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Really makes you think.

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kyrie eleison, christe eleison

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They are enjoying this

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Now the question comes: was it yellow vests, anti-Catholic protties, Muslims, or just an unfortunate accident?

I'm not crying … I'm' not crying … YOU ARE … sniff :(

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False flag. Notre Dame is a crisis actor.

I’m betting on Muslims and France sweeping the police records under the rug


i think you have mental issues, if you believe that were the case


I can't even begin to imagine the art and history that could be lost.

Prots aren't known for destroying churches. Destroying statues and re-appropriating them, yes. Destruction of the whole church? Not so much.

What kinds of statues? Nothing wrong with breaking a few Aphrodites and Mercurs

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the burning church is a result of the decline.
Both result and symptom.
The worse part is that this is the state of whole Europe. Meanwhile pope talks about bridges and kisses invader's feet.
I want this ride to end already but apparently there is no end of this ride

the spire fell into the roof
it's already too late i fear

Pretty sure it is more likely for shitskins to burn it down rather than fellow brothers in Christ.


Let it be God's judgement against the pagan people of France. The damnation of an entire generation is a greater loss than the destruction of a building. Pray for the people of France to find Christ again and may God heal their country in his mercy.

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Anyone know the name of the company responsible for the renovation? I'm just looking for (((coincidences))).

I would think the Muslims would have used a bomb. My guess is that it's just an unfortunate accident due to renovations.

Please don't make me more mad than i'm already

why..it is important to know who celebrates this. It will strengthen the love and inclusion in the future you know.

what are the chances

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If this isn't a sign of ill tidings I don't know what is. People can only be pushed so far, and I can only see blood in Europea future. God help us all.

Calm down.

It's was either Muslims or Jews IMO.

Yeah but those were a month apart. Looking into it, it does appear that the renovations were fairly extensive and welding torches might have been involved which sparked the fire.
The more happening theory is that this was started inside (less likely) as retaliation for the mosque shooting, in which case things are going to get real very soon.

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According to this there are a thousand attacks per year on churches. 500 anti jew ones, probably by jews themselves and arabs, and 100 anti muslim.

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Betting on Antifa feminists or Muslims, but the fault lies within the Jesuits who advocate for both groups. You can't give a platform to false idols and claim that you're Christian.

When I was young, I prayed for a life of peace and fulfillment.

Seems together we'll have to choose our pick between the two soon.

I'm guessing the Yellow Vests. They've already defaced and destroyed several landmarks, so why not Notre Dame?

No…. oh my God

This was on September 8, 2016. I doubt there's any connection. It was probably just an accident.

the death toll rises as europe burns


Ah so the physical flames finally caught up to the spiritual flames.

France's cathedrals were burning long before these fires took on.

France is the most secular place in Europe. Let a country that actually care have the ancient Cathedrals, because France wants nothing to do with them.

Not surprising at all.
The chosen people have also decided to make their thoughts known.


I am not blaspheming, I believe, when I say


Mary weeps

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God's judgment on catholic idolatry

They think for now that it may be that someone messed up while working on the restoration work they've been doing.

I hope that there isn't too much damage to the statues and artwork that the church has. It would be sad, and especially so if this turns out to not be an accident - because then it would be blasphemy, and I can't imagine how much condemnation would fall on the person(s) responsible for this horrible mess.
I don't care much that this happened to a Catholic church though. I also don't care much that it happened to a part of French patrimony. I am not attached to the fact I live in France and I am definitely not attached to Catholicism. I pray, however, that there is as little damage as possible.

Most-holy Mother of God, pray for us!

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curse me and my neet ass.
never saw it irl, never will have the chance again.

Really? God waited 800 years, allowed it survive the 'reformation' and the French revolution and now decided to 'punish' it?
It is a punishment for the West and the current pope who seems to be actively working to destroy.

I hope none of the fire fighters get hurt.

When I first heard the news, I was a little suprised and said a prayer. Other than that, I didnt think much of it. I thought it being an accident, was the will of God. It was his church to begin with, if the causes the greater salvation of even a single soul, it would be worth all the lost artwork and memory.

found the kike

Given the state of India, one could argue Hinduism is a punishment in itself.

Grow up.

cringe bait.

The spire has gone, at least one of the rose windows is gone, the roof collapsed and the fire spread throughout most of the interior. It's probably all gone.

Europe is going through punishment though

Hold the freaking phone. What can I conclude from your post: God hasn't destroyed the infidels, therefore God doesn't punish at all?

Your hate blinds you more than you know. For your own sake, rectify this.

Now that's not very brotherly of you, user.

I do not think this is an accident

There's a silver lining, I guess.

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It's possible. There were some major renovations going on. Construction can start fires.

I know it isn't but I do not see why french people would want to destroy their churches by default.

Was about to talk about this

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I always wonder to myself what I would save if I woke up and my apartment was on fire. What would I grab before running the hell out? Some books? My laptop? My guitar? This sort of puts in perspective just how replaceable my junk is compared to what is held in Notre Dame.

Good redpill stuff saved. thanks.


What did you expect?

this was not a bait.

top kek m8

He never said they caused the fire, only how they responded was proof of their views on Christianity

You're praying for Mary to pray for you? What stops you from praying to Jesus himself?

John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

winnie the pooh kike.

The issue lies with those who are anti-Christian. If you fixate on that specific ethnic group, then you're ignoring the other groups that inflict damage to the institutions as well.

Assmad mod shoahed the thread. OY VEY!

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Exactly, so why focus so much on Jewish people? They're not our enemy. We have only one enemy and it isn't human.

Notre Dame means "Our Lady", you twit.

Is this bait?

Hopefully the damage is minor, glad the art was saved for another generation. Though on the flip side, God isn't happy with France

The North Rose window is gone.

lol no

That's sad, but not the worst news

Zig Forums needs to go and stay go. This is something that matters to us and your stink is making us sick. Go cry about Jews in your containment board.

i hope this is bait

Jews hate Christians, and they will only say differently while you continue being useful idiots.

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Workers from the reconstruction program are reporting the fire was intentionally set, though no concrete evidence yet. Take that as you will.

I wish these people could stop being evil for 5 minutes. Apparently to them a cathedral is a just a historical oddity.

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Don't worry friend, it's only going to get worse. The modernists are going to be the ones to rebuild it.

Ok it's worse than I thought.

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Can watch live and listen to commentary.

Did you see this on any site that can be archived, user?

France, and I suspect all of us, are being judged. This is just the beginning.

Right now it's just word of mouth. I'll get back to you if anything comes up.

"This building is not made of stone. It is made of living prayer" - some anonymous comment

Does it? Because there are hundreds of statues of Our Lady in my country from the 500 year war versus the Ottomans period where the intercession of Our Lady brought us many miraculous victories and saved our country. Our Marian shrines have survived the Turkish hordes, earthquakes, fires, 2 world wars, 1 'regular' war and 70 year of communist government.

The most important thing housed by this cathedral was the living flesh of Jesus. Let us be glad that it was rescued.

700 years of history gone in a few hours. 😧