This applies to all Western women yet there are White Knights on this very board that would defend these harlots and...

This applies to all Western women yet there are White Knights on this very board that would defend these harlots and their sins. Shameful.

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The hell you're talking about?

My sister doesn't do that, nor does my girlfriend.

I experienced different things last night user.

Grow up kid.

I-is this the power of the boomer?

I don't care what you experienced, it doesn't mean the entirety of western women are that way. You're acting like a child.

Case in point. Grow up.

You have to be over 18 to post here.

Log off then, you're breaking THE LAW.

You do realize that a) the minority doesn’t make up the majority and b) this is why you’re single

Western women lack any sense of modesty. Not only outside of the church, but inside as well. They have no problem going there dressed as whores, in fact the concept of being a whore and being a woman are increasingly becoming one and the same.

Based Anderson, is that you?
[Spoiler]It's man's fault for allowing them to dress this way[\Spoiler]

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Why can't I remember something as simple as spoilers

I'm going to tell you the same thing I tell everyone who brings this up: prove it. Next time you go to church, take a picture of the congregation. Prove to me that the women in your church are dressed like whores.

You'll now say the same thing everyone says when asked for proof: "w-well not MY church".

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Oh sweet summer child, whenever I see Shani'qua in her best turquoise church dress my resolve is thoroughly tested.

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Taken this Friday. You really need to get out of your bubble user.

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oh, sweetie….
it's called "turkwise"

Out of all the seasonal churchgoers at my parish today, I think only one woman wore a dress that exposed her shoulders.
It was funny seeing women dressed extremely modestly not knowing how the Mass was run. I ended up helping a lady across from me find out where exactly we were in the missal.

White knights is not a thing. There are betas and cucks for sure…then there are real men. "white knight" is a mockery to make all women look bad and turn the good men against even the good women.

I know many chaste and nice girls who are not whores. Grow up.

the next question is: Are you even the man worthy of the achievements of your ancestors?
Tbh I am not so I am going to work on myself so they do not feel ashamed in heaven when my name comes up. Instead you know….whining about how deenerate things are. Yes they are we all know it. The question is what will you do with yourself to counter that.
The question is are you willing to stand among the ruins on your own or are you lying down, eating dust and just insulting everyone because you're not willing to get up.
And do not waste your time with whores. Go for high quality women.