Is booping her nose sinful?

Is booping her nose sinful?

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Inshallah even so much as looking at her nose is a grave sin

I'll play along, why would it be?


Guys he doesn't know what booping is

Unless preference, there's nothing wrong with her nose.

Should he?

I don't know, some user in another thread said that buying a religious game with your own money is a sin so I'm kind of on edge here.

Selling religious items for prfit is sinful because you're taking advantage of the faithful and using the Lord for profit. Buying them isn't sinful, just very foolish. In the case of "booping" someones nose, it isn't sinful. However, it is rude it the other person does not want to be touched in that annoying manner. By the way, did you make this thread just so you can show all of us that you think the gif is cute and you want to boop her?

☝️☝️☝️ this

Congrats, the whole board now knows you just LOVE touching female noses, I hope you have someone special to do that with. So what's your next plan OP?

bump to find out OP's plan

Should I?

A thread died for this?


Trying to make your YouTube more popular? Not happening friend, sorry.

And instead of a better one you made this comment. Seems like we really get what we deserve in the end.

When life gives us lemons, we should make lemonade

"Boopers" tend to be creepy fatasses (also overgrown children), so yes, it's a sin.


Well OP, your thread just hit over 20 replies. So tell us, what's your end goal?

Pre marital nose booping is a sin user! Marry her, then boop to your hearts content.

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Because of the arrogant look on her face not beating is the sin.

Also giving this whore attention is the sin. So yes OP.

Its a slippery slope, user. Soon you'll be rationalizing hand holding.