Hiker listening to worship spots 'Jesus' image on trail…

Hiker listening to worship spots 'Jesus' image on trail…
I was listening to my praise and worship music on my phone and was praising God humming, I just didn't think I'd SEE God


LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) – A Lynchburg woman says she spotted what appears to be Jesus while walking along the Blackwater Creek trail around the first day of Spring. Shae House says she entered the trail from the Ed Page entrance behind the Greek Orthodox Church on Langhorne Road and decided to take some pictures of a rock formation because she thought it was pretty.

It wasn't until after she looked at her pictures that House realized she had captured an image that looks like Jesus. She says it startled her. "I gasped and then eagerly started to take more pictures. I was delighted. I was listening to my praise and worship music on my phone and was praising God humming, I just didn't think I'd SEE God," says House. She was amazed by the crown of thorns and thick mustache.

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That's a filthy idol and God is wrathful when it receives worship that belongs properly to Him alone


Was Jesus lying because that's definitely not his body.


you tell me i’m the one who takes his word for it when he says “this is my body
good to hear you don’t trust Jesus when he tells you something.


"This is my body"

"Do this, in remembrance of me"

+ 2,000 year tradition of doing such, every extant record of any Church doing it as such…

So I ask if Jesus was lying, because a piece of bread is not his body.

Oh yeah, I remember reading all about how the early Christians worshipped bread in the New Testament. The Israelites didn't get away with worshipping an idol under God's name, and neither will you. Idolatry is a very serious sin and if you do not repent of it you will not be saved.

sounds like you don’t trust Jesus enough. If he tells you something you don’t believe him?

"For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh judgment to himself, not discerning the body of the Lord"

I'd say that someone worshipping what they are called to eat eateth and drinketh unworthily

you have not discerned the body of the Lord, as Scripture says.

If Jesus is telling a lie, maybe he's testing us?

Does one discern the body of the Lord by shutting up and believing whatever the pope says to believe without question?

The Keys were given to St. Peter, if you refuse to listen to him, the keys will not open the way.

Jesus: This is my body
You: stop lying to me
you trust your own theological views and reasoning more than the actual words of our lord repent


No amount of green-texts in the world can justify you, when you are in opposition to both Christ and His Church.

Jesus: this is my body.
Me: that is a piece of bread, so Jesus is lying, thus maybe he's testing us.

>Jesus would lie to someone

He can to test somebody.

IP hopping Muslim detected

No, I don't believe in Allah.

There are no lies in Christ.

But God can lie to test someone.

No, He cannot.

Yes, he can:

What lie was told? He gave a command and rescinded it.

That's the lie.

He went back against his word.

Jesus is sinless. He will never and can never tell a lie. God as well has no need to tell lies as He is 100% Just.
He tested Abraham's faith that one time but He never lied to Abraham.

…that's now not how it works. A lie is to say something that's not the truth. Even your quote makes the distinction that God gave a command, and rescinded the order.

It is fundamentally not a lie.

That's not a lie. He gave a command to test Abraham's faith, taking back a command is not a lie.

God tested Abraham in this way to prove to him and everyone else that God does not require human sacrifices, like the Canaanite's believed. It's a show of God's infinite Mercy.

He commanded Abraham to do something, then told him not to.

It is truth that Abraham didn't need to sacrifice Isaac, yet God commanded him to do it.

That's going back against his word i.e. lying.

That's not a lie, get it through your skull.

If God had said "I will sacrifice Isaac", and then didn't, that would be a lie. God did not do this, He told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, and then rescinded the order.

That's not what lying is, for the third time. He did not go back on His word either.

That is a lie.
He said "Abraham, sacrifice Isaac", then told him not to. That's going back against his word.
He did, in the sacrificing of Isaac.

That isn't a lie.

No, if God had said "I will sacrifice Isaac", and then didn't then that would be God going back against His word.

You cannot "go back against your word" if you didn't swear anything.

The only liar is you, wretch.

Again, he commanded Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, then told him not to when Abraham binds Isaac.

He went back against his own command.

…so you acknowledge God commands -Abraham-, so then how could God "go against His own command"?

Only Abraham could "go against God's command", since He was the one being commanded.

He went against his own command by saying Abraham didn't need to sacrifice Isaac.

In modern times, it's like God saying "bruh, it's just a prank".

If it's supposed to be some jab against the Orthodox, you realize in this regard they have valid Sacraments too, right?

>"Unto the hope of life everlasting, which God, who lieth not, hath promised before the times of the world." Titus 1:2

{22:2} He (God) said to him (Abraham):
Emphasis mine

God never said that Abraham needed to do it. God merely commanded him to do it. Abraham could have refused, but Abraham knows not to disobey God.
God never lied. Our God is a just God, He has no need to lie to people and never will.

If you actually read the entire account it is to show that God is merciful and loves His creation so much that He doesn't need human sacrifices and is foreshadowing both Levitical Law and the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.
For Jesus was the Ram that was sacrificed in the place of Isaac.

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Amazing, simply astounding how quickly the Catholic can derail a thread. Just as Zig Forums has the JIDF stealing the first replies, Zig Forums has the CIDF constantly posting about the Eucharist.

Of course not it’s a jab at op making the thread about someone supposedly taking a picture of Jesus

And it's not even a good picture either. Yeah the rock formation kinda looks like Jesus, but the click bait title made it seem like it was actually Jesus. Like how St. Paul saw Jesus.

Why are we even giving this cool wine aunt attention?

we’re not this thread is completely derailed

Because Jesus makes for great clickbait and great clickbait equals $$$. Notice how OP didn't even bother to post the picture of the rock formation the lady took a picture of? Even though the article was archived the archive service didn't even load the picture it might have for you, but I know it didn't for me.
On top of that, OP was a (1) and done IP.

My guess OP works for that "news site" and needs to generate clicks or wants to stir the pot somehow. my money is on the latter

A commander doesn't go against his own command, only whomever is commanded, that disobeys a command is "going back on the command".

Is English your second language?

despite your tone, I'm pretty sure you're agreeing with me against this guy, right?

I must have tagged the wrong post. My bad, but yes. I am agreeing with you and not the crypto-muslim