Why don't your women wear veils 24/7? Do you not fear God?

1 Corinthians 11

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I wouldn’t marry a woman who didn’t wear veils to church. If I was married I would encourage my wife to veil whenever she was outside the house.

Yeah … no thanks.

Clothes worn to church are called "Sunday best" for a reason.



Blessed Theotokos

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Fudge off to >>>/pisslam/ immediately

Covering means hair in English.

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Imagine thinking the Early Church were wrong because fallacy Muslims do X so X must be wrong.

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No it doesn't.

I’ll take “Things that don’t happen” for $500, Alex.


is this some kind of a joke?

Kek this can't be real, i wish i could live in burgerland

well how long are we talkin here?

They don't need a veil if they have long hair

So what's the deal with head coverings? There's no explanation or reason why you should wear head coverings other than "God doesn't like it. It's wrong." Why? With the whole not eating of pigs and other unclean animals I can understand. Pigs literally eat shit back in the old days (And still do in some places.) But not wearing a piece of cloth on your noggin? There's no solid reason besides "It's a sin!"

This also goes for yarmulkes, curly side hair tassels for the Jews and uncut beards for Muslims. And why is it okay for Jewish women to wear wigs instead of yarmulkes all the time? It looks like hair. It's styled like hair. It feels like hair. For all intents & purposes, it's uncovered hair! Is this one of those "Catholic fish fry" things where everyone knows it's BS even though we all do it?

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Modesty, putting it on your head everyday tells you "there is something greater than myself". It also can help men not look at women lustfully due to them dressing modestly.

With the massive fap-boner guys on this board get for a woman in a veil, I'd say your assessment of "help men not look at women lustfully" is a bit off. If I had to guess, I'd say this entire thread is one big "post womenz in veils pls!" request.

You are a shill.

does anyone even know what that word means anymore? What would that user even be "shilling" here, common sense?

Shill - an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.


Juden spotted

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(((But goyim if you want to desexualize the public space, that’s actually a sexual fetish. Everything is a sexual fetish because our tribesman Freud said so.)))

And where's the part where she was shot?
Didn't happen.

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lrn2 ID

This is the internet, son. Literally everything is a sexual fetish. Did you forget where you are?