Catholic IQ

Post em'.

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All Catholic IQs are zero. All of you can't read a book.

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Got 145, but considering it hasn't been a year yet since I rejoined the church I say I'm doing fair. Pretty good site, but I disagree with the site owner saying priests should marry and have children.


I took the test some weeks ago and got 182 in the short one and 178 in the long one. I don't have a screenshot, though.

I got something around 160, if I'm remembering correctly. I remember I scored significantly higher than the average prot, but lower than a nun. Got a zero on the sacraments section. I'm not Catholic, so I don't know which official activities are considered sacraments and what they're called (with exceptions like the Eucharist and matrimony). I'd just take it again and post, except I looked up a bunch of the stuff I got wrong, so I'm pretty sure my score would jump.

Fun and interesting.

t. not even Catholic

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This test is just a mental masturbation session for its creator to jerk himself off about how much 'smarter' he is than anyone he disagrees with


I got stuck at this part because the last point about apostles dying in Rome isn't even in the Bible so I'll never know my score.

Also I'm pretty sure it marked my answer wrong for who decided the Bible and when; the closest choice available was 33AD, while the correct answer would be God in the beginning of time.

Psalm 119:89
Psalm 119:160
Deuteronomy 29:29

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I was raised "catholic" very poorly until about the age of 11. Since then, i lived pretty much like an agnostic. Now i'm 16. Five days ago, i decided to start to join the church again after a few vivid dreams about monasteries during the past few years and a really weird experience i had a few days ago reading a book about jobs and reading the "clergy" section. I'll be attending mass with my sister (she started getting interested in the faith again about a month ago) for the first time in many years tomorrow morning. This morning, I ordered a bible and two books about the faith online. I'n not sure if at my parish i will be able to go to conformation class or if i will have to go through RCIA.

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Lifelong baptist

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I am an Orthodox catechumen.

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Do your parents know you're using a pedophile website?

Is this OK for twice a year?

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this is a strictly safe for work board.

I started to take the test and then I realized that I was on the internet and could just look up the answers. It's an open book world, yo.

i'm what i call an "e-catechumen". prot parents won't let me do catechism classes or anything, so i just read about stuff online.

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Cradle catholic here

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I did the short version and got a 160 (I'm Orthodox). Pretty neat quiz just to test your knowledge of history and the Bible, even if we all might disagree on certain things. I'll certainly take the full test later this week when I have more time.

You don't read other books? You know, just to learn about history?

Doesn't mean you're not talking to a pedophile right now ;)

Yeah but it was called the "Bible" section. This was a trick question because the last point about the apostles dying in Rome isn't even in the Bible.

Cradle Catholic here who went to Catholic high school and Catholic college. I'm beginning to highly suspect my parents were retarded and my education was infiltrated.

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Acts finishes with Paul headed to Rome and besides that there's nowhere else an answer with Paul could've fit in the chronology of the answers. So it's just a low IQ problem, not a Catholic IQ problem.

I'm inclined to agree with you on this.
What does it matter what section that question was in? If you knew the answer then you'd get it right, regardless of whether or not the question is placed correctly. Or do you forget what an apple is when a math book has a question that involves apples just because the question isn't in a book about fruit?

here we go again

Not a Catholic, but I got 167. That was nicely designed. Thanks

Catholic of one year. This score was gained about four months ago.

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It's more the principle of it. If a progressive asks you a loaded question where providing any answer at all would validate their worldview, you shouldn't answer.

It's just unfortunate we got so far into it before the obvious trap question was laid.


I'm not baptized yet and learned most of my knowledge while lurking here, only read the NT in its entirety but have yet to finish the OT.
It proves that this place is actually constructive and even the inter-denominational fighting is useful to learn more about Christianity.
Nice website btw, the art is gorgeous.
Despite all that I don't have the slightest idea of which denom I should join… I have actually but making such a important and serious decision is very tough…

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I feel like I need to take a shower after this.
Also several questions confused me. Do the Catholics number the 10 commandments differently from the Orthodox?

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It's not normalized like a standard IQ test. The average for atheists is above the 100 that would be the mean in a normalized scoring system. It's just a flat score out of 202 points.