They won't even say "Christians"

Those satanic devils can't even say the word "Christians". There are trying to ethnically cleanse us, to genocide us, make no mistakes.
They all got the memo and they all have to say """Easter Worshipers""" now, (((they))) wouldn't want Christians to get sympathy and to be recognized as legitimate victims, no no no.
They'll stop using the word "Christians", except when it's used to demonize us. There is a Jewish genocidal war against Christians around the world, make no mistakes.

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They all got the same memo, those people are truly evil degenerates.

Lmao, the absurdity of this all is way too funny.

Wikipedia says both Obama and Hillary are Christian.

Why do Sri Lankans worship Easter?

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Man, I miss Easterposting.

Nowadays anyone’s mouth is full of all kind of words; but actions speak louder than words…and a true Christian is he who does the Father’s will whilst holding His word close to his soul.
I’m an awful sinner, always lurking around the faith, but at least I’m willing to call a spade a spade.

Sri Lanka is ~70% Buddhist. They'll worship anything!

They’re allergic to the word, similar to how gays go berserk at the word “family”.

That’s ((America)) for you.

Is America the beast from Revelation?

Huh? Those people aren’t me.

Read the Bible. The beast comes from the bottomless pit, which is a prison for fallen angels. The beast is a single being not a nation.


Oh I’m so sorry that the Abyss is explicitly referred to as a place of confinement for fallen angels, and that the Beast is referred to as being from there. I’m so sorry that the Antichrist is referred to as an individual and not a nation. F*cking faggot-ass soyboy.


Spoiler that next time.


We know who really is to blame

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I don't think Clinton and Obama are sincere Christians, but I don't think they were trying to deny the use of the word in those tweets. Clinton is actually a Methodist and strangely very keen about the subject. She's talked about admiring John Wesley and everything about her particular tradition. I know it's weird, but she's just a radical leftist Methodist. Not an outright - at least out in the open - denier of Christianity. She's too smart to do that and knows how to pay lip service to it in detailed ways.

In this case, I think they just meant literally "Easter worshippers" simply pointing to the time of the Season.

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I should add though that it's probably not a coincidence that they said the same thing and maybe they did get some "message from on high" to feed to the media. I can't grasp how these people think. Maybe there's some cynicism involved in denying a particular "Christian narrative" at this time, but I also know she's smarter than simply denying Christianity.

For example, if you look at the Pedosta emails, those DNC types are all keen about infiltrating the church and using their language to subvert things from the inside (such as Pedo talking about liberal Catholicism). It's not their game to attack things as outsiders.. but as pretend insiders.

Get a grip you nationalist bastard. There's a time you choose between your country or God, and I chose God. America is going straight to hell and I wouldn't be surprised if we're the cause for Armageddon.

The Antichrist is the new world order. It is not an individual or nation.

The name of the Christ whips the demons. This single image alone should cast aside any LARPagan's beliefs.

This x1000

Dude it’s atheists not Jews- at least in America

Most Jews are atheists. Start looking at the last names of authors in anti-Christian articles, or “how do you do my fellow whites” twitters.

Nowadays anyone’s mouth is full of all kind of words; but actions speak louder than words…and a true Christian is he who does the Father’s will whilst holding His word close to his soul.

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