and drive the tards further into the dirt with another election, the Tories are broke and the LD's are incapable of raising enough money for two elections in a row. Lots of the LD's will shift back over to Labour because the party will be seen as making unreasonable demands and squandering their chances.
They really are pathetic creatures, and it's even more amusing to see all these "former Labour member"s who were enthused about socialism but immediately dropped it because they became Eurofed fanatics to spite the gammons overnight.

He won't win though? The members will back Boris when it comes to the vote.

Also it's a weird threat considering the SNP also exist.

It's not even that, it's just centrists playing fantasy football tbh. They are imposing their beliefs onto other people who they think share them and hope to make a magical government out of that. FFS Yvette Cooper hasn't even ever supported a second referendum.
It shows a bigger problem though, Lib Dem supporting liberals atm are projecting their own beliefs onto the party rather than aligning them with it. Outside of Europe they disagree on a lot of things, they will be in for a rude awakening when they find-out what the lib dems actually stand for.

I'm not sure how reliable the polling of the Tory membership is or can be so I wouldn't actually be surprised if Boris' popularity turned out to be a mirage. It's like how in Peterborough the Brexit Party was heavily favoured by the bookies but they weren't basing that on solid evidence.

Tbf the demographics of the tory party is pretty well known (thanks to the BES) and since the membership is about 160k a sample size of about 500 is actually accurate (the polls I've seen are about 1-1.2k).


Why did they let Chris Williamson back in ffs the guy is a massive liability.

I've read about Hillsborough and as far as I can tell, fans were running to get in and he made a decision to open a gate to try and ease congestion.

Of course that went wrong, but does he really deserve a manslaughter charge here?

Liability in what way? telling the truth?

Good lord no.
The South Yorkshire police (well known for being corrupt bastards) basically packed a load of fans into a holding pen, and then pushed them out of it causing a stampede and killing them. They then launched into a smear campaign against the fans by saying they were looting bodies with the Sun. They lied to the public, to the families of the victims, and to the government.

He causes negative press and alienates voters & workers. He also has no net benefit. There is no reason to keep him.

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didn't really know that about the police activity that day. thanks for the info.

All Williamson said was "Labour is not a racist party and we shouldn't accept the idea that we are"

he is only a liability to the "optics" crowd. There is no actual evidence that Labour is more AS than any other party.

Again, Williamson provides no benefit and he generates a loss. There is no reason to keep him around.

yeah that's not how solidarity operates you ghoul

And that's how you get Comrade Delta.

that's exactly how Solidarity™ – Niezależny Samorządny Związek Zawodowy "Solidarność"® worked tbh

There's thinking about optics and then there's being a total cuckold who bows to pressure and lets business and the media run the party through concern trolling. Stop being a cuck all your life.

I mean he is about to get deselected by his own constituency so what do you say to that?


The union branches in Derby North are going to trigger a reselection process. Lemme try and find the source on it I read it yesterday.

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All branches are doing that?

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Well atm Labour is in a reselection period. First-of-all the MPs are asked if they wanna stand again. If they don't obs a selection process happens. If they do, then the next step occurs.
This is where the branches are asked if they want to trigger a selection ballot, where 1/3 of branches are required to say "yes" to do so.
Then they have a selection vote, which can either be all-member or made-up of branch delegates (depending on the CLP and how it works internally).

The point is that the trade unions and branches in Derby North are pushing for a selection vote. I dunno if Derby North is delegate or all-member, however considering Chris is not that well liked up-there (mostly because he spends his time campaigning and not being an MP) I imagine he will be deselected.

I just looked into it because I noticed you said specifically the union branch, the unions are apparently trying to kick him out because he wants mandatory reselection of all MP's, which will result in the unions losing power.

Because he pushes for selection votes.
More of the article
How do you think the trade unions look good and Williamson looks bad in this exchange?

I didn't say that, I was making the point that he is likely to be deselected anyways.

I'm not going to pretend he's not a divisive figure but the charges of anti-semitism against him are bullshit and not why he's being deselected, and the idea we start throwing people under the bus because they're controversial is a very slippery slope, especially when the people who want us to do this are just trying to chip away at core MP's. He's totally incomparable to the SWP as he's done literally nothing wrong. If people want to deselect him because he's an absent MP that's perfectly reasonable but the unions triggering the deselection because they're scared of losing control need to take a step back and reassess what they're doing.

Well unironically the unions are a lot more representative of the British proletariat than Labour members. It's not a nice thing to say and something I want to change but it is true. They should not be excluded from Labour party procedures otherwise the party will become a middle-class leftwing activist movement rather than a Labour party (like most centre-left and left wing parties in Europe).
Secondly, Williamson's crime isn't that he just he said "Oh some of this stuff is disingenuous", its that he goes around beefing the jewish community for what I think is his ego at this point. It isn't because he's "controversial", John McDonnell is "controversial" and he is actually kinda popular in weird areas. The point is that Williamson is a liability that gives nothing to the movement and only hurts its standing. You've gotta be vicious sometimes, and this is one of them. I am not saying he should be exiled to some uninhabited island in Orkney, just that he shouldn't be an MP.

He dindu nuffin. It's the leadership's fault for allowing things to get so bad that fighting the smears is enough to get you labelled a racist.

Yeah, under the premise of them representing working people they de facto always will be. What's the status of their internal democracy?
I have a hard time believing this is true.
I'm a little suspicious of unions choice of MPs when they're picking people like Tom Watson. Trade unionism for trade unionisms sake is a dead end and they need to start backing people with vision rather than putting forward politickers who have climbed the greasy pole.

Just to be clear I'd not be remotely sceptical of the unions if they were as good as RMT, but they aren't.

Unironically this.

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Oh yeah I found this image btw lol, YIKES!

Tbh one day they will all try to get jobs and that shit will come up.

They're pretty good the big issue is that they have really low turnout in elections. Still USDAW members like 2 years ago managed to topple their soft leadership and put far more militant new members in-charge without changing the constitution of the union at-all.
I'm not some physic but his actions seem pretty weird. Like everyone, everyone that gets accused of something he goes in to shill for them. Honestly at this point I am not even sure he cares about Palestine but just building his rep amongst old-left cranks. It's like those old men that go in to bat for everyone ever accused of sexual harassment because they merely exist. Tbh if he wants to he fucking can, just he shouldn't be an MP.
Tom Watson was selected a long time ago tbf. Nowadays they mostly support Momentum aligned candidates or run their own against Blairites. The irony is that most internal fights for selections are union vs momentum as the blairites have autistic fits in the corner.

Name some of the people he's 'shilled for' who have actually done something wrong.

I've not heard of him actually going in to bat for anyone that's done anything too outlandish, for example earlier today I saw a post saying he went to bat for Jackie Walker, who had supposedly denied the holocaust and said Hitler had not gone far enough, I went to see what the JC had to say about her (as it was going to be the least generous) and this is all I got

funny word filter xdddd

TL;DR: he went in to bat for a bloke that said companies with "jewish money and jewish blood" exploit workers. That's basically nazi tier shit.

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Tbh when it comes to Jewish stuff I tend to defer to Jewdas and even their members say Williamson should go.

Retweeting a guy who two and a half years ago made some shitty tweets. Damning. Glad we have Gideonomics AKA davessidekick out to look out for Jews in a totally non-concern trolling way.

That point isn't that he retweeted them, the point is (as I said) he will go into bat for anyone accused of anything related to anti-semitism without even considering it. He is a liability as an MP.

occasionally inadvertently use the old reality script and think "Johnson is really fucking it up" but then remember literally the only people he needs on side now are Tory members.

though that could be an entertaining boon if all the massively pro-Brexit tories have already quit leaving a bunch of melts who know that what Britain deserves right now is a #HuntPunt.

Tbf a decent chunk have. The thing is the "liberal tories" also have too. What is left is a husk of a part driven by its own legacy. They'll probs vote for Johnson though.

Firstly, I would like to know the context of those tweets. Secondly, he didn't 'go into bat' to defend the guy for those tweets. He retweeted some totally innocent stuff from that guy, and then some smug dickhead dug up some other stuff that guy had tweeted in 2015 and used that as 'proof' that both the guy and Williamson were anti-semites. Was Williamson supposed to exhaustively read every single thing ever said by that guy before retweeting him? This is fucking bullshit.


I note that Williamson still says 'he never called for a boycott' meaning that Gideonomics' first statement that Nelson 'says we should boycott Tesco and M&S cos they were set up by Jews' was indeed a smear.

You're not getting my point user. The point is that Williamson is a liability as an MP, as I said he just blindly defends the man. He obviously didn't know about the case in question and just raised shields. Why I dunno, maybe he thinks he is serving some higher purpose. Great, he can do that. But while he does that he is a liability as an MP. That's why I'd rather he was deselected tbh.

You could see it like that. You could also see it as him calling his accuser's bluff. Judging from where the tweets end, Gideonomics was not able to show that Scott Nelson had called for a boycott of Jewish companies. In fact it was a fairly safe bet on Williamson's part that Gideonomics was lying. I'm not sure how you can look at that exchange and see Williamson making a fool of himself. The only part where he looks bad is the last tweet where he gets defensive instead of emphasising that the 'evidence' does not show what Gideonomics claims.