The burning of the Notre Dame cathedral is a grim event of incredible proportions for all Christians.
It has given us some truly Hellish imagery in it's wake too, how can then anyone calling themselves a Christian rejoice at the destruction of a place of worship meant to glorify God?
The only ones rejoicing should be the unbelievers and as expected, they are doing just that, for it isn't just a blow to Roman Catholicism, France or Paris, but to Christianity as a whole, then how can any Christian regardless of denomination, join the ranks of these people in celebration, these people who wish nothing but illness and death on Christianity and anyone claiming to be a follower of Christ regardless of their denomination?

I've seen this kind of behaviour from Protestans, Orthodox and so on, just why?

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FTFY. I am not rejoicing for one and so many others also take this as an affront. Not just this case but lately there are many vandalism against churches all around. I am pretty sure the end time is coming and this is probably one of the signs for us all human to get right or get smite'd.

Friend…there are people who, no matter denomination or religion, will rejoice in other people’s suffering. Do we judge the whole of them by the awfulness of some? Even God was willing to spare Sodom if He found a handful of righteous persons in them. Plus, we should look at the beam in our eye and refrain from being this much of a “claimers of victimhood”.
I’m truly saddened by the fire, and many Protestant and Orthodox friends of mine have empathised with us. I’m not here to o ask them to begum, I’m here to say not to generalise like that. Please


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would you say that about the old Jewish temple whose destruction Jesus foretold?


That's what the OP was implying, yes. He insinuated the destruction of any place intended for the worship of God is always bad. I merely brought up a counter-point. If you think pointing this out implies I'm celebrating over this event, you're just being emotional.

I'm not rejoicing over this, but I'm not mourning either. I feel sad for those who feel sad over it but I myself have no personal attachment to it. Simply because I do not believe Catholicism is Christianity, and I do not believe that this place of worship was meant to glorify God. I certainly do not feel like this is a "grim event of incredible proportions for all Christians", as a result. I wouldn't feel any different if it were a mosque or a Mormon temple burning down.
But I have no tolerance for anyone who rejoices over this. What is there to rejoice over? Religious people feeling deep pain because one of their most cherished religious building went down in flames? French people feeling deep pain because of their national patrimony going down in flames? Westen civilization feeling deep pain because a strong cultural and historical symbol went down in flames? What about all the money that will be spent on rebuilding it, now? There is no rejoicing to be had over random destruction and most certainly no rejoicing to be had over the suffering of others, even (especially) those you might consider your enemies. If you are not merciful and do not carry their burden with them but rather look at it and dance of joy, you are not Christian, and that is the end. This is literally the parable of the Good Samaritan - those who rejoice over this are like Jews who have no pity for the Samaritan who is suffering because the Samaritan is of another faith than them.

Notre Dame is a symbol of Christianity in France and Europe in general. I know that they will build it again but still the symbolism is too great to ignore. Please don't pay attention to LARPers and kiddies trying to be edgy, the whole Orthodox world is standing with you irl.

Pretty much this. Also, how about instead of mourning worldly structures so much, we give thanks that nobody was physically harmed from this? If people were rejoicing about an event that led to deaths, that would be one thing, but not particularly caring about losing great historic artworks isn't anywhere near that level of psycho.

People are worth nothing. What the hell are you trying to say?

Hey, easy with the edge…we are worth much not because of who we are but because of Him.
I’m agreeing with you on the need for beauty, but we should not go neither nihilism road nor materialism street here; it’s indeed a sad event, but at least most of it was saved and no one perished. We shall rebuild, and the scar will be a memento.

Not just the Orthodox.
T. Baptist
We'll never be able to replicate the windows though. And somehow I doubt that France will even try in its current state. Maybe the next generation will have faith, though.

Charlie here.

I feel nothing tbh and I visited Notre Dame in 2017.

Until frenchcucks start removing shitskins, the fact Notre Dame being there or not makes no difference.

Notre Dame is not their heritage, it's the heritage of Catholics alone. The schism happened 200 years before it was built and the Protestants grafted themselves out. Quit it with this retarded ecumenism, it is duplicitous.

It's a Christian church.
You don't have to be promoting ecumenism to acknowledge that.

It's an incredible sight to see really, some Muslims have more respect for the building as a Christian church than tons of people calling themselves Christians.

The internet is not real life. I repeat, the internet is not real life. Get off your computer, go outside, go to the nearest church of a denomination that isn't yours and ask them about what happened. No one will say it was a good thing. No one will be 'rejoicing'.

It doesn't matter if people perished or not. If people perished to save the Notre Dame that would be good.

This. Heretics have no business a cting like they have any kind of connection to Notre Dame.

You Catholics could all go straight to hell and God would rejoice.
Because you murdered and persecuted us?

Born and raised Orthodox and I spit on Catholicism. Everyone in the Serbian Orthodox Church hates Catholics, and almost every single Romanian or Russian Orthodox I've met feels the same.

That is not my point, but I can side with you on this. Truly a shame it was damaged.

You and your foolish countrymen are creating a divide that will incite more violence. I do my best to respect the Orthodox faith, but people like you almost makes me lose it. Of course, not that you would care.

Catholics were persecuted by your people as well. Clinging on to old wounds of the past makes you look weak.

1995 is not the past. Even now in 2019 you incite hatred between the Uniates in Ukraine and the Russian Orthodox Church. The fact that you willing to steal away Orthodox people from their churches and national communities is pure evil. You Catholics are the enemies of Christ, and of all what Christianity stands for.

I don't care about your opinion. God will destroy you, he is doing it already.

One internet tryhard does not speak for millions of Orthodox faithful. is correct, we stand with you.
I visited Notre Dame in 2009, I stood in awe of the majesty of the place. It is a shame that such beauty is now gone from the face of the earth.

It is though.

You're right, sorry for my comment. I cannot let hate get to me on such a Holy week.

I incited nothing, this is between your people. On your deathbed, please think about the wrath in your heart and how it's different from justice.

But I do. You are an Orthodox convert, but the vast majority of Orthodox faithful are not, and our nations have had EXCLUSIVELY negative experience with Catholicism.
If the West was swallowed by the Ocean tomorrow we would celebrate, because we could roll into the Middle East and restore the Byzantine Empire, and there would be nobody to stop us like in the Crimean War in 1853.

The recent past is not "past" it is not passed, because it indicates the current disposition of people. You can't possibly be this retarded not to understand this.

Your Catholic church and pope does.

And all of us converts have had exclusively negative experiences with our former denominations, yet we do not pray for their destruction. Pray for the conversion of the West, not its downfall. Pray that your heart is softened.
Furthermore, it was the English and the French, Anglicans and godless revolutionaries who stood in your way in 1853. Not the Catholics.

Yet you'll not find any official statement by a Serbian bishop saying "Notre Dame burn in hell" or something. But i've already read a bunch of supporting messages by clergy and laymen. That's why i said irl, i know that the internet is full of bilious people.

And you can't possibly be retarded enough to take your own Christian themed ultranationalistic aspirations seriously.

True this, think a short break is needed from this rabble, if this man's senile ranting was all there was to Orthodoxy, the faith would've died hundreds of years ago.


The church which has not burned for 800 years has had it's spire burned to a crisp, and not due to terrorism or arson, but due to an accident in restoration, which usually NEVER happens.
It's a sign from God and every true believer in Christ knows this in his heart.

France was absolutely Catholic by 1853 and it had a Catholic monarch. As a consequence of Crimea 1.5 million Christian Armenians, 750.000 Orthodox Assyrians, and 950.000 Orthodox Greeks were murdered by the Turks in 1917-1922, while the West just watched. Furthermore the West stood-by and most likely encouraged the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

Yes, I'm an ultranationalist because I want my people to live in peace and have freedom to practice their Orthodox faith.

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I'd go so far as to say whatever the cause, it is a sign from God

By coincidence this was today's reading:

But it was Solomon who built Him a house. However, the Most High does not dwell in sanctuaries made with hands, as the prophet says: 

Heaven is My throne,
and earth My footstool.
What sort of house will you build for Me?
says the Lord,
or what is My resting place?
Did not My hand make all these things?”

Acts 7:47-50

Tour guide: Welcome to Notre Dame Cathedral on the 300th anniversary of the Great Fire of 2019! The damage was repaired using oak timbers from trees planted at Versailles in the 19th Century for the cathedral, and aluminum and carbon fiber as needed for extra strength. The stained glass windows you see were cut with computer-controlled lasers.

Tourist: Despite their primitive technology they were… just like us…

500 years from now, the repairs will be as revered as the original.

Look, I understand your frustration. Catholics have persecuted us for centuries and have never ceased to do so.
And I agree it does sting when people put us in the same basket as them, even worse when it's the Catholics doing it.
But please realize that what you're saying is not right. Forgive our enemies. Forgiving them does not mean accepting association with them, but it definitely does mean not wishing harm and violence upon them, but rather wishing conversion and repentance, and interceding to God for them.

St Stephen interceded for his aggressors when he was killed. "Lord, do not charge them with this sin." Our Lord interced for us when we killed Him. "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do." Is your behavior in line with them?

And not only should you not curse the Catholics and pray that they go to Hell, but you should even carry their suffering with them in this moment.
Remember the words of St Paul:

A sign from God to do what? Who gets to interpret such signs and wonders? I've seen people claiming that this was a sign that means everything from "France should return to its Catholic roots" to "Catholics are proven to be damned pagans" to even one fellow claiming that it means Trump should invade France. So, who gets it right?

It's about what the building means to the west; it's more sacred in the public imagination than the Vatican, it doesn't matter that the only reason why the fascination with it is because of Victor Hugo. The burning of it says we have all lost our roots, the Real Presence in that building is felt by even the most nominal Christians.

Even people who have never seen that building have a stake in it.

Although I have good news, the rose windows are safe!


There is only one Biblical interpretation, God BURNS the things he HATES:

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Please address what I said.

Unless it was a muslim or atheist that did it, I don't see how this affects non catholics.

I want to add, if God wanted to remind people how great Catholicism is, why didn't he burn some modern art museum, or some atheist/liberal exhibition/conference?
The meaning of this is obvious and I've been saying this for years: God hates Catholics. It's just like in Revelation the Whore of Babylon is the Rome Catholic Church, because Rome is Babylon 1 Peter 5:13 says it clearly. It's really obvious, but papists could never accept it of course.

The only people clapping are Muslims, gaytheists, and LARPagans, and should GTFO

I know this already. We've tried forgiving and loving our Catholic enemies for 1000 years, and they get only more and more brazen. Catholic Croat Nazi-collaborators have murdered 750.000 unarmed Orthodox Serb civilians in 1941-45, when in history would such a genocide have been possible before? A story about an Orthodox believer being tortured and butchered by Catholics:
The time for forgiveness is over, our kindness and tolerance was only repaid with murder. Next time we must go Joshua and David on the papist heretics. The battle of Armageddon stands before us, and as things are politically right now I'm certain us and the Catholics won't fight on the same side.

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Forgiveness does not expect repayment in kind. Forgiveness is not an exhaustible ressource.
Hence why the Lord told Peter that we should forgive, not 7 times, but 77 times.
The time of mercy will end at the final judgement, because no further intercession will be possible and we will be judged right here and there as we are. Until then, you swear allegiance to the devil by believing him when he says that there is no more forgiveness to give. It is to those who cease to forgive (or who ever forgave to begin with) that the Gehenna is for, because we ask God to "forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors". If you don't forgive your debtors to the very end, you are putting a curse on yourself. If your forgiveness for your enemies is limited, God's forgiveness for you will be limited at the judgement too, but limited forgiveness is not sufficient to affect an judgement to either eternal life or eternal death.


*"who -never- forgave", not "who ever forgave". Sorry.

One must ask for forgiveness first to receive it, and I doubt the arrogant papists will even ask, notwithstanding that they don't even believe in God. It doesn't matter either way, God has shown us the path by burning Notre Dame, and all we must do now is to win. God is with us!

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And yet our Lord himself called on the Father to forgive his killers saying "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." Do you think the crowd asked for forgiveness? No, and yet Christ still asked for their forgiveness. One does not repay death with death, violence with violence or else you become like the Jews who repaid an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
If a burning church, even one so important as Notre Dame, is a clear sign of God's wrath then I guess the Protestants are right because Orthodoxy was condemned back in 1453.
Famous words of a thousand heretics, heathens, and Pharisees.


Yeah…on a personal level, tho, I’m glad for this has revealed how sickening the online “Christian” community has turned. Hope this is my last time visiting.

You're hitting all the notes. Have you ever read the Bible at this point?

Romans 5:6-8:

They're just trying to 'score' cheap points about idolatry and whatnot. And it's funny considering that the 'idols' survived pretty much intact and that the 'idols' that were on the roof were taken away for restoration weeks ago.
I think it is a sign that the Church is not going in the good direction with all this post V2 shenaningans and what the current pope is doing and saying. However, to say that this is proof that Catholicism is bad is funny.
Imagine prots converting to Catholicism every time some tornado blows off a prot church, we'd have thousands of converts.

Orthodox calling this is a divone punishment don't realize that we can just as easily say the fall of Constantinople was a punishment against the east

The truth is, everyone got the shaft in that. Orthodox naturally, but also Catholic.. for inadvertently falling into falsehood by looting the Eastern libraries and making a mountain out of a molehill with Aristotle. It led to the Renaissance and onward. A self-inflicted wound where many Catholics don't even see the culprit, but blame other things. They somehow glorify him, not realizing he's the beginning of their philosophical wankery - and eventually worse. Scholasticism eventually led to Reformation which led to liberalism which eventually led to atheism. And now we have degenerates smearing crap on churches and burning down cathedrals.

There are already Orthodox who say that 1453 was punishment so I don't see your point.

honestly i'm a little excited from it, I want to see how the diamond heretics fit this into their end times prophecy

what, are we /islam/ now?

I think the whole "God proved X is wrong, and my side is right, because misfortune hit him harder" is the christian version of divining entrails.
A historical narrative superstition, that's full of holes if you analyze it closer, that literally everyone has twisted and cherrypicked into supporting their side.

I want to slap someone whenever i hear this bullshit, and i sure wish it stopped, atleast on this board.
It's pagan and retarded.

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It wasn't, it was the work of men, CATHOLICS to be precise. Men have their own agency, but God uses the forces of nature to express his will.

Read the Bible.
God burns the things he HATES. You can delete this as often as you like Cathofag mods, it won't be any less true.

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Only sometimes, he still uses men as instruments of his will though. Such as when he ordered the Israelites to destroy the CaCanaanite

I hear this a lot on here and whenever I ask no one responds - the chain of the layer three is clear but can someone please substantiate the claim that it was specifically scholasticism that led to the reformation? I thought it was generally ackowledged on both sides that it was the development of unbiblical dogma (in part which may have root in scholasticism, sure, but I want examples, please), excess and the corruption of the Catholic Church that led to the reformation.

Thus it will be defiled

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Nostradamus Predicted The Notre Dame Fire

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