Tonight my church is screening the Passion of The Christ...

Tonight my church is screening the Passion of The Christ. I've never actually have seen it though but I have heard about it and heard it's rated R. Is it really appropriate to watch? I don't know if I want to see Jesus get tortured… Has anyone on here seen it? What was it like?

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It's very graphic, but it's necessary to understand the pain that Christ went through for us.

The suffering of Christ was spiritual. The physical pain was nothing compared to the weight of the sins of the world. Many people were crucified, only one bore the weight of every sinner while doing it.

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That's a dangerous line of thinking whenever I hear Protestants state it. It's true that Christ bore the punishment, but I cringe when some say he bore the actual sins (I don't know if that's exactly what you're saying). I do know that Luther started this nonsense however. He stupidly said that Christ "“that Christ should become the greatest transgressor, murderer, adulterer, thief, rebel, and blasphemer, that ever was or could be in the world.” He seems to be the first who said that Christ literally died as a sinner on the cross. Absolutely disgraceful.

The whole point is that Jesus didn't deserve it. He never lost his innocence or experienced anything like sin in a literal way. As the prophet said, he was wounded for "OUR" transgressions, he was bruised for "OUR" iniquities.

If he bore guilt in any way in any true sense, then he deserved to be punished. But he didn't deserve it. And he experienced no transfer of actual guilt or sin. To his last dying breath, he plead for his murderers to be forgiven. He was so holy that even an ignorant centurion could recognize it and said "Truly this is the Son of God." He wasn't spiritually suffering. He was full of love and just as strong as ever. And to top it off, he had the mind to do one last simple duty for his mother and provide her a new son with John and take care of her. Detailed in even the smallest obligations to the last moment.

As for the film, I think it's a great depiction. After you watch it, you should dig up some interviews of James Caveziel about the filming. He really put his heart into it.

It isn't easy to watch, but I absolutely think that you should watch it and meditate on the suffering of Christ as you do. You will come away from it intense gratitude for what He's done for us.

Thanks for the reminder, I was planning on watching it next week on Good Friday as well. I actually almost forgot about it haha.

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It's very visceral, very disconcerting. There are some inaccuracies here and there but overall it's an incredibly heartfelt and sincere work that in genuinely moving. Jim Caviezel (who plays the role of Our Lord) has reported being struck by lightening when shooting the scene where he preaches His Sermon on the Mount. Was this rumor just a marketing stunt? I don't know. Also as a Catholic, I very much appreciate Maia Morgenstern's role as Mary, it's incredibly subdued and dignified, her quiet sorrowfulness is haunting. While I don't think it's flawless, it's a pretty great film and I think you'll like it, OP.

Since we're discussing Christ kino in this thread, what did you guys thought of Martin Scorcese's Silence?

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Don't know about that movie in particular, but he made a very disrespectful and blasphemous movie about Christ once so take it with a ton of salt.

Watch this. The actor who played Christ nearly died, thunder struck him on the cross, etc. He basically bore much of the physical pain Christ endured.

Scorsese's movie was a great adaptation of Shusaku's book; but: the two changed he made…well, ruined it.


When Rodriguez apostatizes, the changes are subtle but very big… Father Ferreira, already apostate, is not there in the book; Rodriguez is alone, and therefore no one to suggest him that faith can be kept even after denouncing it in public for someone else's sake (something which is seen as a "necessary evil" in the movie but quite wrong in the book); also, the scene at the end when apostate Paul, the fallen Father Rodriguez, helps finding the Christian artifacts and then gets buried and burned with the cross…stray from the book and ruin the message of its ending, which is more open to debate.

So, a good movie on the struggle of a priest in a land of persecutions ruined by two changes. Can't say it was because of Scorsese, who is a former Catholic and who almost entered seminary, or due to "studio requirements" of some level.

The guy had an open heart surgery after this, didn't he?

G-zus, reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg in Tom and Jerry DVD intros.

It seemed to me like Hollywood was preaching to Christians to hide their faith and embrace the culture that surrounds them (Japanese in the movie and modern degeneracy in our case).

I watch it every Good Friday. Helps me keep in mind what Easter is really about. The message of Christianity is of the utmost gravity, and very much rated R, if you will. There is no need to shy away from even the graphic aspects of these matters.

I'm going to watch it tonight.

It's a little overacted, but that's because originally it wasn't going to have subtitles and just be in a dead language, so they had to ham it up.

Jesus did alsodescend into hell, the place that is absolutely antithetical to God in every way, the place he did not belong in, being innocent and pure, yet continued preaching love and forgiveness.

Oy vey, stop making violent movies goyim!

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Naturally, that doesn't stop those critics from giving any other film of a graphic nature good reviews. Their hatred for Christ runs deep.
It's set in ~33 A.D. and contains no nudity. Why do Jewish people despise Logos so?

It's an amazing movie, you can truly see the suffering of Christ as ,an innocent man, being punished for our sins. I literally cry everytime.
May God bless Mel Gibson.

How can you make a film that accurately depicts a crucifixion, let alone, the one of Our Lord, and not make it R rated?

It was one of the most brutal and senseless means of torture and execution ever employed in human history. The lashings, the mailing to the cross, the crown of thorns, all of it is a horrible act of violence that I'm glad is no longer used by society.

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Ive seen Militants in Donbass Crucify enemy soldiers. Its nuts

Yes, but it was triumphant and he was there to free people. He wasn't there to suffer himself.

"He led captivity captive and gave gifts to men" -Ephesians 4:8.

It wasn't a state of loss, but Jesus' final of binding Satan and ransacking the underworld. It was a dark time from his disciples' perspective, but not his.

It's apt that we're on the eve of Easter. We should always remember that even the period before the Resurrection is a blessed time.

May as well post an icon (that's Adam and Eve he's dragging out of hell btw).

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Who is the demonic looking woman carrying the devil child when Jesus is being flogged?

It’s satan and from what I remember the child was the antichrist but idk for sure

for the full experience you have to go to a mass where they play it and sit right next to the speakers

Behold the Lamb of God, Behold him who takes on the sins of the world.

Maia Morgenstern was a poor choice for Our Lady. Mel of all people should have known better that our lady immaculately conceived without sin would be perfectly beautiful like Eve and the physical age of a 16 year old girl not a haggard raspy voiced middle aged Jew.

You could easily read Silence as anti-Christian, doubly so that Hollywood made it. I don't think its against Christianity or anti-Japanese. Its really just a tale of one man and his test of faith. The culture and language clash is another part of it. All of the Japanese that converted were really only worshiping the sun and died believing in something wrong. I saw it more as a nationalist film, that Japan didn't change itself for the West.

No, he descended to the dead to bring the souls of his faithful with him into heaven. He did not descend into Gehenna.

I watched it last night for the first time. Just echoing the sentiments in here, it is difficult to sit through. Hard not to tear up at multiple points in the film. Seeing the words come to life on screen is something else. The visceral reaction you get when watching them press for his crucifixion with so many opportunities to turn back is so upsetting. I am absolutely shocked the Jews ever let this get made and brought to the screen.

I just watched this movie the other night, it was a very good movie. Although it suffers a little bit from Mel Gibson going over the top.

The movie didn't really need these bits in it at all, they were kind of gratuitous. I was more weirded out by how outlandish and awkward those were than the ABUNDANT amount of violence Jesus goes through. They're relatively minor though, and if you just brush over them then the movie is a fantastic piece. I was 100% sold on it when Jesus healed the guard's ear that Peter severed, and that was only 10 minutes in roughly.

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Also the fact that at the end they only really brush over the resurrection is kind of lame. It happens but it's kind of lackluster.

They're making a sequel that focuses on the resurrection, supposedly to come out next year.

Based. There's so much downer points going on that you REALLY miss that resolution.

Well, it is called The Passion, and that ends at the Crucifixion (or the Harrowing of Hell depending on your view). It means suffering/enduring which doesn't apply to the Resurrection.

How does this make Jesus look like a wimp?

what are you talking about?