Help me debunk degeneracy "theory", please

Help me debunk degeneracy "theory", please.
The best I got is that it seems to a degree subjective, for example some on the far right will call video games degenerate while other will not.

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What are you asking? No one claims there is theory behind it not even pol

The best you'll find is the dictionary I guess

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there's nothing to debunk. it's just a generic insult to evoke emotions of disgust.
might was well try to debunk retard theory or some shit

Usually it's nothing more than a cry of "stop liking what I don't like", which is entirely subjective and arbitrary.

Sometimes they'll try to justify it by referring to evolutionary fitness. The way to debunk that is to point out that natural selection is just a process which happens - not a universal goal which all life is obligated to strive for. It's like observing that energy flows from hot places to cold places and then declaring that insulation is evil because it "goes against nature".

Not really true, while yes, it is used as an insult. There is an idea behind it. It's that certain behavior is harmful to the well being of the nation.

if they're so against degeneracy why are the stormfags the biggest degenerates around

antifa is worse honestly

Of course its subjective, that doesnt mean "degenerate behaviors" dont exist. If a behavior invokes disgust in the vast majority of your comrades, its degenerate.

For example it doesnt matter if you use protection and are both into it, fucking your mother is degenerate

Extreme deviations from social norms regarding sexual behaviors are degenerate.

This doesn't make degeneracy bad or good, it's just a reality of our existance: there are behaviours that will disgust your peers even though they are not affected.

The "degeneracy" stuff is hard to debunk because it's not a theory, it's a loose idea applied in a very subjective and unrigorous way, like you pointed out.

So let's begin by clarifying the terms, let's agree on what we mean when we say the word "degeneracy" because this is the base for every productive debate and exchange of ideas.

What I find is that degeneracy primarily means something like this: the corruption of traditional values and the denial of traditional ways of living. For example, denying the traditional attachment of gender and sex in favor of new "identities" like transgenders, etc. But this is just a descriptive statement that says nothing but the reality. Yes, traditional forms are degenerating in new forms; of course, that's the development of history. Old ways of existence evolve into new ways. What /pol adds to this concept is a pseudo-theory of society, an idealistic approach to reality in which they consider a society a reflection of a perfect idea, and the deviation from this idea is a corrupted and harmful form.

They consider "America" as something rigid and fixed, as an eternal and universal idea just like Plato's ideas: America is whiteness, an eternal 90% white - 10% black demographic proportion, patriarchal family units and etc. But to such an idealistic worldview, you could do the same critique Aristotle did: it doesn't really explain change. Change is indeed happening, whether we like it or not. If it is happening, then what's the primary drive behind this motion? That's where the jewish conspiracy gets into the whole thing. So you can see that the concept is describing something that's really happening, but it only gains meaning insofar it's inside a wider theoretical framework; in this case, the jewish-dominance worldview sponsored by NutSac. Just inside a theoretical framework, the word degeneracy can explain something.

All of this sounds like pointless philosophical rambling, I know. But if we want to produce meaningful knowledge, we have to make clear concepts and statements.

That being said, the word degeneracy could as well be interpreted in a marxist way. We marxists also observe the degeneracy of traditional western culture, and it's change towards a postmodern society of loose identities and perpetual and complete mobility and instability of life. Only that we explain this fact of reality in a different way, we explain it talking about the motion of capitalism and so on.

The only degeneracy in society is capitalist decadence which promotes hedonism and consumerism. Herd mentality for pleasure, that's all it is. Blaming it on something arbitrary like the gays or da joos is retarded.

pic related is pretty degenerate

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like neoliberalism?


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This honestly.
Just take their shirts off the ancient greek looked far superior to the 1950s man

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Only the oppressed rock quarry laborers looked like that

There is no evidence of weaklings or fatties in ancient greece


They had big little dick energy.

You're comparing artistic fantasies to reality.
A better comparison would be to this.

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lol the greeks had superior bodies stay mad fatty

They probably did, but only because they lived in a pre-industrial society where all work was done by animals or humans.
They also ate healthier diets than modern humans because refined sugar wasn't widely used.

Degeneracy implies there is something to degenerate from. There isn't. Shit was always full of contradictions. It's just another instance of the old right-wing myth that things were so much better in the past.

So you're agreeing with me now

Yes, but modern 2D anime girls > ancient Greek 3DPD statues.

this is all i care about

They probably didn't all look like chad incarnate as seen in statues though, I mean how many photos of ugly chicks do you think there are now compared to photos of beautiful ones in high art/fashion?

There is no degeneracy, there is only bourgeois decadence.

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heavy lifting work =/= having a 10/10 body
you only get that kind of look from genuinely doing weight training (which they did in ancient greece)

false dichotomy the ancients had superior bodies because life demanded that

major ancient Greeks seem to look down upon obese people so they clearly existed ,in fact they were so many that Hippocrates promoted weight loss knowing that obesity is major health risk so they were clearly enough not only to be considered an important health issue but even enough so patterns of health problems could be seen by average healers

Regarding fitness, it clear that ancient Greeks had better bodies but not like the ones suburban ameretards know from statues
If you see modern labourers in agricultural and construction industries in developing countries (or everywhere outside American suburbs) you will get an idea on what ancient people should look like, Greeks were quite short compared to the Celts as well
Also the weaabo is correct, ancient Greek pederast were pretty much twink fuckers, as they (its interesting that both masculine and more feminine male bodies were considered hot)

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As says, I doubt many of them had 10/10 bodies. Most of them would have been too poor to waste time and energy weight training.
They'd have looked better than the average modern American, but only because the average modern American needs both a car and mobility scooter just to visit walmart.
Only the bourgeois would have time to lift weights, and half of them would have probably been fat from eating too many grapes.

I never said they didn't

Good you agree with me

prove it then

incorrect. The Greeks weren't just small minded farmers. The had gyms and they lifted.

Are you really this desperate for validation?
Anyway, I doubt anyone here has proof one way or the other. If you want to believe that most greeks were hyper-/fit/ chads, that's your choice.

well you replied to the wrong post lol
No you just started off disagreeing with me then you admitted I was correct. Thats all I care about.

Doesn't matter, they were just wrong about it, or have no provided sufficient evidence against my poitnts.

I win

Yeah, everything but capitalism is somehow harmful. It’s a spook.

80% of Greeks were farmers living in the countryside with no access to gyms
Also farmers aren’t small minded….
In general statues depicted gods and heroes so they portrayed the ideal body
You are literally saying that all 90s Americans looked like 90s comics
The gym was not only used for exercise but manly as a place for well off men to socialize
The only one who had hard daily exercise schedules were professional athletes (who were quite few)
I don’t think you can find a historian agreeing that even 10% of ancient Greeks looked like statues

do you have a source on this.
Also just because the lived on a farm doesn't mean they have always lived on a farm and never lifted or did military service

no just the modern third worlders you mentioned

do you have proof this was the ideal body rather than the real body of high preforming greeks?

No we're talking about 50s here

this isn't a counter to anything I said.

do you have any proof of this?

You just made that stat up
I don’t think you can find a historian agreeing that any of what you're saying is true

Not him but your strike me as incredibly stupid and historically uninformed. It seems like you have some sort of stake in the idea that all ancient greeks were chiseled super soldiers with impeccable bodies. Do you even know how they made their art? Sculptors created statues according to ratios that were thought to convey beauty. 99% or more of humans can never look like an idealized greek statue. If you don't believe me read renaissance writers who specifically instructed prospective artists to take the best features that they encountered in daily life to create ideal humans. In other words, naturalistic artists picked and choose beauty from nature that otherwise would never exist in a single person

you strike me and incredibly butthurt

nope I'm just stating facts

I'm not debating art, nerd.

you made this stat up

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