Easter bomb blasts in Colombo Sri Lanka

Bomb blasts in Churches, Hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka. 50 dead, 500 injured.


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129 confirmed killed

138 dead. 402 injured

Keeps climbing up

This needs to be bumped. Why does no one care?

because they'd rather respond to bait

I care.
I've heard about it this morning just before easter breakfast. Sorry but I'm in a bit of shock and I don't know how to respond.

This is terrible. This whole week, a Holy one at that, us Christians have been taking a lot of shit and hate around the world. And now, the day of our Lords rising, they kill us. Why are people so against us especially in our most Holy days? Prayer is the only thing else I can say.

It's a real mystery user

Okay Brent why don't you post your address so we can send the Deus Vult truck to pick you up?

Don't joke around. You wouldn't be fooling around if someone you knew and loved died in that attack.

I wouldn't fedpost on a publicly accessible and archived web forum either but you do you.

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That is sad. May the Lord have mercy on all those souls and comfort their families.

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What's sad is it's not surprising. I was just thinking about last night all the Christians in the middle east and such are so brave for going to church on Easter Sunday.

Probably a construction or electrical issue

God help us!

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Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

A judaizing mod banned half the board in last weeks big Christian terrorist attack thread (notre dame)

I was in the thread. For some reason responses were being greentexted, but no matter how many time I reloaded the page the disputed images were still there.
pic related.
you can still find them the thread is still up.

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uploaded the same image twice on accident. this is the other one I meant to post.

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up to 290
why didn't God just stop the bombings?

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That begets an interesting question. Surely he could do if he wanted to. How would we know if he did?

Then free will would be a lie:

Am I going to get Rickrolled if I click that?

Only if you are a Calvinist.