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I went to Mass today for Easter at a different parish than the one I regularly go to since I went with my grandmother. My parish is full of mostly old people, but surprisingly at her parish it's a lot more mixed. I saw a lot of pretty church girls there (don't worry I didn't lust after them or anything). After the Mass everyone gathered into a coffee hall to share some breakfast. I wish I could've talked to at least one of those girls but I didn't get the chance. It just makes me really sad because I wish I had a girlfriend. A nice, beautiful, loving, Godly girlfriend that I could marry one day. I've never held a girl in my arms before, nor have I ever kissed one. Maybe I'm just too ugly or stupid… :( I know I'm still young but I've been out of school a little while at this point and I feel like I missed so many milestones someone my age should've already experienced. Please pray that God will help me find the right woman. O Lord, please help me. Please help me find a girl to love. :(

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I didn't kiss a girl until I was 25, then I married her at 26. Don't worry man, you'll get there. How old are you? Early 20s? I will pray for you.

I'm in the same situation user.
I'm 21 years old and the only gf I've ever had was in freshman year of high school, still a virgin

Sincerely, good for you. Keep it that way until after the wedding.

I'm not praying for that shit, man. Get a hold of yourself and stop being a pussy. There are more important things than your dick desires. Sorry to be harsh, but it's true.

i have no wife, i haven't do anything productive to get one, why me?, god doesn't respond

praying won't get you anything. Go talk to girls

Reminder that having a girlfriend is degenerate and adulterous
If you are not doing courtship mediated by your parents, what you are doing is prolonged adultery. Marriage is the only proper place for romance. Trying to do it outside of marriage is just setting yourself up for sexual sin.

lol we /islam/ now

Sort of this. I think anything done between to unmarried "daters" that expresses any kind of ownership over the woman is wrong. This includes hugging and hand holding. Unmarried couples who winnie the pooh cuddle and shit at mass make me winnie the pooh sick. It sounds like a lot to ask, but it really isn't if you both are on the same page about it and about what marriage actually is. If you are, you can "date" for like 6 months and pretty much know if it's gonna work out or not. Having it mediated by your parents is retarded though, most parents will get their daughters on birth control willingly these days.

Back to reddit, cuck


Having it mediated by the parents is no less than what is expressed in the Bible. Simple as

"Take wives for your sons and give your daughters to husbands"
Jeremiah 36:6

for reasons probably having to do with

Women these days grow up being fed the extended courtship model and serial monogamy. They will see you trying to pressure them into marriage as being a needy loser who is raising the stakes way too high for something that's supposed to be fun and meaningless in the early stages. Even if she is a good Christian who understands your reasoning, she still might want to drag it out to see if she can't trade up for a better man.

You bypass this by completely ignoring what she thinks and going through her family instead. Of course, there are indeed a lot of cuck dads out there that won't go along with traditional courtship, which is yet another reason one should find a traditionalist parish.

Go back to /r/Christianity you happy Jesus lukewarm heretic.

Where do you find a "traditionalist parish" in end times Europe?

would be easier becoming a muslim user.

Eh, look here. This kind of belongs to relationship thread. Sometimes I pray for people who seek wife as I do.
But the catch here is: why did you not talk to any girls at all?
I mean…prayer is powerful it is necessary. But it won't do much help if you do not get out there and talk to girls. Other than blogposting in separate threads…make attempts, pray, post about your progress in relationship general and get hold of your situation more. This just looks like whining online instead of doing something is right. Our prayers won't mean much if you do not get hold of yourself.
Get to self improvement first of all.

Are you the man that would be a good father? A stable center that would support his wife? Are you out there already having your sh*t together looking for the woman of your dreams?
If not you know exactly what to do. On the top of that pray

There is literally nothing wrong with dating

Most Christians idea of dating is just courtship. Settle down.

I just vomited in my mouth.

No one would do that

Fathers happily support a man who has something to offer

I have prayed for you OP


There is nothing wrong with dating and having girlfriends. It is good to suss out how well you work together and if the relationship would be a good fit for marriage. As long as it is done chastely. Chaste, but with some physical intimacy of course. Nothing wrong with a bit of hand holding, or kissing.

Don't listen to the people in the thread who are saying "dating is evil", "cuddling is wrong" etc

They are probably Catholics, and Catholic men have a bit of a reputation for being highly effeminate and passive. Like, there is a line between being chaste and being effete. Masculine sexuality is part of being a man. It should be controlled and only expressed for the good of others, but never suppressed outright.

Not even catholic but this bait is weak

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Hilarious projection.
I'm catholic. My wife and I started out as dating and was encouraged by our parents. Maybe one day God will bless you with the responsibility of having to take care of a woman. Maybe.

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Dating is not the same thing as adultery. You know..if you want to marry a woman you need to know her well. Arranged marriages are no longer a thing. To get to know her you need to date her in a sense that you go out with her, talk with her..basically find out who she is.
Perhaps if you two

had a girlfriend at some point in your life you would understand that having a girlfriend does not mean you masturbate/fornicate.

You've gotta put effort into improving yourself and meeting women if you want a gf, user.

Only if you choose to engage in those activities. As the man in the relationship, don't tolerate cohabiting, drinking, or anything else between the two of you that could lead to fornication, and you'll be fine.
Implying all of us have parents who are devout Christians in stable marriages, and implying said parents have our best interests in mind. This is a generation of druggie, childish, liberal Baby Boomers with high divorce rates we're talking about, user. My dad bitched at me when I turned 18 because he could no longer collect social security off me and put that money towards getting high.

Yep. Most mothers encourage their daughters to get into """modeling""" for heaven's sake, and the fathers just sit back and allow it like the castrated faggots they are. How are parents like these supposed to be mediators?

Bait but I'll bite… Novus Ordo Catholic men *are* a bit effeminate, I'll give you that. Dating is not evil, you should get to know the person you're interested in spending the rest of your life with, as long as it's not too intimate: you shouldn't be living together or going on vacation without any friends to keep an eye on you. And as for cuddling… It really depends but I would refrain from anything more than a kiss on the lips or a hug.

shut up, slut


Don't worry about the world and it's degenerate milestones. Pray to God, let Him guide you in this search.

Also improving yourself couldn't hurt, but this can become a great vanity too.

There is so much vanity and so little humility in our world today. Humility is the characteristic of a Godly woman.

t. Larper who cannot even ask a girl out for a coffee

this is a slide thread. quality of last decent board in the world dwindling fast. just a reminder. mods wake up now

No, sweaty. I'm 6'2, white, blue eyes, broad shoulders, and if a girl says yes to a date, it's because she wants dick 99% of the time. It's worse the older she is. And even the shy girls who are afraid and nervous about sex will eventually let some guy winnie the pooh them.
Every single time, or worse. Why should I even bother with someone who doesn't have the same endgame as me? You literally just have to get lucky and find a unicorn, and all the unicorns are usually taken by soft little bitch men before they graduate high school. Close your legs and go back to Crystal cafe, sweaty

This is so true its ridiculous

Based Chad post.

Maybe you should stop going for Asian women you racist prick

I'm about to break up with my girlfriend, it's really not all that great and a lot of stress that comes with the relationship. But I guess it's better to be hurt than to feel nothing…

Good luck! It's gonna hurt at first, but let your sorrows be known to God and He will be your comfort. It'll get better.

Sorry if this is your case. I am not sweaty, not as tall as yourself, my eyes are not blue but I am of european ancestry average looking guy. I did not have the experience you had because I rejected the thots early on…some girl sending me tits, etc. never happened then. My first gf was liberal about sex, but others were not at all. And even the first one was not a thot as you describe it. I guess I encountered 3 unicorns in my life then…2 definitely who had the intention to have sex after marriage.
Ok. then. You are all aggressive when someone counters your opinion then act all hurt and throw even more insults. You must be a fun guy to be around for sure.
That's why you exclude whores early on, on the very first date.
I have went out for a coffee with few thots too…but when I recognized they were thots I never asked them out again.
Ok. then just give up. If anyone trying to motivate you is sweaty loser, not as blue eyed aryan chad, why even listen to them right.
Anyway I am sorry to hear this is your experience. Too bad then. But that
1) does not make others losers/sweaty
2)does not make all women thots - most of them today are however. Choose the path you like: trying and failing, eventually finding the woman or giving up, that's your choice
3)does not make dating a sin de facto. There is dating and then there is sex dating.
because you do not have to have sex with the girl you date, you do not need to masturbate her or anything. You may even refrain from kissing if she is that conservative.
Please explain how this courtship is sinful. I get that your experience is bad but that does not mean dating is by default sinful. And I do not see a great prospect in the "courtship permeated by father first". But by all means go ahead and try that I am curious about how that works out for you.

Good luck Chad.

he may be right about the general state of most women but defeatism is not that based.

First off I wasn't trying to call you a sweaty loser. I was implying that you were a woman. It doesn't seem like English is your first language, I was just joking a little. And I don't deny that unicorns exist, but they're hard to find unless you're born into some kind of community of decent people. I was not. If you've met 3 of them, then I assume you probably have a good community based around your church and the people there don't look at you like some kind of delinquent. Which is why I said that most actual unicorns are taken early by guys who are born I to the church and whose parents have friends with kids in the church so there is already an icebreaker for them to meet. And like I said, the guys who end up with these unicorns usually are effeminate and don't realize what they have. This is just my experience in America, maybe it is different where you live.

So yeah, call me a defeatist all you want, but I'm not gonna waste my time looking for unicorns. I have to work for a living, I'm not some college kid living off my parents money with 4 years of free time to go look for pussy. And anyway, it's really not that important to me. Having a wife and kids isn't the point of life, the point is to be saved and see the face of god. Everything else is secondary. I always see people calling guys like me "defeatist" and I think it's winnie the pooh retarded. One time me and my friend decided to go to this river and pan for gold. We spent hours and hours over the course of two weekends sifting through dirt and sand and only got a couple little flakes of gold. We even spent 100 bucks on this bucket thing that helps you filter out rocks and larger grit. Plus all the gas money we spent and food we had to buy. eventually we cut our losses and give up. We were retarded for thinking we could get rich from pulling money out of the dirt. Does this make us "defeatists" like you say?

Good luck finding your unicorn bro, I really sincerely hope you do. I don't want you to end up alone your whole life. I don't want to either, but I just can't be bothered to dedicate any time to what I see as a fools errand.

Don’t be a doomer, friends.
I found a wonderful woman when I thought I never would.

Oh, Ok. I am not woman and not an englishman.
yeah maybe that's the issue but this shit comes to Europe too for sure. One of them I know little, we were together for few months…but my ex and the current gf are both classified as unicorns by today's standards. So I guess right now I have found second unicorn…and I want to continue my bloodline so I will take the chances…maybe it's the thing that our countries are very different, mine is not as degenerate as yours to make me that pessimist about everything.
My first and foremost point was not that you are defeatist, but that dating is not a sin. You guys never expanded on that besides calling out the degeneracy of modern age. Then you claim that all dating is futile because women are degenerate. Well let us suppose there are few good women at least in my area there are. In your area there might be less of them…but God may send you a good woman. I was on the verge of being defeatist half a year ago.
Nope. But I don't know man. The european birth rates are all time low and we're not doing fine so I will rather waste time trying than doing nothing at all. I know it is not everything,but I think this is my path so I will take it. If you feel like you have a different path, be on it, sure.

Every country is as sinful as the next if you look in the right places.

Courting is not the same as dating. Dating is a vague modern concept that may or may not involve fornication. It also involves the man investing money, time into strangers that he barely gets to know. That is not how couples used to meet in Christian societies.

Pray I find a well hung guy to suck off.

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Then the word of the Lord came to me: “You must not marry and have sons or daughters in this place.” For this is what the Lord says about the sons and daughters born in this land and about the women who are their mothers and the men who are their fathers: “They will die of deadly diseases. They will not be mourned or buried but will be like dung lying on the ground. They will perish by sword and famine, and their dead bodies will become food for the birds and the wild animals.” (Jeremiah 16:1-4)

In the same boat at 28.

I've finally been made to understand that it would be a mistake for me to marry right now.

A husband must be able to guide and teach his wife and children spiritually, with knowledge, conviction, careful study, and grace, and furthermore he must do it constantly.

I am not capable of that right now. I've always been soft on this.

Anons, you must become mature men of Christ who can teach if you wish to be husbands.