Will Polluters and animal abusers have to answer to God when they die?

Will Polluters and animal abusers have to answer to God when they die?

We all have to answer to God when we die.

Those that abuse Creation do so out of base sins(greed, sloth, wrath, etc.), and they will be held responsible for it.
I remember a romanian hermit priest saying that if you have a factory, and didnt equip it with the appropiate filters, even though you could, the people that fall sick are on your head at Judgement Day.

Yes, they will. So will the animal worshippers of this age.

A good pet is a gift from Our Lord, I think it's a poverty to needlessly abuse a gift God gave you.

This too.

Wanted to add to this. When you take for example, poachers who hunt rhinos to near extinction for the sake of their horns, which the Chinese think is an ingredient for penis enlargement medicine, I see no good in that. I only see lust, envy, and greed. It's a shameful act.

they can answer on earth if we can take over.

Do furries really worship animals? Or just want to be them?

I think it is best not to speculate on what furries do or don't do.

I think he means the sort of people who care more about the fare of polar bears which are in no danger from climate change than the millions of unborn children sacrificed to Moloch each year.

I'm a furry/kemono, and I can tell you this: the vast majority of us do not worship animals, nor want to perform acts of bestiality.
A majority of us use their fursonas not as a replacement, but as an "avatar" for some escapism (just like you would if you played a WRPG like Skyrim where you make your own character to escape reality for a little bit).

Most of us are, alas, riddled with fetishes of a sexual type they can't live in real life and explore through other means (art and roleplay), and too many of us are followers of the modern fads of SJW-tier intolerant "tolerance". But there are also those who keep it as an hobby and avoud pornography and lewd content.

What the hell is a kemono?

it's furry but also anime or something

That’s stupid. A furry a furry.

Girls with animal ears and a tail, the more monstergirl leaning ones having fur covering their forearms and up to their knees.

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top 10 bruh moments tbh

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Delete this Satanic filth


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My sins are filthy, and cause me great shame, but at least they're not anime

Now hold it, finding cat ears on a girl cute is now considered furry?

Well frick, can I crusade myself?

tigga it's Easter and y'all out here tempting people into sin? Smh.

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A kemono is a kemono; they are based on Japanese lore, compared to how western furries are more of a modern trend.

Nah, I suppose cat ears are just cute; just don't turn it into a fetish.

Also, I agree one should not post stuff which could lead to sin…


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You bastard you beat me to it

Very cool, though I might recommend grabbing the other two posts in the convo too for context:

Good, I can be useful

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That’s pretty funny


Why do you degenrates, keep making your sexual fetishes your whole identity?

degeracy is degenracy regardless of where it came from

Stop with this poltier fanfiction, japan is even more winnie the poohed than west at least the western men is starting to fight back in the japan their men are still dormant, even mishima realized that.

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I reported this whole thread because at this point, it just needs to be nuked.

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