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Since the last thread was hijacked by shills let's keep this thread to point.
Let's share ideas on how to influence your surroundings to become more modest - that is - women near you to dress more modestly. This could also concern guys but I guess none of us here is the "alpha chad" who flashes his body around for women.
If you want to countersignal too hard, feel free to spam the other thread that has been derailed already.

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You are more likely to find men who go against the crowd, for better or for worse, then women. Most men probably still follow the crowd, but there are far more women that follow the crowd. It is more in there nature.

That being said, if it were once against considered shameful to look like a whore, most women would stop. There will always be whores in dark alleys somewhere, but now it's completely normal to be a whore. If they thought they wouldn't find love, they would stop. Whores are awarded in our society. In the past, it would be shameful to marry a whore. Now it's the norm. Even "parenting guru" Jordan Peterson's daughter posts naked selfies on our instagram, and his minions defend him. Call it what it is and you are banned.

The media, social media, pornography, feminism, and the sexual revolution are promoting this. We have not been liberated by the sexual revolution, but put in shackles. I believe that sexual imagery is being used as a weapon, such as when the Israeli's broadcast pornography into the homes of Palestinians to weaken them.

Women need fashionable modesty. They need to see examples of women who are really beautiful. Growing up, I always thought of women who were into church as, to be frank, unattractive. They could have been attractive if they had longer hair and dressed a little nicer. Women want to be attractive so they can attract men. I think it's important for women in the church to take care of themselves, not get fat, have well-kept hair, and dress in a way that makes them look like women, but not an unavailable nun.

I lean toward thinking the only for this to improve is for society to collapse in the sense that people are struggling to survive. Maybe then they will abandon what doesn't work.

But maybe if there were organized efforts to support women who do this, maybe using social media or something. I hear so many women say they don't want kids, and they're being tricked by society. The way parenting is presented on TV makes it look awful, and quite frankly a lot of people had bad families (single parents, being babysat by TV, etc). There should be concerted efforts to show people families spending time together, looking nice, in a well-maintained home because the women stays at home, eating nice home-cooked meals, etc. It shouldn't be too idealized, though. I think if all the filth were off the TV and instead women were flooded with examples of this, they would change.

I still can't believe women think it's great making PowerPoint presentations all day rather than maintaining a home and building a family.

What user says is right. Without large scale political change it will be tough to see a decisive change.

What I propose in the meantime is slut shaming. Women do respond to social pressure. When you show them that you personally do not approve of them slutty clothes, if they respect you, it may shape their clothing style. Do not remember that women are more malleable than men. Women need to be received by the society to get men and reproduce, even if their goals are twisted they still retain their mentality. Their mentality is of flock. Following other women, opinions of men.

Therefore if woman wears nice modest clothes, compliment. If she wears slutty clothes, point it out. I remember my friend wearning ultra-short shorts. She asked me in a joking manner "arent they short?" I said "yes, they are too short for my taste(they really were btw because you could almost see her panties)" In the end she was a bit ashamed, covered her legs with T shirt and when we went to church she changed her clothes because I said "if you want to wear that in town, all right then, but do not wear it into the church".

I work at a mostly women’s college, and 90%
of the girls wear yoga pants. It’s feels really weird.

Same. It’s a pain.

Isn't that every college that doesn't teach engineering?

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The Muslims have done some propaganda pieces on that matter. What do you think of the message?

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Absolutely degenerate

Exposed Elbows is ok for farm girl and peasant girl, not for noble girls indeed.

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idk if its like this throughout the rest of the USA but here in California when its cold most younger girls wear yoga pants and when its warm they either wear yoga pants or very small shorts

There's already a purity/no-fap thread. Use it for things like this.

True. I work at a school that mostly is nursing.

In the midwest, it is the same.

One of the few things I actually agree with mudslimes on.

No. In this thread we whine about how degenerate our age is. Purity thread is for practical purposes of nofap

Matthew 5:29-30 King James Version (KJV)

29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

You're responsible for your own actions, stop blaming others for falling into sin.

Individualism was a mistake. The Bible also says not to be a stumbling block. It is a man's fault if he looks at a woman lustfully. It is also HER fault if she is dressing in such a way as to provoke lust. To suggest otherwise is to reduce women to the level of children.

So I can just walk around in a banana hammock, and when it provokes lust in a woman I can say it's her fault?
Slut shaming should be encouraged.


Nowadays you can't tell a woman that she shouldn't sleep with 10 men in a month and you're supposed to feel bad that a man can't have "consensual" sex as easily any more as women will claim they were raped if they change their mind afterwards. We are so far from being able to slut shame both women and men into being chaste that it isn't funny.
Even our economy is increasingly becoming reliant on sex; almost all advertising is sex-related, clothing is always designed to make one desirable for sex, the popular music pushes care-free unlimited sex, etc.
I have no solutions to these problems of our Hell-world, I'm just ranting now.

We can only encourage chastity in our own women. My parents raised me and my sister right, it's not impossible.

Dress Conservatively. Button-Up shirt tucked in, Pants (or decent shorts if in the right climate and inclined to them), undershirt always.
Don't dye your hair, have piercings, wear gaudy rings or necklaces or arm-bands
Don't swear or insult someone else
When you can ogle a woman or are put in a sexual situation, turn away
If such a situation is neccessary for a job or some other reason, accept that while it may be construed as sexual, you will not treat it as sexual. Hard to describe this, but it's a mental switch situation.
Don't be overly flirty, funny, or obnoxious.
Don't approach a woman that is dressed shamefully. Be honest if confronted or asked about it.
Always tell the your honest truth, just say it in a way that is constructive (i.e instead of saying "you dress like a whore", say "I don't feel attracted to you" or something along those lines. It's more subtle but still honest.)
Workout but don't be boastful about it. Make it so that you are "desirable" and thus make it so your opinions have weight.
Have a well-paying job and a respectable position in your community. Same as above.

This is definitely something I do. My basic rule is to dress in a way that my grandfather and his father would recognize. My wardrobe now consists almost entirely of plaid and denim jeans and I only wear leather boots. I'm definitely willing to change things up a bit if a woman wants to tell me what to wear; so long as it adheres to the rule I mentioned above.

You're right, I'm just getting upset that I don't have a wife and the choices are narrow. I'm certainly not one who thinks that a debt-free virgin is the only option, I would be more than overjoyed to find a woman who is a reformed sinner like myself. But I refuse to be the man that the common whore "settles down" with.

That's a good set for work wear, I'd suggest getting a few khakis, some simple button-up shirts, and a nice pair of loafers or "dress shoes". Makes you look more put together. More important than that, make sure they fit well, and make sure you are fit too.

I have some dress shoes that I wear to church and for big events like weddings, is there something that is less formal that you mean? a particular style you can recommend? I'm a little skeptical about slip-on shoes as I've had a meter's worth of laces to tie every day for decade now. I used metric there because I didn't want to make a pun by using imperial measurements.

It's simultaneously a comfort, convenience, and social trend thing. It's not inherently malicious but if be lying it if it didn't grab my attention.

t. guy who talks to girls and knows their secret techniques

What are your honest opinions on polo shirts?

Social convenience sounds like an excuse to just do whatever society at large is doing.

Not to be a countersignaler but…

“And he shall take a wife in her virginity” -Leviticus 21:13.

Doesn’t the Bible teach that once man and woman have sex they are married, and after that if they sleep with other people that is adultery? I’d actually like someone to clarify this.

Picture unrelated to my post but relevant to the thread.

I'm not the biggest fan of them, although they are certainly better than a t-shirt or the like when the polo is worn properly. Great for playing sports though as sometimes they're made out of material that's good for sweating in.

I don't think so, I think its considered adultery no matter what if the couple isn't married to each other. But even if it is adultery, all sins can be repented of and forgiven. Which is what I meant by "reformed sinner". Not that I was looking for a Reformed woman who also sinned a whole bunch unrepentantly.

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Do you tuck the plaid into the jeans? I don't think tucked in shirts into jeans look good on me. I don't know why.

I think it looks fine if you have a jacket or something atop your button-down. Anyways, it's common in the southwest so it's normal to me.
Depends on the jeans, also; baggy jeans will look trashy, but well-fitting darker jeans look decent.

One problem with fashion is if you go too outside the taste of your time, you look like an alien. You can look like you're wearing a costume… like Reivewbrah.

Polos are good on shorts, untucked. They are not a dress shirt, but an athletic shirt. Good to wear when playing a sport. Personal preference on whether to wear tucked or untucked and with khakis. Never wear with Jeans, it looks childish.

What we consider dress-shoes were just called shoes. Think inexpensive, rubber-soled shoes with a small arch and dull color. I have a pair of brown bostonians that are comfortable and decent looking. You'll realise that most people already consider what I listed earlier "background" wear, meaning they won't think it's out of place. Tuck vs Untucked is 90% what you feel comfortable with. Personally, I prefer tucked with a jacket and untucked everywhere else.

Jean's and plaids are workwear; they are pure utility. They were made with durability, versatility, and breathability in mind.
Shirts tucked into Jeans are generally meant to indicate you are working. No loose bit of clothing to get caught in a moving part. You can roll sleeves, but should be rolled down to prevent sun-burn or spills. Of course, if it's hot and indoors you can roll sleeves and untuck (so long as you aren't working with machines). You can roll Jean's up to knee level to cool off or cross water without getting muddy or drenched. Can tuck jeans into boots to keep warm or prevent ticks. Whatever you do with work wear, know what you're doing and why and worry about fashion second.

Or a middle-aged yuppy dweeb.
Don't look like a middle-aged yuppy dweeb, please.

For me it depends entirely on how long the shirt is. Some of my older ones have shrunk and bit or some are just made shorter, so I leave them untucked. Otherwise I always tuck them in. It did take a bit of getting used to after going 10 years refusing to tuck shirts in when I was in my retarded stage.

I used to work a sort of retail job and there were a few days when I found that I was wearing almost the exact same thing as the 70 year old man on the other side of the counter. I suppose that's kind of what I was aiming for though, but without the weight gain or white hair.

Why not?

I saw my first mantilla at (Novus Ordo) Mass today - the girl couldn't have been older than 21 and was dressed modestly. I could tell out of the corner of my eye that she was focused on Mass and not me, which is refreshing tbh… I've noticed women constantly glancing over at me during Mass. Don't know why I feel the need to mention this, but it's just nice to see a woman taking her faith seriously I suppose.

good call. that's really refreshing

I often see very young girls wearing these types of pants; I don’t understand why these girls’ parents think that is acceptable. I only pray modest comes back and fashion or soon an even more degenerate form of clothing will come along

Why are these threads only about women? Men haven't been the most modest either. I see some guys walking around without a shirt on, shorts, and flip flops. It's pretty nasty tbh.

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hey i use flip flops and bermudas
it's a cultural thing here in Brazil

I could see shirtlessness, but wearing shorts isn't really immodest in hot weather, is it?

You are correct that men are also obliged to abide by modesty rules when dressing. However:

1) Men who go around flaunting their bodies in public in other to tempt others are generally either gym bros or homosexuals (or both, also known as /fit/izens) and I think it's safe to wager that most posters in this board don't fall in those categories. With women, however, even otherwise righteous girls are socially pressured into dressing in an immodest way.

2) Men are by their nature very receptive to visual sexual stimuli, more so than women. To prove this, you just have to look at the enormous amount of pornography directed at men (both heterosexual and homosexual) and compare it to the amount of it aimed at women. An exposed male leg does not have the same effect in a woman's mind than an exposed female leg have in a man's mind.

3) Actually this thread has pretty much devolved into a /fa/ thread directed at our brothers. As such, I will give you my honest opinion on shorts and flipflops. As my countryman said, they are very popular here. While I think they are a comfortable and practical way of dressing, I think it's sloppy, distasteful and a bit childlike to wear them outside one's own home. Unless you are going to the beach, that is. In that case, shorts are much better than speedos.

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Not necessarily, but I think wearing pants in hot weather might be a good form of self mortification.

Maybe in our decrepit, weak age it is. Not even a few generations ago men would wear pants, wollen pants, on even the warmest days. Shorts were reserved for strenuous work that didn't need the protection that pants offered or for sports and exercise and they were a lot shorter than the shorts most men wear today for those activities.
tl;dr, pants in hot weather is something everyone should do anyway and it is not a form of piety.

You're probably right.


To hell with modesty.

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How can I dress modestly for the gym?

Hi guys, woman here looking to dress more conservatively. With summer approaching, how short should shorts be?

At least half of the length of thighs?
One thing is sure…if the pockets are longer than the shorts, she is a thot.

T shirt, shorts.It does not have to be too tight.

depends on the length. If those are shorts up to your knees or close to it, I guess it is fine then.

This. The paradox is that men should keep women in check by shaming sluts. When that does not happen, women degenerate and the driving force for keeping the virtue up is gone.

Wear yoga pants under a skirt that goes down to just above your knees, of course, what else?


I like wearing those polyester polo shirts (pic related not me) and for shorts this is pretty decent advice.

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New girl at my church. She seems focused on the sermon as well (though I'm not the kind of guy girls get distracted by). She wears tight pants and has tattoos though.

People don't find it offputting when little girls dress like sluts because they aren't supposed to be sexualised. They then wear those clothes into adulthood and it becomes the new normal.

I often wear jeans even when it gets up to 110 here. I'm just not a shorts guy.

Wear a dress.

True, thank you.

This is the worst advice, summers where I live reach 104

I've been drafting up summer dresses to sew, a good alternative. :)

I'm tall, young, and wear a suit to Mass, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The amount of young women there was crazy during Lent, so I don't notice it so much now.
That's not very modest. I take it you attend a small conservative church?

Can somebody explain head coverings to me?

Wew lad you per chance a Moroccan kid living in North-Europe?
Switch it for a regular button-up shirt and roll up the sleeves.

Polite sage for late-night shitposting.

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I'm tall and young too, I'm a bit overweight though. I never put much thought into fashion.

I live in the anti-Bible belt (west coast usa). Idk the politics of my communion but one of the leaders is typical boomer conservative. But yes it is small and she's the only person there my age, or under 40 for that matter.

Isn't that a bit overkill?

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Smaller portions per meal will take care of that extra weight, and looks are a big deal when it comes to attracting women (no matter how much they deny it), so I'd be mindful of how you dress. Being a tall young guy in a church full of Boomers should catch her attention before long, assuming she doesn't have a secular bf.


Woman literally shouldn't even wear pants, let alone ANY shorts.

Uniqlo big poofy shorts are my favorite. They also have long skirts.

T. Male uniqlo stan

that's a big Doubt.
If you din't think a guy would wear it I wouldn't want a girl to either. Anyways, skits that go to ones knees would be very good for cooling you off anyways. The main issue I have is women wear very tight pants which are intended to "show off"(gross).

What about shorts under a skirt?

Cringe. I dont care what a woman wears.

I LOVE uniqlo's aesthetic, I'll check them out next time I visit the mall

I am really a woman, I don't know what I'd gain from pretending lol. I agree about tight pants, or especially those lululemon ones.

t. soy boy

You mean sinful, but not gross. If you find feminine bodies gross you're a queer


Iranians are very good at that

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Spend more time reading your bible and Zig Forums and the women who associate with you will become increasingly modest. Have faith and it will be so.

You're getting out on the street, and rolling up the sleeves makes it look like a decent short-sleeve shirt.
If you meant for training in the gym itself then yeah just wear a t-shirt.

What's the use when they're rotten inside ?

T. Christian from middle east

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Is that you Roosh

Nah, I'm not Armenian. I'm Lebanese.

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Bless you brother!

Hey Lebanon. I hope all is going well out there. God love you.

Great pic user. I've got the same one saved.

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Pretty lame of the mods to delet this pic. It was pretty tame compared to the other filth the spammers post.


This is now a gay porn thread.

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