Just realized that probably within our lifetimes there will be a Bishop of Mars...

Just realized that probably within our lifetimes there will be a Bishop of Mars, and the Eucharist will be offered on the red planet. Thoughts?

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There was a long expanding brain meme which ended up with Orthodox declaring that since Paul (or Andrew, I don't remember exactly) went to the heavens, it means that apostles have been in space thus patriarchate of Mars should be established.

Also Orthodox and Catholics stating that 40k fluff was part of the deuterocanon, though that was an edit of the original meme I believe

Papism will die before 2030 so no

based and Christpilled

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Fu€k off immediately

We will never leave Earth.
And we will definitely never leave the solar system.

It's not that shocking.
The russian part of the ISS is full of icons, there was a catholic relic on the Moon(or the ISS, can't remember), and Buzz Aldrin secretly took Communion when he went on his little trip to our satellite.

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The relic was orthodox, not catholic.

And also catholics took communion in space:

Also, there's a small debate, mostly for kicks, in catholicism under who's direct jurisdiction the Moon falls.

I believe it was an Orthodox relic belonging to Alexander Nevsky

Good. Of course you can't escape the sin of man, but having something like an interplanetary Benedict option open is definitely positive.

Neat, is there any theological issue which could go against this idea?

We will never make it to Mars. The biggest problem is we don't have any sort of fuel efficient enough for a return trip.

Same was said about almost every concept, like flight. If we don't have means right now doesn't mean that we won't have it later.

No. At best it could be some dispute regarding the administration of the planet and what do should it have.

Nobody is going to Mars space travel is fake as shit.


Don't need fuel for a return trip if you're never coming back.

You just hate white accomplishments.

NASA is part of the deep state.

Low effort bait

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The first man on the moon was an American white flown there worth German rocket science. Cry more, cry harder.

I'm skeptical there will be any permanent settlement on Mars during our lifetime.

They could put people into the stratosphere but if they actually tried to go into "space" the rocket would hit the dome of the firmament and explode.

Shill confirmed


When we colonize mars, will fundamentalists claim it's all a spook?

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I think Bishop of Cydonia has a better ring to it. To hell with Mars.


mfw the "Rome is home!" argument collapses due to earth not being hospitable to life anymore.

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I doubt colonization of Mars will begin in our lifetimes. The Moon? Maybe. But Mars is still a ways away.

We can't even get to the moon. Apparently the dog ate all the technology and we forgot how to leave low Earth orbit.

We didn't want to get to the moon anymore.
We had no reason to, once the international dick-measuring contest called the Cold War ended.
We were chill with renting Russian rockets to get into space, and sending a probe to somewhere once every couple of years.
Now that the Chinese now have space aspirations(including a moon base), everyone is suddenly back into wanting to explore the final frontier.

Mars is a meme. its low gravity and lack of magnetosphere basically preclude long-term settlement. I'm sure there will be mining and research stations on Mars, but it's more likely that space colonization will happen via large rotating space stations (with centrifugal force taking the place of gravity).
in any case, expanding into space will affect all facets of society, including religion.

No it won't. Terra forming Mars is practically impossible since the atmosphere is being slowly blown away by solar winds.

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threadly reminder that there can be no godliness on mars without our help, and we will never winnie the pooh get there with chemical rockets

the correct way is with fusion rockets, dont let that judas musk sell his shitty "houses on mars" pipedream, we need a concerted worldwide multinational effort or we arent going winnie the pooh anywhere, im talking burgers, Ivans, Krauts, Pajeets, the Yellow Man etc. theres no winnie the pooh way around it

heres a precursor to a legit Fusion rocket which has been feasable since the 50s, even this is ineffective, we need to get there in far less than a month with at least 100000 people, anything else is suicide


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There is no point whatsoever in colonizing mars.

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based and earthpilled


You are a dumbass
Earth is the cradle of life itself, life that will spread across the galaxy, coz we're gonna take it there.
In 500 years, you'll need an exosuit to step outside. You'll get a job as an asteroid miner, shipbuilder, or long-term colonist.
In 1000 years, we'll have colonies in other star-systems, where they'll settle, mine, make more ships, and spread further
In 5000 years, most of those planets will be fully terraformed.
And in millions of years, those terraformed worlds will evolve distinct forms of earth-based life, making each planet unique.
And your great^nth nephew (not your son coz you're obviously never gonna procreate) is gonna be flying in a huge ship from one life-filled world to the other, like the explorers of old, and wonder about his ancestors, and if they ever imagined we'd get that far.
And he's not gonna be thinking about you

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I also like to play video games, I really do, but I dont make assumptions based on them

rick and morty tier post tbh.

This is the worst HFY post I've ever seen. Put more effort into it next time.

Uh huh. Source on any of those claims? Last I checked NASA is too busy with polar bears to fund manned missions.