Guys, the other Christian board is gaining on us. They're in the top 50 boards now… Is Zig Forums dying...

Guys, the other Christian board is gaining on us. They're in the top 50 boards now… Is Zig Forums dying? Mods please don't ban this is a legitimate concern of mine and I need answers.

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That board is climbing because they're basically "/b/ with Jesus". Literally anything except porn is allowed there - including heresy. It's easy to climb the ranks when you have no moral compass.

Who cares?
If the heretics want their own board let them have their own board. Heck, if they they somehow usurp this board as top Christian board, let them. Let them deal with Zig Forumss' spam and schizophrenic gnostics. God doesn't care about the "top spot" of this Italian rosary praying forum on Zig Forums. All God cares about is people loving Him and listening to Him and His messangers
also, complaining about the heretic board is literally giving them free press. So either you are too young to understand how power works, or you are a shill from that bord trying to concern troll us

Lol look at all the mad catholics in this thread

This board is basically /catholic/ whereas that board is basically /protestant/. The mods have been censoring all the Protestants on here so they have been mass exodusing.

Have you even been on that board before? Because I can tell you it is not "/b/ with Jesus."

this isnt a board its a discord community

Yes, it is. It really and truly is. I can go over there and blaspheme the Holy Spirit and claim Mormons are the true religion and I'll never face a single moment of ban time. I can post anime threads and ">tfw no qt3.14" threads and do whatever I want and, as long as I don't post porn, it will be allowed to stay.

You do realize one of their guidelines is that only Nicene Christians are allowed, right? Stop bearing false witness.

It's not a competition.

Go read their rules page.

So what?

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U mad bro? The one thing you boomers don’t seem to understand is the more you complain about posting anime the more anime will be posted.

Aldo anime is getting people to read the Bible, what have you done for Christianity?

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Like pottery.

I liked /christ/ more for having more flags and thereby being more acknowledging of all creeds back when this board still used them.
/christianity/ is probably IFB and stormtard shills and trolls butthurt about being obstructed from carrying out their shenanigans.
Honestly speaking though the spirit of the chans is about free discussion on individual boards about specific subjects, with some moderate restrictions against blatant spamming, off topic threads, and other disorderly behavior. The purpose of such places has never been to shelter people from incorrect opinions or views though, and letting people engage and debate it among each other sorts itself out. This also isn't a place to be doing official preaching, which is better as it provides a barrier against faiths being tarnished with the surrounding environment of the site while still providing a practical and moderately free means for discourse.

This site is not about pettily seizing the chance to hijack a medium to use it to promote a select view or range of them indefinitely.
If using this site as a means to officially preach and promote one's doctrine has been the aim then it has been a most unseemly and inappropriate endeavor.


I've noticed a lot of edgy and nonsensical posts here lately. I'm not trying to insult anyone or anything, but I feel like this place has gained a lot of new users.

So did I. Something fishy is going on.

I’m Baptist.

protestantism in a nutshell ;^)

It happens periodically, usually after someone links this board to reddit or Zig Forums.

It's just people using VPNs to drive up the user count. No worries. Your super secret club is safe.

It’s not a secret club problem, it’s people asking retarded questions and making low quality posts because they can’t be bothered to read the rules.


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The rules don't say anything about quality.

Imagine getting your doctrine from the moderators of an anonymous imageboard

Imagine getting your doctrine from a Freemason.

What are you referring to?

That actually sounds like a lot of fun.

Also, since when did /tv/ become so popular?
it's 4th in ranking.

I have nothing necessarily against prots protting on their own board. I remember when they created that board, this place was way less comfortable than it is now.
We disagree on salvation and the sacraments and theology and I honestly don't even think we should share a board or all share the common name.


Zig Forums in general became more popular thanks to the NZ shooter posting his manifesto here. Zig Forums was all over CNN and Fox News.

I'll stay here so as to not have to share a board with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Having to share it with Protestants isn't really that much better. Why are they even still here? The other board is much more receptive to their Heresy, they should just migrate.

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Mods sometimes do stupid things. I was banned a couple of times too.

Wow, you sure showed us buddy.

There’s already a catholic board, we don’t need two.