Do Christian women that don't want to have children exist...

Do Christian women that don't want to have children exist? I don't want to have any kids due to genetic propensity to treatment resistant depression and possibly bipolar disorder type II.
My current denomination heavily promotes having kids, I'm not sure if this is the case for regular churchgoers in other denominations that aren't Cathodox.
Women I know die to have children.

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Yes there are, but most of those women are in a monestary. The ones that are not are most likely infertile due to health reasons.
Why not just try to become a monk?

So, you want sex but you don't want kids? Too bad. Can't eat your cake and have it too.

So you would rather your bloodline annihilated?
Women you know die to have children? As a matter of fact I believe this is a slide thread. Yet who gave you the right to joke about that…

I don't even want sex, maybe you're projecting. I just don't want children.

I'm not Cathodox though, there's not many Protestant denominations I know that are monk-like. Only the Amish, and they still have kids.

I'd rather have my bloodline annihilated than have my bloodline annihilated by finding my son with his skin looking completely pale or blue hanging from a noose when I wake him up in the morning.

And yeah, even non-religious women I know are desperate to have kids. Since it's the natural thing to do. But you have to make exceptions when there's serious cases in which it's completely assured that your kids will end up terrible.

Hmm… Something isn't adding up here.

So why do you want to marry?

It's called companionship. Women aren't just for sex or having kids.

Why not have male companions (also known as friends) instead?

You can't have romantic love with male companions unless you're gay.

Eros is more than just companionship, afaik.

I don't care at all that my genes won't get passed onto to the next generation of people.

Forewarned is Forearmed. If you know of a potential problem in your genetics, then you can nip it in the bud. They have genetic testing, you know. Further, you could have 6 kids and not one of them ever have a problem. Do you think a person with a family history of cancer should not have children? What about a family history of heart disease?

God's promise to Abraham was that his children would be counted BY FAITH, not by blood. Christians share in this promise. So don't say that you will not have children. Paul remarks on this when he cites the book of Isaiah:

So you WILL have children by considering your younger friends as children. This world is full of fatherless/motherless people, including myself. Therefor, we NEED people like you to adopt the fatherless/motherless.

Remember how the bible often says to defend the fatherless? God is charging you with this task of adopting them, as all good Christians must:

I'm still wrapping my head around why blacks do to swear the world is so racist honestly.

Unsarcastically, it’s a phenomenal idea to not have kids- the earth is dangerously becoming overpopulated. I truly encourage you to not have any despite social pressure, unless you’re looking to adopt.



Maybe if you live in Bangladesh or Nigeria, but I doubt that's OP's case.

I more of mean the global population- even if Op doesn’t live in those countries, global resources are still running out

They aren’t really. Remember how the movie Soylent Green was a prediction for 2014? They don’t know what they’re talking about, it’s just fearnmongering and made-up reasons for more government spending.

I’m doing a project on this in school right now. I’d just encourage you to look into it a bit more- start with coal

No, it isn't. Nearly all science says that peak population for the Earth is at around 25-30b and chances are we will never reach that. Unless, of course, you don't trust statistical sciences.

Soylent Green was born of the "omg the world is becoming overpopulated!" scares of the 1970s. Tertullian taught that the world was becoming "dangerously and unsustainably overpopulated" when the world population was less than 200 million. Fear mongerers are 100% wrong, 100% of the time.

Where did you get that? From multiple sources I’ve heard 11b or so is the max ( in terms of how many resources the earth has to offer to give everyone a comfortable lifestyle)

Antinatalists are a step away from full on godless misanthropes. Even if they don't know it themselves, they're implicitly buying into the idea that happiness is more important than life. They believe that suffering is worse than death. This inversion of values leads to justifying abortion, euthanasia, and self destructive behavior.

she can she can suck it.

You're probably right. I won't stop anyone from marching into hell with futile sex efforts. If your idea of life and it's implication is that wrong I'm sorry

Muh comfort. The birth rates in the West have totally flatlined so it’s absurd to say it’s overpopulated here. The infidel Muslim invaders of Christendom are having 3 kids per couple.

this. It's like:

Again, global rates. America isn’t overpopulated in itself- other countries are. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of the problem- we use a tremendous amount of un-renewable resources. Feel free to argue with facts and science if you want with half baked ideas, but that’ll just blind you into thinking that everything’s okay