Anarcho-Primitivist/Survivalism Resources?

I'd appreciate any anons who can post reading material regarding anarcho-primitivist theory, as well as resources for how to survive in the wilderness. Wageslaving and trying to find happiness within the confines of normal society has been a bust, but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to living outdoors. I'd like to be prepared before I take a shot at it.

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go granola and move to rural colorado, maybe learn ukulele and grow dreads

Read Walden

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Google Rewilding

This is what AnPrims think is an ideal world

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be something else before you're a primitivist because no one will want to help you if you don't help us.

Google Democratic Kampuchea.

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This is what I have founded over the years

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Thanks, user.

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you should think about how to get a tiny bit of land and make a fixed shelter (re: Walden/uncle Ted). Your shelter will obviously be determined by the biome/climate so choose wisely. While growing your own food from purchased seed, take walks and learn what you can about the local edible vs poisonous species and ecology/topology/hydrology. Learn how to make connections between different factors in the environment (e.g. presence/absence of a species indicates X/Y environmental factors) and spot ecotones. Learn skills such as hunting, wildcrafting, butchering, etc.

If not for literary value I think this text is good for showing how important it is to manage resources.


also I have some pdf's on growing food and being sustainable if you have specific queries

I enjoy the animosity between prims and leftists but ecofasc clearly out of place here

Kaczynski is good tho

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As long as I believe whole-heartedly in the subject of my labor, it's cool. Stalinist Canada when?

Indeed. We all are in some sense, after all. Just, y'know, try to be eco-Stalinist about it.
When the Quebecois have been liquidated as a class?

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Read this chapter from Naru Taru:

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You can read the first one pictured online here:

But the people writing and the group that created doesn't really technically doesn't identify as Anarcho-Primitivist because the semantics of primitive.

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And before I forget Revolutionary Left Radio did an episode of it which demystified the I way I saw APs (i.e. lets kill off most of the humans)

Primitivism is reactionary.

no its not

It's an attempt to wind back the clock on human progress. How is it not reactionary?

That's not what Amprim is so you're wrong
Read Zerzan

there is no progress in AI, "internet of things" and other crap

bampu - how to preserve and make stuff

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fuckin' bees n shit

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Thanks for the books.
Seriously hope nuclear war doesn't kill the bees, I don't want to pollinate crops manually

no worries we are working on machine bees as it is. Here are some more. Taking suggestions still. Gonna try to find my copy of the US Army Survival Manual.

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You can live on just milk and meat quite comfortably. You only need some cattle and pasture for this. No bees/insects necessary.

What about scurvy?

Arent they pollinated by wind anyway?

well, some are wind-pollinated, and other insects also pollinate iirc, but bees are a pretty big deal for a lot of other plants. all plants matterexcept kudzu and dodder

potatoes should have you covered. sage for doublepost