Easter is a time to celebrate. Shall I buy it?

Easter is a time to celebrate. Shall I buy it?

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Why the heck would you pay $200 for something that you can do for free online or, better yet, at a Bible study?

Those who extort the name of God for profit will find themselves a dedicated spot in hell.

You can buy it for 20 dollars in a bundle that comes with some hentai games

get it and share the questions with us

y is 200?

why is it in a bundle with these games for $20. what the winneh the poo is going on here

(((Steam))) is going on

Subversive (((strats))), son.!
"You can't pray with your penis between your hands" - William Reich, on The Sexual Revolution (Heavily paraphrased).

This user gets it.

They all have the same developer. He is just memeing

Steam cannot sell bundles or have discounts without the publisher's permission. Blame the publisher or developer for it.

That explains it.


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Don't do it, my tigga. There are several free tests like the one in catholiciqtest.com/

Alrighty here we go

Wish me luck guys

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Brother, if you just spent two hundred big fat American dollars on that, you just squandered the monies that God has given you. It's up to you to deal with your funds wisely, because that aren't even yours, rather God has entrusted them to you for you to manage.

Congrats on getting caught up in Ukrainian money laundering.


Maybe let Jesus in your hearts and you would be able to feel joy again as well my grumpy brothers.

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I'm more interested in that background, post that pls

Why do I feel like this was made by someone who hates the faith? That image of Christ looks like it was meant to be provocative. Why is this thread even here?

show us what the game is like

It is absolutely provocative. This man obviously wanted to cash in our faith during our most Holy Week. He probably believed we are stupid enough to buy it because it it has Jesus on it, and anyone who believes in that man has a brain parasite amiright? The cartoon styling doesn't do it any justice either.

You just bought it because you were curious how ridicules the game was going to be. Hey, it's not my money though.

I don't get it.

It cartoonish and like of that of a parody.


I forgive you but I hope you're just memeing us and refund this game after 1.9 hours

my reviewyoutube.com/watch?v=F9ajbpTjiv8