What is everyone’s opinions on people who have used armed resistance against the abortion industry? I’m referring to people like John Salvi III, Paul Jennings Hill, and Eric Robert Rudolph.

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You don't commit murder in response to murder. Jesus abolished "eye for an eye".

It’s not murdering unjustly. It’s using force in self defense against those who are harming children. Was it not just to stop the slave owners? Was it not just to stop the Nazis persecution of Jews? If no one did, the slaughter and torture of those people would continue. It is in defense of others, not revenge. Psalm 94:16
Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

Slavery was abolished by law.
Again, law.
So, you think slavery would still be alive in the US if the 13th Amendment had not been passed?

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After a long and bloody fight against the confederacy. The slavery debate would have continued to split America in two and eventually led to conflict over it. And the south did not see the slaves as humans because they were muh 3/5s human or whatever.

Did you forget about the literal Second World War? If we did not intervene you really think that they would just stop killing them because they got bored of it? No! They were going to exterminate the Jews as they weren’t seen as human. And that relates to today as the pro-choice movement wants you to believe a child isn’t a human because it’s muh clump of cells.

We can’t expect God to do all the work. Currently we are on the verge of infanticde in many states, action should justly be taken to prevent abortions for happening. I am not a fan of killing but burning and bombing of clinics would work.

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Conflict was needed to stop the slaughter of peoples deemed “not human.” Yes there was the legal aspect to criminalizing slavery but did that stop the south from fighting to preserve their rights to slavery? Not at all. The 13th Amendment was passed AFTER 4 long years of war, costing the United States it’s most amount of troops killed in a single war.

The Holocaust wasn’t stopped until the Nazis were forced out of power and the camps liberated or destroyed.

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Anonymous arson campaign with confirmation that nobody's inside the building and that the property's owned by Planned Parenthood and not being leased.
If it's being leased, then try convincing the landlord rather than destroying the property. Most people don't know what goes on in an abortion center.

I'm not at all surprised that someone who doesn't know how to reply to posts thinks that the American Civil War was fought exclusively over slavery and the Second World War was fought exclusively to save the Jews for evil Hitler it was definitely fought to protect Jewish interests, not necessarily to end the genocide

Planned Parenthood doesn't perform abortions on site. They refer the patient to a hospital, where a doctor performs the actual procedure. Burning down a PP clinic will only get them more sympathy and donations.

All right I’m new to Zig Forums so whatever. But yes I do realize that the Civil War and the Second World War were not fully conflicts in order to end the barbarism that a group was doing. The Civil war was originally for preserving the Union and the Second World War was fought to end the tyranny that the axis nations forced upon nations they conquered. But again, some conflict was going to happen over slavery even if the South did not secede from the Union. And for the Second World War, the holocaust was part of the evils that the Third Reich was committing, and many nations waged war against them for that purpose (Invading Poland and Belgium, Etc).

I think Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas would disagree.


No it wouldn't. It would only be temporary and the insurance would just pay for a bigger and more modern murder den while also justifying to the demonrats that abortion is nesscary to prevent crime.
On top of that, when you get caught (and you will get caught) you will only make Christianity look bad.

Vigilante "justice" will always backfire.

wrong and wrongpilled.

since you are talking about vigilante justice, what do you think of that deranged serial killers who progressives today laud as a """hero""" for fighting slavery by murdering a slave owner with his family by hacking them to death with axes? This was shortly before he took over the national armory and tried to incite a race war. Them more I write about this guy the more he sounds like Zig Forums and that Christchurch shooter.

The Confederacy did not exist for slavery, slavery could have and would have ended on it's own. If you think Abraham Lincoln cared a half a penny for the freedom of all the slaves in the South you would be mistaken. The war against the Confederacy was all a part of his power grab or "preserving the Union".

It's comical that this is where Christians are making their last stand and it somehow never occurred to them that they should have fought with all the same vigor to prevent the conditions which lead to abortions from happening in the first place.

If you aren't going to fight against "women's rights," then you have no business saying you're against abortion. The two are fundamentally intertwined. Abortion is what you get when you act contrary to God's law and allow women to winnie the pooh whoever they want without consequences, vote in elections and enter the workforce.

I think the Industrial Revolution was disruptive (and changed the way daily life was structured) so radically that women were indeed seen as a disenfranchised class (not having the right to vote, work, etc (not that this means that we should have allowed no-fault divorce)). This re-structuring of life, based around industrialization, made it so.

Killing abortionists isn't a sin, but doing so without god's authority is. So they didn't commit the sin of murder, only the sin of not submitting to their superiors, which 95% of Catholics don't do anyway, so I think they are in heaven, or at least purgatory. If they were protestant and did it, they are in hell most likely and probably only did it for their own glory.

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Romans 13.

He wasn't wrong tho