This was an /r/atheism meetup. Tell me honestly bros, would a Zig Forums meetup look any different?

This was an /r/atheism meetup. Tell me honestly bros, would a Zig Forums meetup look any different?

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yes i think so

Probably less degenerates, soyfaces and fat people.

Of course it would. For starters, there would only be one woman there, maybe two, a majority of the men would have full beards and exactly zero attendees would be wearing graphic t-shirts.

Eh, probably not much different, no. Internet groups always have an idealized image of "the group", but the reality is much more …. human. I'm sure we have fat people here, ugly people, "soy faced" people. We are human and, therefor, imperfect.

Though we might have more dogs. Because dogs are awesome.

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Not really, just less women probably. It would be kinda cool to meet up someday though, so long as we kept out of denominational arguments

It would be better than that. Jesus Christ user, you're hurting my feelings now.

Really you'd have a lot more people wearing glasses.

I wonder how many of us wear glasses? I do.

Sure, it'd look different.
It would be very cringy, but not nearly as much as /r/atheist or Zig Forums meetups.

i love you

lol reddit

The (mystical) body is ready

The oldfags would bring their wives

All is missing is men wearing my little pony t-shirts.

As do I :)

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There's at least two I know of, probably optimistic but most good Christian women would probably avoid bringing up that they are female all the time. So maybe more

I don't know. I didn't even know that people could be that fat, that woman on the front looks just like that zombie from Left For Dead.
This image is seriously making me think about lifting (I'm skinny).

I do too, we should make a censo.

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There's one or two regulars on here who are women - they seldom mention it is all. I think pic related sums up the current state of this board; our secret club is sometimes mentioned on the Web by newfriends (greens), we get the occasional militant feminist, Jewish shill, or Baptist shitposter (browns) that come here and don't want to play nice, but otherwise the community is largely the same and outsiders must assimilate.

Kek. I take it you aren't American? About 1 in 4 of the women in my area look like that.
Do it! I've finally gotten into the rhythm of lifting every other day, and only a week later, I'm already noticing gains.

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Yeah. Unironically there would be people of every race there for starters. We got people from all over the world in this place last time we got a proper consensus. From North and South America across Europe through Russia and unto Asia.

Perhaps a better term would be "our obscure Taiwanese knitting board". Nevertheless, we've flown under the radar over the years and survived because of it, the same of which cannot be said for Zig Forums. We're very fortunate to have a place that allows us to discuss our faith, freely and without subversion.

that was an r/lexington meetup
stop bearing false witness

Prove it tigga.

You mean those "rules of /b/" written on the Gaia Online forums? Well, this ain't /b/.

LMAO the absolute state of the West

It would be exactly as cringey.

of course. It would look like pic related.

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Zig Forums meets up probably look similar to Zig Forums meet ups.

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If you want to know what a Zig Forums meetup would look like, all you have to do is look around your church.

based and breadpilled

It says so on the left

Is that chadtronic?

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What are you talking about, user? We have meetups every Sunday and they look like pic related.

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They looked like this in the 50s in the better parts of the community. Now they look like nursing home gatherings or ghost towns, depending if there's a holiday celebration going on at the moment.

Something about chadtronic that screams out child predator.

Maybe in your diocese, but in mine it's families and their many kids. Babies crying all the time, etc etc. Don't believe the memes you see online. Jesus' Church is alive and well.

I'm sure we have less than on reddit. This place is anonymous; so people don't come on here to make themselves feel good for magic internet points. I will be the first to admit though that I do browse chans to make myself feel good similarly to social media but I think we would still have a few OP pucks related. on a side note an user onetime posted his steam account and I was the only one who responded back. we have been playing various games occasionally and I can say that it really improved my opinion of the board. Even though it is one guy the few people I know who browse this board aren't LARPers and genuinely try to be close to christ. I think we should have more outside the chans interaction since I think we k8ssout on a lot of /comfy/ and fellowship.

I meant "missout,,

jUicy BBW mmmm

Dude it says r/lexington on a poster. Wym it’s an r/atheism meetup?

to give op benefit of doubt maybe it was a /r/atheist meetup at lexington

Just realised that if the media finds this board it would obviously be named "homophobic" without thinking

A Zig Forums meetup would consist solely of wide-eyed, frowny-faced, 20-something White guys, mostly of a generally skinny to skinnyfat bodytype.
And maybe like one token filipino and maybe possibly one token female.
I am very, very confident in this prediction.

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why do you think that?

Because I'm projecting.

Are you a mod?

It would look like pic related.

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It would look like this.

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I can be your token Italic person.
As well as the guy who has a general hatred for Communism as well as Nazism.

From Encyclopedia Dramatica:

There is no real set of Rules to the Internet, only a standard four on which everyone agrees (1, 2, 33, 34, and 35) and some bullshit rules that came out of nowhere. Rules 12 and 13, however, apply universally and ruthlessly, whether you agree with them or not, and people's reputations are regularly destroyed as a result of breaking them. While 8 and 9 here are intended to specifically refer to /b/ on 4chan, in practical terms, the reality is that they actually apply on virtually every moderated Internet forum in existence. Some forums might have extremely extensive sets of written rules, but said rules generally won't prevent the owner of the given site from banning someone for no reason at all, other than for the lulz .

Several of the other rules here, also function effectively as observations about Internet philosophy; they don't necessarily describe the way people should behave online, so much as the way they do behave. Although to a milder extent, this was also true on Usenet, which predated /b/, and was generally much less hostile; so they can be viewed as an important artifact of Internet history. Rules 18, 20, 36, 42, and 43, are also generally only true among atheists.

There have been countless renderings of the rules, all of which have sucked balls in one way or another, the earliest originating from IRC faggotry. Nonetheless, since all 13-year-old boys subconsciously crave supervision because their parents are physically and emotionally unavailable (much like converts to Islam crave direction in a world gone mad after leaving the family hugbox) , The Rules of the Internet have become a virtual Internets Ten Commandments for them.

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This raises the question, what are you packin lads? Gonna get me an AO M1 carbines soon

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If you're honest most guys would look like this.

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Nice try, FBI, but you won't fool me in to telling you how many homemade stens I have.

The internet culture can go straight to hell.


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Sorry glowtigger, nice try

(1) go to reddit instead if you want meetups. There is no need for any meetups.

Zig Forums meetup? When did this happen?