Kind Man Makes Innocent Mistake, Has Oral and Anal Sex with 3y/o Daughter Instead of His Wife

In West Virginia, 27-year-old Henry Vincent Bennett had a bizarre excuse after he sexually assaulted a three-year-old girl. He claimed that the three-year-old tricked him into thinking she was his wife after his wife went to the bathroom and the toddler crawled into bed in her place. However, the facts of Bennett’s twisted story of sexual abuse on the toddler continued to peel back in layers, showing that the girl had no fault in his abuses and only his depravity did.

At the end of March 2019, Bennett was convicted of first-degree sexual assault of a child under five. He then learned his sentence. Bennett will spend the next fifty years in prison before he is eligible for parole.

Circuit Court Judge Derek Swope had no sympathy for the child rapist. That’s why he sentenced him to fifty years in prison before he could get parole. He’d be 77-years-old if he ever made it back out into the free world. This was an intentional choice by the judge, who said, “I’m not locking him up for the rest of his life, but for the rest of his effective life.”

When state child advocacy workers found out the three-year-old victim had been sexually abused, they went to Bennett for answers. Bennett then started to tell lie after lie in an attempt to wriggle himself out of this situation.

He claimed that he placed his “butt on her butt.” However when the child was asked to make a PlayDoh model of Bennett’s “butt,” the little girl created a sculpture of a penis. During a subsequent interview with Detective J.B. Fox, Bennett died sexually assaulting the child. Then he admitted to two incidents, one involving a sex toy and another involving oral sex. He claimed that he had no idea he was raping a child but thought it was his wife who had left for the bathroom.

The jury deliberated for less than thirty minutes before they returned and found Bennett guilty of his two first-degree sexual assault charges. He was also convicted of two charges of incest.

Bennett’s attorneys tried to make a motion to have another trial because the sexual predator has a low IQ of 57. The defense also claimed that Bennett was “clearly confused” when the convicted rapist was cross-examined.

Despite the defense’s best effort to prove Bennett was not competent to stand trial, psychological and psychiatric tests proved otherwise. Bennett also chose to testify, which he was not required to do.

West Virginia has strict penalties for first-degree sexual assault. The convict must serve between twenty and one hundred years in prison. However, incest is punishable by just ten to twenty years in prison.

Bennett will spend the rest of his effective life in prison. He won’t be able to hurt any more children and will likely have to fend for himself in prison because inmates are notoriously aggressive toward perpetrators of child abuse and assault.

When Bennett leaves prison, if he survives that long, at the age of 77, the world will be an entirely different place.

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Whats the reasoning behind the sentencing why parole at 77

kill it and perhaps its whole family too

His daughtr won't remember anything
What a horrible sentence
He wont do it again

5yrs and then parol

yeah it's probably a sentence that's gonna get overturned. being a peo is bad, but this guy is clearly mentally disabled. he shouldn't be allowed near kids, but otherwise i don't see why he is such a danger to society that we have to feed and house and give him free healthcare him for the next 50 years. he would be much better off working as a night janitor or stockboy at a grocery store than sitting on his ass in jail for the next 50 years. fuck this dumbass judge.

He will be so used to prison by 77 his attempt to reintegrate back into society at that age with sex offender status will be harsh and cruel. In 20 years i bet he has 3 attempts on his life while in prison.

Sexual penetration of a 3yr old is not getting swept under the rug. This dude is done.

He IS stupid. Everyone knows that when you fuck a 3 year old, you have to threaten to hurt her loved ones/pets if she tells. Amateur hour.

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This guy is repugnant and should suffer, but the fact he is a literal retard is giving me cognitive dissidence.

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It was good that it was just his kid, you know? It was good that he didn't have a bunch of sex with somebody else's 3 year old. If you're going to molest a kid, might as well just molest and rape your own kid, because you don't mess up anybody's child or genetics, and having sex with your own kid must be some fun incest sandbox where your child a sex game to you. You can put them in any position and just enjoy it and know that you're doing what's fun and feels good.

if i was going to get sentenced to jail for a few decades i would absolutely fuck my own kid…might as well end my free life on a high note

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Poor guy. At least he died doing what he loved.

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And how was he allowed to breed? Oh, I forgot, thanks to the SJWs everyone has a right to breed.

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well, the kid was innocent, and his actions were a mistake


I'm usually an advocate for peace, love, and understanding, but this is some degenerate shit deserving of the gas chamber.

15 maybe 20 years then parole. He doesn't need 50. That's retarded. If you're gonna give him 50 just kill him at that point. Oh but the judge knows he can't sentence him to death over that, so we'll just give him 50 years. Raping a three year old is pretty high up on the hierarchy of worst things you can do, but it was HIS OWN kid for one and he was probably on drugs anyway. 20 years would be enough.

Again, I know it's horribly wrong and abhorrent what he did, but something about the court coming into the home and changing a family seems a little off to me. Will the kid even remember it? What are the circumstances of him getting caught? Did the child tell somebody? The wife? 50 years is too long either way. Faggot judge had an overly emotional response. Must've been his first day

He should get 50 years plus death. Any less is an insult to the victim.

The fellas will get him when he least expects it

When i was in prison every time i had a bad day, i took it out on the chomo. This dude is going to turn the light on in his cell and 3 white men are going to be standing there, boots tied tight.

No, the correct thing would be to kill him, and as another user said, probably also his whole family, as intelligence and personality are in large part genetic.
His life is a commodity with a negative value. Killing him makes the world an incrementally better place.
letting such a creature walk free would foolish in the extreme.

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How deep did he go? Did she get poo stuck in his foreskin? There might not be enough evidence to say he did it.

I have made few mistakes like this. It's really happen.


So the detective shared the rape.

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Now that's an inventive excuse. People make up all kinds of shit to get away with this stuff in court. Not that they believe in any of it.


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Father's are so lucky and I hope on Father's day that many fathers are able to be close with their daughter's and the daughters acknowledge the love that only a Father can give to his little one.

I live in suffering of being an Uncle with multiple sisters (whores) that have multiple kids each. It is truly agony when I have to visit and, for example, one of the 3yo is learning to potty train. It is usual to see them walk around the house without any bottoms as it is faster and safer to go bottomless for fear of accidents. It is also usual for them to walk up to me and ask for help with wiping. In some instances they face backwards and bend over to show me their butts and asked if they "got everything" when they were in the bathroom. I am not a baby genital inspector! I quickly yell for their Mother's and angrily step out of the room into a safe area where the child cannot follow me.

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And the wife?
Surely she knew.
The case must have been investigated by feminists.

Even if she did there would be no charges filed against her. The court would have deemed she must have been too afraid to act out or forced into submission by her abusive & violent husband.

The courts side with the female in 99% of all cases.

Another reason pedophilia should be legal. The judges are outright malicious.


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