Daily reminder America is the modern day Babylon and god will punish it for its crimes such as allowing and promoting...

Daily reminder America is the modern day Babylon and god will punish it for its crimes such as allowing and promoting faggotry and abortions.

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Daily reminder America, and to a lesser extent all anglo countries, held out longer than any other country on earth, and it only fell due to degenerate european influence.

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Murder is mortal sin that sends one straight to Hell.

Daily reminder that we Winnie the Poohing get it. Now please stop whining, get off the computer, and help fix the problem

I agree.

This is true. New atheism and faggoty all came from England.

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Based and red, white and bluepilled

The EU is a more apt comparison, they rebuilt the tower of babel for goodness sake. That's not to say the US isn't pozzed too.

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by that logic most countries are babylon

Almost every country is a metaphorical Babylon. Our only home is God's Kingdom.

I think I read somewhere that God would've spared Sodom if there was a single devout soul. I think God will spare America because there are devout souls here, despite everything else.

Then again, I also read that Sodom did have a devout soul so when God destroyed Sodom, he just took that one guy straight to heaven or something.

I mean, the U.S. government is already guilty of atrocious war crimes and human rights violations so… God's already quite upset as is

Don't forget that even though David's whole lineage was basically awful, God nevertheless loved David to the point of tolerating them. Who knows, maybe George Washington found favour

Did you ever read the Bible?

True. But we're here because of anglos involvement in wwii.
I would argue US is the most decayed but England and western europe are close at heels….eastern europe is slowly getting there.

Kingdom of Judah got annihilated at the end.
I highly doubt that US will survive if he keeps going like this despite Washington and Lincoln

I don't disagree, but history seems to show that providence will give us some consolation out of it.

Lincoln started a civil war that killed more people than any other American war up to that point.
He was a tyrant and a madman.

Still mad that you can't have slaves any more huh? Just move to Africa, they love to sell their own to this day.


Give me the verse that condemns slavery. I'll wait. The freed negro has been one of the biggest disasters in modern history. They need to be sent back. They never should have been given the privilege to be here in the first place.

i really, really hate the current year argument, but for winnie the pooh's sake mate.

Blacks were never freed from slavery, the welfare state did to the black family what slavery could not do, that is utterly destroy the black family. Blacks are perhaps in one of the most potent forms of spiritual slavery than you can possibly imagine, there is probably no group that votes as far to the left than they do, they have been utterly enslaved by the (((specials))).

Which is funny, because under physical slavery, blacks were actually more obedient and had wholesome families and were more Christian, but now the inverse has occured. ]

Basically in this world, we are going to be someones slave, better be a slave to Christ than to be slaves to sin, and if there is no Christ we have no choice but to become slaves to the flesh, which will and must die.

Blacks really pay the price in that they don't think in terms of metaphor, they literally do not see the spiritual bondage that they're under, yet they have physical freedom they are utterly crushed and enslaved by the creature of hell at a spiritual level; a total inversion of their bondage has occurred to show the people who have eyes to see how chains for Christ sake can liberate a person, just as St. Paul wrote his letters from prison in total obedience to God.

How about the concepts of all people being equal and living your neighbor? Love=/= whipping for a lack of cotton production

It really isn't modern day Babylon tbh


I’m not a fan of slavery, but Christianity never supported egalitarianism. We are equal as sinners under God, but that’s about it.

which is why Moses who killed an Egyptian and the Thief on the cross, Paul, serial murderer of Christians are in….
Because Christ's salvation absolves all sin of believers but sin still puts a distance between believer and God until the spirit is united in heaven.


Daily reminder you must be 18 to post on this website.

tfw I discover Steve Anderson isn't really the meme pastor and actually a reasonable dude.

Show me the verse on which you base all people being equal.

Also reminder that heaven is a theocratic monarchy with a wall and extreme vetting.

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Multiple verses on that website prove my point
What does that have to do with slavery?

Wrong link, here’s the right one:

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There is a difference between murder and killing