Mods are asleep. Post rare Popes

Mods are asleep. Post rare Popes.

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Pius XIII when bros

Keep praying the rosary everyday and hopefully the Holy Spirit will make cardinal related our Pius XIII.

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Based. I also like Leo XIV and Urban IX.

Catherine of Siena was wrong about France & Roma

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He's not the pope we deserve, but the pope we need right now.

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Ave Maria.

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Would you rather go to prison for 3 months, or be locked in a room with Pope Francis for an hour without your shoes and socks on?

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Pope Francis truly is a humble man. He isn't perfect, but no Pope is.

Do you think some of these people posting him kissing feet may have a fetish?
I mean, saving aaaall these pictures of one specific thing…

John 13:14

Maybe. The same could be said of the people that save these photos and say

I found them on google friend. You can easily find dozens, there's no need to save anything.

I would rather think that the people who kiss feet have a sexual fetish, than the people who expose this disgusting deed.
Christ never kissed anybody's feet, nor did Saint Paul, even though the popes are not the inheritors of St. Paul.

Sounds like a (you) problem, tbh. You can learn a thing or two about humility and service.

Still active and alive, so not rare at all. Please adhere to the spirit of the thread.

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Will do, chief.

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Why Pope kiss a book recited by pedophile?

humbling himself politically so the muslims may sit and speak peaceably with him probably

Well, that pope in particular was a pedophile himself, so he might have been sympathetic

Every idle word, friend.

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VERY rare, handle with care

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I'd rather post gay porn.

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