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If you're able bodied, you have no excuse for not working out/getting in shape if you have free time. That doesn't mean you need to lift weights at the gym. There's many different things you can do at home. Post your routines and advice ITT if you do work out.

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I agree I should, but I'm too depressed to do that

hmm… should i do pushups?


10 pushups for that one son

I live with my family and its just so cramped. I don't have any floor space in my room.

yall r so prob🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸lematic🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I plan on becoming a land whale
Then I can absorb the attacks by the facists and then sit on them
Then I will brap on them before crushing their skull with my butt cheeks

how do you get swole af without a gym membership? i only ask because its so expensive where i live.
i do pushups and core exercises and run a few km a week but im not likely to get swole with this

Been recovering from a bike accident over the past 2 months ( car hit me. Woo murica!) - on the one hand the brain injury is annoying, but on the other its cool how the therapists were flabbergasted by my recovery. I guess they're more used to old and/or fat people who take forever to get better? Whatever, I can get on my bike again.

Remember to wear a helmet comrades.

20 sit ups for that one lad

Here's where to start (full book called Convict Conditioning).

Basic Gym-less exercises to go from noob to pro in your work outs.>>2938768

working class does not need to be swole to beat the living shit out of fashits and bourgs. Transition to one hand pushups, pull up with healthy amount of cardio and try picking up martial arts or practical hand to had combat experience

PDF too big to upload here.

ms-paint tier shoop

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Real talk though, being muscled is a goddamn joke. It shows that most people have ape level intelligence that they think it is in any way important to fighting.

Knife beats fist, gun beats knife, bomb beats gun and so on. If you really want to become dangerous become a hunter. All the best killers of all time grew up hunting for survival.

This 5'4 manlet killed 240 Germans.

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He got stupid lucky, he ran into enemy fire multiple times. Athleticism makes doing everything easier and quicker including wielding any type of weapons.
Saying having big muscles doesn't make you a better fighter is just ignorant.

Pointless argument, no reasonable person with a job will have the time to get to body builder levels of muscles. Just work out and reap the benefits.

What about. The ghurkas? They all have high LCK stat buffs too. Stop being retarded user, how do you get "really lucky" multiple times?
Hell no.


If you find it a fun hobby knock yourself out but don't try to sell your meme science here.

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Isn't this a bit ableist, comrades?

I'm saying you need to try very hard with specific planning to reach the ludicrous levels of muscles you warn us about. No normal person is going to put that effort in unless they found it oddly satisfying for some reason. You're tilting at windmills.

I hope you die you reactionary ableist nazi fuck

We have a general already, take this to /leftyfit/

I'm not specifying any level. I'm saying the very premise of working out is flawed. If you enjoy it fine.
If others don't they shouldn't beat themselves up for not doing it.


That's because they are a bunch of closeted and open homosexuals.

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Why are you projecting your weakness onto others, I bet you are a tiny little fag with skinny little arms that couldn't do shit.
Having muscles means your stronger and heavier, which makes you a better fighter especially in melee.
You excuse your own physical weakness by saying "We have guns now! We don't actually need to be strong!" Well actually retard you do, strength helps in almost every way. Are you just trying to be counter cultural to the Fascists even when illogical because having a gym culture is actually something the Fascists did right?

This is a leftist board. Fascist fags not allowed.

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Why would you fight in melee? Some kind of fag wrestling competition?

Meet me at the corner of Main and 5th and I promise to not run you over with my car you little 12 year old wrestling fan fag.

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Exactly. Another fascist faggot into "muh asthetics." Just go suck some dicks already dude.

What is wrong with homosexuality? You’re sounding pretty spooky right now. Next you’re going to start ranting about “degeneracy”

Can't handle the argument so changing the topic completely I see. Ironic considering you posted a meme in your previous reply using a rainbow flag as an insult.

Nothing is wrong with homosexuality faganon. I'm just letting you know your lust for hot sweaty muscled bods has nothing to do with combat and even less to do with advancing leftism. Since you love fascists so much you should go join them and their muscley orgies.


Because sometimes you can't help but fight melee, you try and hold a rifle up aiming down the same angle for 10 minutes during urban warfare, strength helps everywhere. You don't even begin to think about this shit at the same time you LARP about being like fascist killing sniper.
Meanwhile I could drag your 70kg frame out of your car and you won't have the strength or weight behind you to do anything about it. You're not thinking logically at all, you want an excuse to be lazy. I'm looking for ways to win.

I think i’m going to become a fascist now, that sounds so fucking hot. Here I thought they sent the gays to the gas chambers, silly me. I want to touch some fashy abs, suck giant, greased up, fascist cock, and let daddy reactionary pound my asshole into disrepair.

Hopefully I get some fashy STD’s in the process, just thinking about all the new life that my body could shelter makes me so fucking hard.

Yes you can.

What is a bipod or something to rest your gun on? The fuck are you doing aiming for 10 minutes not even behind cover. Also lol at thinking you need big arms to hold 7 pounds steady.

I might chose to go Support or Medic, maybe Assault, depends on what the rest of the squad is playing. What are you LARPing as user?

I weigh a bit less than that. How would you drag me out of the car if my doors are locked? Checkmate beef cake fag. Also humoring your dragging scenario I'll gouge your eyes out with my fingers. Or maybe I will just slice you with the knife in my pocket. Stop watching so many hollywood movies. You are going to get your self hurt beefcake user.

Like srs you are imagining your oponent attempts to run you over, they miss and crash or something, you manage to get to the door, open it. Here they are restrained and everything, and your solution is to take them out of this confined space into an oen space where their movements are not restricted instead of finishing them quickly while they are in the car seat?

You seem like a nice guy but don't have killer intent user.

Ok, this board is over. Soon.


No argument I see. Build your mind. Or rather your spirit. If you have time to spare use it to practice an actually useful skill. Working out is for vain fascists and liberals. The fittrst people to ever live didn't get that way by "working out."

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All of them in the Western world are either hamplanets, bitter skellies or drug dealers with no real political investments.

Of course, that makes it much more important to get fit yourself.

Daily reminder that you don't need to "look" in shape to actually be in shape (sometimes). I don't have abs and got a small belly, but I have a shit ton of stamina and am still strong. Fit-fat is the body of the prole anyway.

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It's literally just positive lifestyle choices. You don't need to be some obsessive /fit/ autist to be healthier.

I agree. And it rrally isn't that hard or requiring some insane regimen. And it also shouldn't be about feeling superior to people you see as having an inferior physique.

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I think directly practicing the skill you are trying to do is always going to be more beneficial.
It's not going to really effect how you take a bullet. Especially larger calibers.

They used to not separate UFC by weight class and the results were not completely one sided. I'm not a big expert. But once again fuck this melee nonsense. Only a fool would enter into combat where his opponent has a near equal chance to defeat him.

I'm telling you the midgets are the best soldiers in the world. That is just facts. There average height is 5'3. You think any of them are benching what these 6'3 protein shake beef cakes soldiers are benching? But one Ghurka would kill ten of them no sweat.

Bruce Lee would beg to differ. He was usually around 135 pounds than he came to America and got into body building and bulked up to 155 but he cut back to his original weight because he felt the extra muscle mass did indeed make him slower.

And roids and pcp make you stronger and probably more intimidating, but maybe your goal in life sho yo ldn't be to intimidate everyone but to each his own.

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waste of time, reading is more important


The best thing about getting commies and other retards to workout is that once they learn about discipline and power, they stop being commies.

Try harder

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remember comrades, you are the commissar of the gym.
Lead by example to your fellow gymproles. spot for comrades needing a spot; re-rack the weights when youre done; show them who is commissar of the gym.
Here is a guide to starting fitness lifts and a routine.
master the big three:
remember: one extra set for van, one extra set for billy.

why the hell are people so resistant to working out here? no one in this thread is saying to become a total powerlifter. How are you going to honestly think you can physically resist fascism in a march when you're not conditioned? Training in weapons isnt mutually exclusive to lifting either.
I guarantee you right wingers are out there training with ar15s, plate carriers, and getting fit and are absolutely more likely to ruin you.

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I want to become an antifa super soldier.
What do?

check out the PDF in for a routine.
get familiar with benching, squatting, and dead lifts. focus on getting the form down and then find what your one rep maxes are (the most weight you can lift once) for bench, squat, and dead lift

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fuck me, decline lifting sucks

Pure bull.

You, Gurkha praising nigger, know that Girkhas are not known for their fighting skill, but their lack of fear right? Lack of fear =/= fighting skill.

Honestly if nothing else, please run, it's mindless enough you can put on Marxist audio books while you do it, its good for you, the mobility you have after exercising for a while feels great. And if you punch a fascist in the face, you definately want him to rememer it, don't you?
Remember get fit, read lit, talk shit

You nibbas got any smart boi pdfs on cardio n shit?


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I remember during another /fit/ thread there was an user talking about how strength and strength-endurance are actually better than traditional 5-rep weight training. does anyone have any resources on that?

heres my 20 min home routine, ive been doing it for 1 year now and my lower back has never hurt again, as well as fixed my anterior pelvic tilt:

If you want to uncuck your shoulders and bring I recommend getting an elastic band and looking up exercises with it too, also useful for the hamstring stretch

this is an incredible outlier case.

all of this is anecdotal.
you are not making a case against lifting. why are you motivated to make a case against getting comrades fit?

if you want to get stronger focus on lower reps and high weight.
if you want to start looking better you can focus on volume.
honestly just start with the big three and work through them; it is going to take a while for you to start seeing results. be patient and you'll make it to natty heaven.

That's a bunch of edgy woods dads.

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My body is fine the way it is, thank you very much. Kind of ableist to imply some bodies are inherently better than others.

10 Stories That Prove Gurkhas Are the Fiercest Fighters on the Planet

I'm not against hobbies. I am just making the case it is no more useful a hobby than golfing. Doing useful physical labor is better for your body and producth ive at the same time.

Also this shit specifically. Stop being such massive American/British Antifa faggots. Shoot a fascist in the face and he will never forget for as long as he lives. Street fighting is for sports hooligans and other cro-magnons and the fact you think building up your glamour muscles is going to give you any benefit over an actually dangerous adversary is dangerous for yourselves.

But whatever antifafags I'm done explaining. Knock yourselves out.

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Of course, and getting stronger and more powerful at performing the essential movements with respect to that physical activity are 100% going to make you better off for it.

Well if you're going to make that point, then why bother doing any physical training at all? Just learn to shoot a gun.

And yet they divide people by weight class because its painfully obvious that a 250 lb Brock Lesner is going to have a clear unfair advantage over a 170 lb Nate Diaz for example.

You think one Ghurka is more than a match for 10 Navy Seals? lol ok.

True, but if you stay at a heavier bodyweight, and train for speed and dexterity, you will eventually acclimate to the heavier bodyweight, and be back to where you were before. Mike Tyson weighed a lean 220 lbs at 5'10" at his peak, and he was one of the fastest boxers alive. Why isn't he the slow and lumbering hulk that you apparently attribute to being bigger?

I'm saying in a fight the intimidation factor definitely helps.

Just to let you know, i'm not against speed and stamina training, I just think in order to maximize your potential as a warrior, you should be training speed, stamina, and strength. Why only focus on two, and neglect the other? You're just making yourself less athletic in the long run.

daily reminder that exercising and working out doesn't necessarily mean doing 12 biceps curls for hypertrophy.
martial arts, calisthenics, power lifting, competitive sports, general athletic training, etc are all great forms of exercise that are enjoyable

Probably. Burger soldiers are trash. Navy Seals have to kill unarmed women and elderly to pad their K/D ratio.

What's the difference between strenght and power in this context?

im lazy thats my excuse

Anyone into hand stands? I've been trying to do them without assistance for the better part of a year now but I just can't seem to get over the fear of being away from a wall.

Dumbells and a bench should cost less than a gym membership after a year or 2. You can also take up a sport. Let’s focus on getting our foot in the door before we we start worrying about being “swole”

This is a board for scientific socialism, leave your quackery at home.

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This bread should be concerned with centrally planning exercise to reduce public health problems strain on state/commune medical facilities. Mainly cardiovascular disease. Which intersects with many other health related factors. Namely, Family history; smoking, drinking, and recreational drug use anachist btfo. I want paul cockblastt to plan with public health doctors, physiotherapists, and exercise researchers for 5 year exercise plans.

Imo, being swole is a waste of time and resources. But being at your peak physical condition within the bounds of your material circumstances is what any good comrade should strive for

Probably, but sutely itcould be better with Paulie C on the 1s and 2s

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But that's a scientific fact, it's been studied and documented that people who exercise experience many health benefits, both physically and mentally

there is no such thing as lifestyle choice

What about the dozens of tasks that aren't directly involving literally punching people or shooting a gun? What about when you're expected to be able to fill and move sandbags for hours at a time or move debris to rescue someone, or even just carry someone who's been injured? Combat is about a lot more than just hitting people and strength training certainly helps in those scenarios. You don't have to be super buff and covered in muscle but the ability to handle triple digit weights at a time without breaking a sweat certainly helps in a lot of scenarios.

are you being forced to stay at home and eat huge quantities of trash empty calories food?
there are a lot of cheap healthy foods like chicken breast, ground beef, oranges, peas, spinach, etc and you can buy from local farmers to make it even more cheap

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t. HomeopathicI'm torn between calling you a fag or retatdyou're probably both

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How the fuck is anything he said related to homeopathy? And I would even say eating healthy might be even cheaper than not (as long as you aren't buying "ethical" and "organic" shit from hipster stores)

Victim blaming, the food industry spend gazillions on figuring out how to manipulate people to eat their unhealthy stuff. This isn't individual people being irresponsible, this is structural violence.

There were attempts to warn people in mildly effective ways, like putting big flashy symbols (resembling traffic signs) on packaging , to give people a fighting chance to eat a little more healthy without having a scientific background. And the food industry fought tooth and nail to prevent this, that makes them a mafia organization peddling drugs.

Plus there is a huge number of disinformation campaigns going on, to derail attempts of people who want to find out what to eat.

The people in decision making positions in industry, politics,… knew what the consequences of their actions were, this is called wittingly poisoning the population on a large scale.

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Eating 'healthy' or 'healthy lifestyle' is unspecific and undialectical. People that push this narritive, as the definition would suggest are homeopathic grifters or poster children for the Dunning-Kruger Effect or both.

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Imagine being a leftist and not understanding that the obesity epidemic is a structural issue rather than a case of individual failings.

lmao you are the one displaying that because you have zero knowledge in diet and nutrition yet you are speaking very confidently about it.
vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal development and life and junk food rarely has any of those.
also a lot of healthy foods have enhancing effects. for example milk increases IGF-1, greens improve digestion and lower the risk of diabetes and heart diseases because they have fiber, fruits in general help fight cell damage because they have antioxidants, etc
the essence of revolution is opposing and getting rid of norms that damage the people. if you know about the food industry lies yet you don't oppose them in any form or try to spread the truth about them then you are just a will-less counter-revolutionary

Yeah well, we can still make our food at home TBH.

get the fuck out of here you COPEing fatties, shame on you for using marxist phrasing to justify having no self control over yourself. Barring being disabled there is no excuse to not exercise. Hurrrr buh buh consumerism is enabling me!!! capitalism is pressuring me to be a fucking fatty!!!
fucking disgusting excuses, nazis pressure you to be a white supremacist or tell you you are inferior if non white as well, do you not have the willpower to deny them you fucking sheep? then why can't you deny the bag of chips?

literal professional doctors will tell you to fix medical issues by adjusting your diet by eating healthier instead of empty calories as the other user said, or simply cutting down on calories if your problem is weight related.

you make the left look bad just because you are a dumb liberal or too lazy to exercise, you are disgusting and need to be hit with a brick for enabling shitty behavior. yesss just surrender to capitalism, consume endlessly and become a fat broken down fuck, ooh it is futile to resist because le marketing man is advertising it, le dialectics, get the fuck out. lmao imagine what marx would say if he knew some fattie or liberal was going to justify his or others shitty habbits trough his words hahahahaha

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Nice liberalism, bro.

every time I visit this thread I get sad and cringe. are you really so pathetic that all of you piss on fitness? do you think the disabled or the unfit will wage wars and revolutions? do you think your opponent won't be fit?

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This guy needs a medical intervention.

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Three arrows: sugar, carbs, fat

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please motivate me, comrades. depression sucks the life out of me, the lethargy is excruciating.

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here is some motivation

This exactly. Everyone here should get fit, wether through weightlifting, swimming, martial arts etc.

Not because strength and endurance will directly help you during the Revolution (although it will) but because it will make your life better in a million ways and it will lead to you becoming a better asset to our cause.
Also aesthetics are one of the most important things in winning over the masses and no one wants to be on the side of the slobs and fatties.

At this point in time the masses are the slobs and the fatties especially in Burgerland.