Is there a legitimate Protestant response against Cathodox claims that you basically destroyed western Christianity by...

Is there a legitimate Protestant response against Cathodox claims that you basically destroyed western Christianity by dividing it into thousands of denominations?

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"We are the good guys"

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There is no legitimate state church response against the claim that they follow created manmade doctrines. That goes for all state churches, whether calling itself catholic or protestant. They all propounded the same errors such as pedobaptism. These are all splinter sects of a corrupt political party calling itself a church.

In numerous instances of self-serving ways, people for political gain have tried and failed to replace or deceptively corrupt scripture with manmade doctrines. And they've also turned the revisionist pen to history. But since God preserves his word, they finally failed. The harlot upon the beast represents the state church which commits fornication with all the kings of the earth.

By appealing to worldly desires of warmongering and temptations of worldly gain and glorifying self, many have been deceived into ignoring the Scripture, knowingly willfully subordinating it to false, worldly and self-serving misinterpretations. Yet they've never managed to remove its existence despite this. So that the Word of God always stands as the strongest testimony refuting and arguing vehemently those fallible doctrines and practices, wherever they are invented and innovated/

Yes there is. The only legitimate response to the papist claims is that the protestants that shattered Christendom weren't real protestants real protestantism hasn't been tried yet. Lay that down on them and watch the ebil papists squerm in fear.

Answer from me, a Baptist: State churches are illegitimate. His kingdom is not of this world. State churches never were legitimate and never will be. The Old Testament State Church ended when our Lord was crucified, and will only be restored after Jesus returns.

Henry the eighth founding a state church so he could divorce his wife was one of the main reasons Protestantism gained so much traction.

The church building , the church organization, the church structure , the rites and ceremonies , all of these things are from men. I also think this outlook is often revealed to people by the mercy and grace of God, when for example a person comes to fully realize the presence of God within themselves and guiding them (For example, the serenity prayer folks). God is all Good. If your own path is not aligned with theirs , that’s fine, so long as both are following the will of God.

One million denominations that follow Christ is better than one huge cult that sucks pope dick and worships him

He never said he wasn't going to be powerful on earth. He was telling Pilate that he or his followers didn't need to kill in order to be heard. It doesn't mean lacking power or authority. It means his methods are different.

And there's more to this after the Crucifixion. Before his Ascension he also said: "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me."

He could only say this after he conquered death and ransacked hell of it's prisoners and bound the spiritual powers that held sway over the world. First things first. Only then could the Gospel have power on the Earth. There's a reason why the power of false gods crumbled when the Gospel spread, enough to topple the whole Roman empire and it's other pagan satellites among the Middle East, the Celts, and Gauls. Because Jesus bound these demons from causing that influence any longer. That's more power than you can imagine, working right here on earth. It wasn't coincidence or happened by accident or some "trend" in anthropology. It's because of the POWER of Christ… working right here as well as in heaven. Once you realize this, you'll want to rejoice when you see the hand of God in events. Instead of having some loser mentality who thinks nothing ever happens except in the future. This is premillenialist poison.

That aside, what does this have to do with lands and states? The Bible itself shows you it was customary to name church areas after their lands. "Epistle to Rome/Corinthians/Ephesians/etc". And the Seven Churches of Asia, as in Revelation. He didn't tell us to name churches after the evangelical slogans they like using ("Full Tilt Pinball Community Church" or whatever you guys use). None of them abstract labels. They're all named by region - a very tangible thing rather than abstract. Further, Paul specifically distinguishes between "bishops"/overseers and ministers. Ministers ran the individual worship groups within a city, but an overseer was the wider authority with apostolic authority. Each region from the earliest times carried on this tradition of Bishops and they were always known by it. Already within the 1st century you have Ignatius writing as the "Bishop of Antioch" and Clement as "Bishop of Rome".

As for earthly authorities. That's just the icing on the cake. If churches are separated by regional domains, then it's preferable if the secular authorities become believers. One can only hope and pray. Somehow in your imagination, this is wrong and you'd rather have no happy relationship between the church and the authorities in the regions they are in.

Jesus also never said to promote democracy either. He is also called King of Kings and Lord and Lords. But apparently, Protestants prefer just killing kings and propping up individualism. The only one who ever promoted individualism was Satan. The only rebel was Satan. And the Jews also chose a rebel (Barabbas) over their rightful King.

Just to add, the most hypocritical thing about Protestants is that while they erode and destroy Christian civilizations and act dismissive towards any concept of an organized Christian society, they love promoting Israel and have no problem seeing them as exemplary or some "continuation" of biblical Israel and adore it's merging of religion and state in it's citizens' lives.

But no, we can't have that for Christians. You have to embrace the suck. The best to hope for is just some premillenial loser mentality, loving a sense of estrangement from the planet, and a wish for a rapture.

Even more disgusting is to see that flag planted right IN some churches.

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Jesus Christ is not a polygamist. He has only one bride and that is His Church. The Church He set up and gave St. Peter stewardship over.

Ironically, all evangelical/neo-protestant/non-denominational, etc. sects, even weird stuff like Quakers, are ALL descendents from splinter groups of Anglican malcontent schismatics.

i assume thats a clip critiquing another church otherwise andersonism has fallen far

Wew lad

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Do people actually think that Anglicanism was founded simply because Henry wanted a divorce without any kind of other political interests.

Meh, you started good and went better and at the end you had to ruin it with your monarchists LARP garbage that had not anything to do with the post.

Caesaropapism just makes it worse.

Psalm 127 (KJV)
1 Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep.
3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.
5 Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.

This is what LARPer Catholics in this board actually believe

source needed

I guess they forced him with crossbow in hand… what wait they didn't?

The world would be a better place if you wouldn't participate in it.

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Scripture is a double-edged sword.



you do know most of those guys did what we would call acts of terrorism right

You know the verse I was going to reference. Besides, persecution and justice are two different things

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no, i do not. most pre-reformation "protestants" weren't a savory bunch.

How about the fact that God's children weren't meant to worship hybrid religions or bastardizations of ancient Babylonian/Roman/Jewish combos? There's a reason why the book of Revelations calls the Vatican "the whore of babylon".

There's also the wide spread corruption going on as God's church isn't made to be run by one megalomaniac loony. You can pay money thinking a normal man has power to excuse people from hell. (Something only Christ would do.) Then there's number of people who got executed because they told the bozos trying to combine Roman Pantheon with Christian religion to drop dead.

Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal is god, follow him."

If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Daegon is god, follow him.

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What would you rather have? 2 illegitimate churches or 1 legitimate church (Lutheran church of the Missouri Synod) and thousands of illegitimate ones

Ultimately there is none. The state of west is a direct proof of falsehood of protestantism.
You may disagree and call catholicism whatever you like but ultimately deep down inside you know it is the truth. Then it boils down to you either facing the reality or living in cognitive dissonance

The verse was: “43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor[a] and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” Matthew 5:43-48 NIV


At least you liked half of it. But you'll realize democracy is a lie sooner or later too.

Although it isn't even so much that I'm a monarchist that I am an anti-individualist. Individualism loves breaking people down to the tiniest categories and demographics and interests. This creates unnecessary friction (currently it is the friction of Identity politics, which may very well destroy the West). I don't even have to mention monarchy - this is antithetical to the Church as well, where are all one under Christ.. and not meant to be divided across all of these minute levels.

As a late convert the question of denominations came up naturally, so I asked the Lord directing me to what He thinks is right for me.
God pointed me to a small parish of a small denomination obviously in need of some talents He gave me. The first service I attended was an ecumenic service, together with Christians of a different even smaller denomination.
This was a clear message. The Lord cares about His word, Christians gathering in His name and building His kingdom, where it's needed most.

So the RCC is responsible for the state of France?

The RCC didn't instigate the Freemasonic revolution in France that created modern France.

His wife's cousin had the pope captive and wouldn't let a divorce be granted. No one wanting another civil war in England if there wasn't an heir, Henry would have got his divorce under normal circumstances. Charles the 5th also made the pope let him appoint his own bishops and veto ecclesiastic law in his lands. You can blame slavery in the new world on this extortion too.

Henry just took the same deal that Charly got but didn't have to sack Rome to get it.

Even though I am Catholic, I have to stop you here and say that there is nothing productive to blaming all the spiritual problems in the West on protestants. Have protestants caused problems for christianity? Yes. Are they the sole reason for the fall of Christianity thus far? No, not at all. We can't sit here and throw all of our own issues out the window and point the finger of blame at the people we don't agree with. It's wrong and childish.

Catholics claim Protestants destroyed Western Christianity.
Orthodox claim Catholics destroyed Western Christianity.