Is it adultery to date a woman who has already had a kid with someone else?

Is it adultery to date a woman who has already had a kid with someone else?
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The incels will say yes.

It depends on how old you are and how old she is and at what age she had the kid.

If she had a kid in her late 20s or early 30s, the child's father is dead, and she is now 50 or something, and you are also at around 50. It's really not a big deal, as the child is already grown up

If you're both in your 20s and neither of you is married or has been married, then I wouldn't say it's a sin, but I would ask why you would want to date her?

Jesus Christ would say yes, if the woman is a divorcee.

If her childs father is still alive, then its sin.
If her husband is dead then its not sin, but it's not ideal.

Simply having a child, no. If she's a divorcee, yes.

I still advise against dating women who have children already, though, and against women who aren't virgins, unless you aren't a virgin either.

It's a mistake whether you are a virgin or not. No hymen, no diamond.

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Marrying a divorcee is adultery. It's only not adultery if she's a widow, in which case you still need to make sure you're ready for the kind of commitment she's asking for. If it's a child she's had out of wedlock, then you need to run far away (dating wise) unless God Himself tells you to date her.

This may be hard to hear, but it's the truth.

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if she is married then yes.

This. It's pathetic to marry a non-virgin woman (unless she's a widow).

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Is she a widow?

If the husband commited adultery and ran away with another woman then it is not sinful.
If they divorced on any other reason it's fornication.

This really makes me think.

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of course it's still sinful, the woman is still married to the woman. only death ends the marriage.

man still married to woman*

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Who cares if it's adultery or not? It's a bad idea whether it's a sin or not.

Tell me in Matthew 5:32 where Jesus said "except death", it's clearly "except porneia".

Think of this way; is Jesus Christ the narrow way or not?

Secondly, who sins? The adulterer or the one who was sinned against?

If fornication was applicable grounds for divorce; then why would Christ even speak up in correction of the Jews?

Of course he is.
I'm not sure what you mean by that, can you reiterate the question? Clearly a person committing adultery is sinning, what do you mean by the one who was sinned against?
There were two schools of thought in Judaism at the time, the school (or house) of Hillel and the school of Shammai, according to the school of Hillel a husband could divorce his wife for a trivial reason such as burning or over-salting a meal. In this case it's pretty clear to me that Jesus is rebuking the school of Hillel and agreeing with the school of Shammai.

The questions I have for you would be:
1: If a woman marries a good Christian man and then discovers that he is sexually deviant (he commits adultery, he engaged in homosexual behaviour, he engaged in incest, he engaged in beastiality) would it not be right for the woman to divorce herself form this man and if not what would your course of action be?

In my own personal opinion not even death is a good reason to divorce (see John Chrysostom letter to a young woman) for what has been joined together by God let no man seperate, the two have become one flesh. However by the committal of sexual immorality the man or woman cleaves to another flesh and hence it is permissable (but heavily discouraged)